Bismillah Al-Rehman Al-Raheem
Anti Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam
21st July 2003

Snake in the Grass

Dr. Syed Rashid Ali

"You can fend off a danger which you can see, but you are more liable to be taken unawares and be bitten by a snake in the grass." - B A Masri

Al-Hafiz Basheer Ahmad Masri said in his audio recording "The Henchmen of Europe":

"the Qadianis had the benevolent patronage of the British Raj. The Colonial Government in India at that time considered the Muslims a perpetual and potential threat. It was only 35 years earlier that the Muslims had carried out a near successful revolt, known in history as ‘The Mutiny of 1857’. The British administration saw in the Qadianis a useful collaborator in distrupting the established doctorinal framework of Islam and started aiding and abetting them."

"Some of our people become impressed by the apparent organisation of this cult and by their exaggerated claims of success in opening up their mission houses in various parts of the world. Little do they know that these are in reality spy centers in the guise of ‘da’awa (Tabigh) missions’. For that matter, even the Qadiani public doesn’t know what is going on behind the scenes. They are given the impression that all this progress is being made possible by their donations. While the fact is that large sums of money are being paid to the Qadiani Establishment by those countries, whose political and economic interests are at stake in these Islamic countries. Such enemies of Islam have found in Qadianis willing partisans and useful spies. It makes it much easier and safer for the Qadianis/Ahmadis to work as such, for the simple reason that they are functioning under the garb of Islam and are accepted by the non-Muslims as a sect within Islam."

AlHafiz Masri, was a born Qadiani, who later reverted to Islam. His words were not just ramblings of a mad man. He had seen the working of Jamaat at close quarters, and his words in 'Henchmen of Europe' were based on his personal knowledge and observation.

This conclusion is supported by the following facts:

Historical Background:
In the 19th Century, British who came to India as traders, usurped the power from Muslims. Naturally they met with a lot of resistance from Indian Muslims. In 1868 a Commission of Inquiry was sent to India to assess the causes of the resistence and mutiny against the Empire and to suggest ways to deal with this opposition. The commission comprised of British MPs, Church officials and Journalists. After two years of investigations, they returned to London, and presented their findings to the Parliament  as well as at a conference organized in 1870, attended by the commission members as well as prominent missionary heads. They each produced their reports, which were published together in a document called 'The Arrival of the British Empire in India' (source: Abu Mudassara, Qadian Say Israel Tak, Lahore , 1979, P. 24; History of Khatme Nabuwwat by Agha Shoresh Kashmiri). This report states how the Indian Muslims are very naive and blindly follow their religious leaders. Hence the missionaries suggest to find and put into office a Muslim who would be willing to claim prophethood, and who would abrogate jihad against the British.
“Majority of the population of the country blindly follows their ‘Peers’ (spiritual leaders). If at this stage, we succeed in finding out some who would be ready to declare himself a Zilli Nabi (apostolic prophet) then the large number of people shall rally round him. But for this purpose, it is very difficult to persuade someone from the Muslim masses. If this problem is solved, the prophet-hood of such a person can flourish under the patronage of the Government. We have already overpowered the native governments by mainly pursuing a policy of seeking help from the traitors. That was a different stage for, at that time, the traitors were from the military point of view. Bur now when we have sway over every nook of the country and there is peace and order every where, we ought to undertake measures which might create internal unrest among the country.” (Arrival of the British Empire in India, 1871, quoted in Ahmadiyya, the British-Jewish Connections by Bashir Ahmad M.A., Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, USA., Chapter 1 ; The Files of Church of England Magazine Church of England Quartery Review Church Missionary Intelligence and Church Missionary Record Corroborate the beed of Such an Imperialist lackey. )
Mirza was selected for the task. His family background as well as his own character helped him earn this post.

