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November 2002

The Final Rejoinder to Mirza Tahir

Maulana Muhammad Yusuf Ludhianvi


Mirza Tahir Qadiani played a trick on his Jamaat recently. He produced for them a stunt which he named 'Mubahala'. By injecting morphia into his jamaat in this manner he sought to deaden their sensibility and therefore headed his Mubahala pamphlet as follows:

"Open challenge of Mubahala from Jamaat Ahmadiya Alamgir to the enemies, the kaffir-makers and the beliers the world over".
Whereas, Mirza Tahir sent the copies of his published challenge contained in his pamphlet of 'Mubahala' to the elders of Ummat-e-Islamia and the elite of Millat-e-Muhmmadiya, he included, among the recipients, the name of this dervish, unknown and humble, for reasons best known to him. This humble being having received it, prepared its rejoinder, Reply to Mirza Tahir's Challenge of Mubahala, and addressed it to Mirza Tahir during Muharram ul Haram, 1409, AH. Several magazines and journals of Pakistan and India published it under the caption: "In reply to Mirza Tahir". Also, it was brought out in the form of a separate booklet. Its copies and photostats in thousands were distributed in Canada, America and other countries. Not only that, its various translated versions in the English language were also printed and vastly distributed in foreign lands. By the grace of Allah, the Qadiani progeny of liars could not and cannot wriggle out from the impact of arguments contained therein till Doomsday.

Since my rejoinder had bound down Mirza Tahir for a response and knowing it would be no easy matter I allowed him a comfortably long period of four months, i.e., till January 1, 1989. Despite my let-up, he failed to meet the date because he stood in a quagmire. Confused, non-plussed and check-mated he had no ground to move backward or forward and no room to wheel about. Ultimately, he managed with his Secretary to draft some sort of a random reply a copy of which is reproduced below followed by my comments captioned: "Final Rejoinder to Mirza Tahir, Last Nail in Qadiani Coffin".

Respected readers would not fail to discern that Mirza Tahir really fell through great blunders by coming out with his 'Mubahala' challenge, because:

In my humble opinion Mirza Tahir will not dare take up this renewed call-out of mine. Rather, he would not have the grace to respond even.

 Now I produce a copy of the Qadiani letter, followed by our comments on it.


English translation of the Qadiani Letter

London 23.12.1988

Janab Maulana Muhammad Yusuf Sahib Ludhianvi,

 The pamphlet, published on your behalf, in reply to the 'Mubahala' invitation of Imam-e-Jamaat-e- Ah-madiya, Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad, has been received in which you have left no stone unturned in twisting truths and have tried once again to show your internal condition to the world by repeating absolutely loose and filthy blames. The way in which you have tried to put foul charges over holy personages of Allah, the Exalted, what reply can there be except in the words of Quran-e-Kareem which says: 'Allah's curse on the liars'.

 Tt's surprising that on the one hand you are showing attachment to the holy raiment of Muhammad (SAW) and on the other your disposition is so abhorrent as is not even distantly related to Islam.

 You say "falsity of Mirza has become as apparent as the sun at its meridian", but, queer enough, Allah, the Exalted, is continuing to give day by day advancement to the high order Ahmadiya whose foundation Mirza Sahib laid in 1889 and auspicious souls in large numbers are entering this holy order, but blind like you are still groping in darkness.

 In your pamphlet, you have repeated all over again all thoae blames which you have been alleging for almost a century, for which reason, the Imam-e-Jamaat-e-Ahmadiya, had to give the challenge of 'Mubahala', at last. If there was one bit of nobility in you, you should have accepted the challenge of Mubahala of Imam Jamaat Ahmadiya in a straight-forward manner, so that the world would have known that you are truthful and you would not have thought of undertaking the path of flight. 'Mubahala' is not the name of argumentation or disputation but it means taking the matter to the divine court through invocations going beyond debates and discussions. 'Mubahala' is the name of asking for decision through invocation from Allah, the Exalted, but gathering together of parties (to dispute) at some specified place is not necessary by the (interpretation of) the verse of Mubahala. Therefore your asking to come out on such and such date at such and such time, at Minar-e-Pakistan or any other place means nothing but your fleeing away from 'Mubahala'. Our belief is that Allah is present everywhere in the universe and from His Grasp of Authority no place is outside and no spot without His sway and might. His seat circumscribes the earth and the sky. Why do you hesitate to address Allah and pronounce His curse on the liars and