Family Background:

Treason against Islam: Mirza deprives Muslims of the right of self-defensive (Jihad) against the British

Contrary to the propaganda of Islamophobic/anti-Islamic forces, Jehad is a doctrine of self-defense, and self-discipline in Islam. It teaches an individual how to discipline himself in life in accordance with the laws of shariah; and for the community, lays down the principles to guide it in its right to defend itself against any kind of oppression. It is never an act of aggression, never an act of violence against innocent men, women and children of any faith. It can never be used as an excuse to terrorise people, and those who misuse this term to justify their violence or ulterior motives are in grave error and will be answerable to Allah on the Day of Judgement. Islamic literature is full of principles of Jehad and its application, both in personal life as well at the community level, which is available for any seeker of truth, and an honest analysis of these resources will confirm what is said above.

As British had planned, Mirza started a campaign to deprive Muslims of this right of self defence (Jihad) against the British colonial occupation.

If there were any doubts remaining, he further explained his position in relation to British:

Mirza Boasts of Un-paralleled service

"Whatever I have performed with full vigour and with great perseverence continuously for the last 17 years, to help the British Government and maintain peace, and to stop the Jehadi thoughts, is there any parallel of such work and of such conspicuous service and of such lenghthy duration, among other Muslims who are against me?" (Ishtihaar Wajib ul Izhaar, for the attention of Queen Victoria and government officials, Roohani Khazain vol.13 p.8)

Mirza spies for the British

Mirza draws up a list of all those muslims who "in their heart consider this country as an enemy country", a list he passes on to the British rulers:
  • "For the welfare of the government, it is expedient to prepare a list of those stupid Muslims who are against the British government inwardly and who consider this country as an enemy country. We hope that our wise government will keep these lists as State Secrets in safe custody in one of its offices. The following are the names and addresses of such persons." (Tabligh-e-Risalat, Vol. 3, P. 11)
  • "For the Attention of the Government from ... Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, Qadian...
  • Whereas, it is expedient to make a list of the names of such stupid Muslims who consider British India a country of enemies of Islam against whom Islamic Sharia enjoins war and therefore such rebellious Muslims hide mutiny in their hearts;...
  • Whereas, it is proposed to lay out a format - example below - in which names of such ungrateful individuals should be preserved for all times; although by the good fortune of the British India such Muslim mutineers who are hiding rebellion in their hearts are few;
  • Whereas, it is a most opportune time to identify those insurgents who are having secret designs against the Government;
  • Whereas, we are moved by the political well-wishing of our generous Government to make a list of names of these wicked men who by their beliefs prove their seditious nature;...
  • We Resolve, to inform the Government, in all our humility, that such lists of names shall remain in our custody as 'Political Secrets' till such time that the Government demands it from us. We fully trust that our sagacious Government shall also keep these statements in their offices treating them as a 'National Secret'."
  • (Majmua Ishtaharat, Vol. 2, P. 227-228; Collection of Posters, Vol. 2, P. 227-228, No. 145; Rabwah)

    Even the Germans considered Mirza's followers to be spies for the British:

  • "The whole world considers us to be the agents of the British. That is why an explanation was called from a German Minister, when he attended the opening ceremony of the Ahmadiyya building in Germany, as to why he had attended the celebration of community which was the agent of the British." (Al-Fadl, Nov. 1, 1934; by Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmood)
  • Ahmadiyya participates in Offensive War for the british against muslims - Ahmadis willing to lay down their lives for the British

    On the one hands Mirza wrote: Yet the followers, on the order of Khalifa, successor to Mirza Ghulam, had no qualms about fighting alongside British in their War of Aggression against the Muslims. If someone thinks that this might be an independent decision of the khalifa and had nothing to do with the founder, well he is sadly mistaken. the guiding principle was laid down by Mirza himself:

    Obedience to the British - an articles of faith - disloyalty to British described as sin to God

    His loyalty to the Birtish leads him to define Islam as consisting of two parts: obedience to God and obedience to the British government. He actually makes loyalty to the British one of the conditions for joining his movement:

    Mirza's son further clarifies:

    Mirza describes his aim as "to convert Mulsims towards faith in the British Government":

    Human Rights in Islam - Obedience is to Allah only

    Contrary to Mirza's subservience to the British, in Islam obdience is required to Allah, and leaders do not stand above the law. Maududi clarifies the Islamic position:

    Mirza boasts that he and his party are protégés of the British

    Ahmadiyya serves the cause of the British - Further clarification by high placed Ahmadis:

    Mirza sacrifices his soul for the British

    To serve his British Lord, Mirza claims to be a prophet and abrogates self-defensive Jihad of the British against the Muslims, he makes his followers fight at the side of the British against Muslims, he spies for the British, he launches an attack on Jesus (as) to please his British Lord. He even literally says that he is sacrificing his soul for his British Lord:

    Even Mirza's own followers criticise his loyalty to the British:

    And why does he sell his soul? For Money and Fame:

    Mirza's Loyalty to the British Government:

    To leave no doubt about his loyaty to the British, Mirza wrote the following text, published in Exoneration pp. 5-7 (Lahore Anjuman publication, part of Kitab-al-Bariyya). This book is published in 1898, where Mirza looks back at - in his own words - seventeen years of publishing pamphlets and teachings in support of the British. To make his point, he even published a list of the works he published in support of the British and to abrogate Jihad against them, in the 17 years that preceeded Kitab al-Bariyya:
    Name of Book Date of Publication Page No.
    Barahin Ahmadiyya, part 3  1882 a-b(beginning of book)
    Barahin Ahmadiyya, part 4  1884  a-d (as above)
    Arya Dharm, Notice re. extension of Section 298  22 Sept. 1895 57-64 (end of book)
    Request in Arya Dharm  22 Sept. 1895 1-4 (end of book)
    Petition in Arya Dharm  22 Sept. 1895 69-72 (end of book)
    Letter re. extension of Section 298  21 Oct. 1895 1-8
    A'ina Kamalat Islam  Feb. 1893 17-20, 511-528
    Nur-ul-Haq, Part I (Notice)  Feb. 1894(1311 AH) 23-54
    Shahadat-ul-Qur'an (For the attention of the Govt.)  22 Sept. 1893  a-'ain (end of book) 
    Nur-ul-Haq, part II  May 1894(1311 AH) 49-50
    Sirr-ul-Khilafa  July 1895(1312 AH) 71-73 
    Itmam-ul-Hujjat  June 1894(1311 AH) 25-27 
    Hamamat-ul-Bushra  1894 (1311 AH) 39-42 
    Tuhfa Qaisariyya  25 May 1897 whole book
    Sat Bachan  Nov. 1895  153-154 
    & title page 
    Anjam Atham  Jan 1897 283-284 (end of book)
    Siraj Munir  May 1897 74 
    'Completion of Preaching with Conditions of Pledge'  12 Jan. 1889 4(margin),
    p. 6(condition 4)
    Notice 'For the attention of the Government and for general information'  27 Feb. 1895 whole of one 
    page Notice 
    Notice about Envoy of the Sultan of Turkey  24 May 1897 1-3 
    Notice about Meeting of Friends on the occasion of the Jubilee of Qadian  23 June 1897 1-4
    Notice about Meeting of thanksgiving on the occasion of the Jubilee of the Queen Victoria - may her rule remain forever. 7 June 1897 Whole Notice, 
    one page 
    Notice about the 'venerable man'  25 June 1897 10 
    Notice for the attention of the Government, with English translation  10 December 1894 Entire Notice 
    (...)Now it is quite clear from all this explanation, with which I have given proofs from my statement spread over seventeen years continuously, that I am loyal to the British Government, heart and soul." (Exoneration pp. 5-7, Lahore Anjuman publication, part of Kitab-al-Bariyyah Roohani Khazain vol.13 p. 7-10).


    The above-mentioned quotes prove beyond a shadow of doubt that this so-called 'Reformer' of Islam, in fact wanted to reform Muslims into British slaves. He boasted: " It has always been my aim to convert these Muslims to have true faith in the British Government" (Tiryaq-ul-Quloob, Roohani Khazain, Vol. 15, P. 155). All his followers had in fact become just that. Under the teachings of their founder, Qadianis/Ahmadis had alienated themselves from the Muslim Ummah and to serve their non-Muslim Masters they willingly and faithfully fought against Muslims, spied on them and actively preached against even defending themselves against oppression etc.

    There is no compulsion in religion. One is free to follow or serve whosoever he wants. But in the garb of a Islam when a group/creed serves the interests of anti-Islamic forces, then such a movement is described as a subversive movement. The above statements give ample evidence as to why Ahmadiyya is a subversive movement that was planted in the core of Islam, with the support of western powers, to weaken and destabilize Islam.

    It is exemplary for the high level of tolerance in Islam, that by declaring Ahmadiyya to be a non-Muslim minority (1974, unanimous Fatwa of World Mulsim League), and provided they do not call themselves Muslims, Islam safeguards the religious freedom of a movement that is cleary subversive to Islam, and we call on all Muslim to respect this freedom. In fact the laws promulgated by the Consitutional Assembly of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan has done just that - guaranteed the freedom of practicing their religion.

    But Qadianis insist on calling themselves as Muslims. Knowing the beliefs of the founder of Ahmadiyya Movement, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani, his thoughts about Islam, the Prophet of Islam, the Prophet Jesus, his views on Kalima and his views about Muslims, such hypocritical claims by the members of Ahmadiyya Movement infuriate Muslim masses. It should be remembered that no civilised society in the world gives right to the minority to incite the majority and create a law and order situation. The law promulgated in Pakistan on the one hand gives Qadianis the freedom to practice their religion, and on the other hand restrict them not to incite the feelings of the majority. The only reason why Ahmadiyya (Lahorism, Qadianism) operates under they guise of Islam is to hide its subversion against Islam, to intentionally deceive people. Otherwise, they have no reason to pretend to be Muslims as they so clearly collaborate against Islam.

    The proof of collaboration with Anti Islamic forces

    The following news appeared on in late 2002, which is translated here.

    Mehmudi Qadianis' Conspiracy against Islamic Nation
    in collaboration with Jews


    Special Note: had revealed some time back that Mehmudi Qadianis are getting grants from Israeli government in the name of their center. Till now Qadianis/Mehmudis have not dared to refute this news. Their criminal silence is confirming this report. Now some portions of an article on one website are presented here. This portion mostly exposes the intriguing role of Mehmudi Qadianis. Since this article has named certain persons, therefore Qadiani authorities should issue clarification on this matter otherwise the contents of this report will be considered as true and another anti-Islamic intriguing aspect of Mehmudiat/Qadianiyat will be on the forefront. If the Qadiani authority (Jamaat Ahmadiyya) wants to issue a clarification, then their view point would as it is be published. ..... A. S Khan.

    Report Published in Daily Ummat


    Copy Right 2002
    Report Published in Daily Ummat, Karachi.

    2 Qadiani, Agha Khani and 3 Christian Missionaries are local FBI Collaborators

    According to sources, where FBI had made offices mostly in five star hotels of Pakistan, Agha Khan Hospitals and other institutions are also their centers, from where FBI send daily fresh reports, films and activities to their headquarter in Washington. Instructions recieved in the light of those reports, are then implemented. Moreover two Qadiani and three Christian missionaries are explicitly working for American Investigative agency, FBI, against Al-Qaeda and banned Jihadi organisations. In the Qadiani Center, Markaz Al-Ahmadiyya, located behind White Grammer School in Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Investigative Cell of FBI has been established, where (alleged) members of Al-Qaeda and other organisations are kept after arrest. The Tableeghee Markat of Jamaat Ahmadiyya located in Gulistan-e-Jauher has also become a center of FBI activities. Qadiani Missionary incharge in Karachi, Maqbool Ahmad, has supplied a video film, which contain photographs of certain Mujahideens and alleged training camps have been pointed out. Moreover Qadiani Charity organisation, Fazle Umer, is cooperating with FBI at national level. The headquarter of this orgainsation in Rabwah, and its branch in Karachi, Ahmadiyya Hall, located at Jamshed Road, Magazine Line, Saddar, Karachi, is also in FBI's use.  Cooperation of Qadianis with FBI was started at the instructions of Mirza Tahir (the 4th Khalifa). American government had sought Mirza Tahir's help through British government. According to sources, in return for their cooperation against the Jehadi organisations, Qadainis have been given assurances that US government would put pressure on Pakistan to remove them from the list of non-Muslim minorities. 

    Three christian missionary organisations in Karachi are also cooperating with FBI, included among them are Dominican Center, Dar-un-Nijaat and FFM. Christian missionary, FFM (Friendship for Muslim), is playing an active role in the FBI operation against Al-Qaeda. Moreover, FBI activities are also going on in the public church, Assembly of God Church, located on Drigh Road Karachi. 

    Sources said that through British government, a senior officer of American FBI, David Bernard, had met Mirza Tahir Ahmad Qadiani. It was revealed that the Qadiani Leader had given assurance of his complete cooperation. According to sources, Mirza Tahir Ahmad Qadiani had instructed the Missionary Incharge of Karachi, Maqbool Ahmad Qadiani, that he should provide all possible assistance to FBI in Karachi. It has come to the knowledge that Maqbool Ahmad Qadiani holds US citizenship, and Mirza Tahir Qadiani had appointed him the missionary incharge of Karachi and during the last one and a half year he had converted more that 300 Muslims to Qadianism. According to sources, after recieving instructions from Mirza Tahir, on 27th May Maqbool Ahmad Qadiani met a senior official of US investigative agency FBI, Alisa Murray David, at the US Consulate. Maqbool Ahmad, Massarat Ahmad and Tasawwur Ahmad Qadianis were present in this meeting, whereas from the FBI side the three member team contained a woman as well. According to sources, FBI Officer had instructed the Qadiani team that they want details about Al-Qaeda and banned Jehadi and sectarian organisations, Lashker-e-Taeba, Jaish-e-Muhammad, Harkat-ul-Mujahideen and Lashker-e-Jhangwi in Karachi; Qadiani team had assured them their full cooperation in this matter. 

    According to sources, the second meeting took place in Marriot Hotel, in which Maqbool Ahmad told the FBI officer that they can use their three centers. The Markaz-al-Ahmadiyya in AlNoor Society is among the centers that Maqbool Ahmad had mentioned. Sources said that FBI sought permission to use the Qadiani missionary centers located in Gulsha-e-Iqbal and Gulistane Jauher. Later on 7th June the FBI team made a detailed visit to both these centers. When the FBI team reacher the Ahmadiyya missionary center located in Gulshane Iqbal, they were accompanied by the guards of Phoenix Company and two police mobile vans. FBI team remained there for 2 to 3 hours. According to sources, FBI officer had expressed to Maqbool Ahmad the desire to set up an investigative cell in the Ahmadiyya missionary center in Gulshane Iqbal, because there is no other such safe place in Karachi where they can keep the arrested mujahideens of Al-Qaeda and interrogate them. According to sources Maqbool Ahmad has given FBI the permission to establish the interrogation cell in the Qadiani center and has allocated four room for FBI. Sources say that after arresting the alleged mujahideens of Al-Qaeda, FBI teams bring them to the same missionary center and the initial interrogation from them is conducted here, whereas another source say that FBI only keeps the accused persons in this center. Ummat has leant that when FBI keeps any mujahid in the Ahmadiyya Missionary center, then more than 12 guards of the Phoenix Company are posted around the center; where as the Gulshane Iqbal Police Station is told that the Ahmadiyya Center is recieving anonymous threatening phone calls, upon which Gulshane Iqbal police increase their patrol around the Ahamdiyya center. 

    According to sources, until now more than 15 times, FBI had brought arrested mujahideen to the Ahmadiyya Center and interrogated them. Sources have said that Ahmadiyya missionary centers have started gathering information regarding Jehadi groups, in addition to their missionary work, and have instructed all their centres in Karachi to gather information about Jehadi groups. 

    Sources say that the Christian missionary orgainsation, Dominican Center has complete patronage of CIA and the members of Dominican Center in Karachi are also active as CIA agents. Sources say that certain National Security agency has reported to the Federal Government that the Christian Missionary Organisation Dominican Center in Karachi is working for CIA, but no action was taken on it. It was learnt that the incharge of Dominican Center is a man named Waseem, who is converting those Iranian to christianity, who migrated after the Iranian revolution. Sources say that the central office of this orgainsation is located behind the old CIA center in Saddar. According to sources, members of this organisation, Waseem, Peter Irfan, Peter Khurram, Mehboob and Micheal are in contact with an FBI officer, McMillan and supplying him with secret information. 

    Christian Missionary organisation, Dar-un-Nijaat, is also working for FBI. Dar-un-Nijaat has 16 branches all over Pakistan. Sources say that out of 3 centers of Dar-un-Nijaat in Karachi, one is located in Gulistane Jauher Block 15, whereas other office is in Defense Phase 5 and ther third center is located on Abdullah Haroon Road. Sources say that the incharges of all three cneters, Simons, Fatehyaab and Nooro Maseeh are in contact with the FBI officer, McMillan. It is learnt that McMillan has also worked for CIA and has good influence on various Christian Missionary Organisations all over the world. Sources said that recently a report has been presented to McMillan by Dar-un-Nijaat in which 4 alleged mujahideens of AlQaeda have been pointed out. The four mujahideens that have been pointed out in the report are Abu Salim Masri, Abdullah Khayyam, Jameel and Abu Talha. Sources said that Abu Salim Masri and Abdullah Khayyam are most wanted by FBI. It was learnt that after getting information from Dar-un-Nijaat, FBI raided a house in Usmanabad to nab Abu Saleem and arrested two persons Hamid Ali and Feroz and interrogated them. Another raid was conducted in North Nazimabad Block I and arrested an Arab, Bilal. Sources say that Bilal is a student at a religious school in North Nazimabad and has been staying in Pakistan for the last four years. Sources said that after arresting Bilal, FBI took him to the office of Dar-un-Nijaat in Saddar, from where after initial interrogation he was transferred to an FBI interrogation cell located in Khayabaan-e-Rahat, and later on after detaining him for two days he was released. 

    Sources say that in Karachi alongwith American FBI, Christian Missionary Organisation, Friendship For Muslim, is also actively engaged in operation against the Al-Qaeda. Sources say that the offices of this organisation is located in Clifton Zamzama Buolevard area, and its incharge in Karachi is a person named Shaukat. It is learnt that he is green card holder and is staying in Karachi for the last four years. Sources say that earlier Shaukat had worked for American CIA. Sources say that Shaukat had also supplied important information to FBI regarding banned jehadi organisations. 

    It is learnt that FBI activities are also going on in Public Church and Assembly of God Church, located on Drigh Road. Sources say that people affiliated with the missionary organisations working in these churches are obtaining informations regarding Al-Qaeda and banned Jehadi organisations network in Shah Faisal Colony, Drigh Road and Malir area. According to this report of Ummat the raids conducted by FBI in Malir area were done at the instructions of one of the christian missionary incharge, Inayat, of Public Church.


    The creed created more than 100 years ago by Mirza Ghulam, to serve the then Colonial Masters, have found new Masters. The motives are the same, the reasoning is identical and the outcome is alike - to subvert Islam from within. Anti-Islamic forces have found a willing partner, a fifth columnist, in their fight against Islam. It should be pointed out that the purpose of presenting this article here, is not to condone terrorist activities of misguided people, but to highlight the role played by this subversive creed in collaborating with Foreign Intelligence Agencies. I am sure that the Government of Pakistan and its intelligence agencies are doing all they can and providing all the help they can, to nab the terrorists. Still the Foreign Governments have found in Ahmadiyya creed, a willing and trusted partner to work as their instrument - a fifth columnists - in their so-called fight against terrorism (which has more or less become synonymous with Islam). Such behaviour is an affront to the Government. Questions that come to the mind are: How far the followers of this creed, who are working in sensitive places in the government, can be trusted? With whom their loyalties lie? With their anti-Muslim track record, can their information supplied to Foreign Agencies be relied upon? Who can answer these questions?

    Wassalam on those who follow the hidayah

    Dr. Syed Rashid Ali

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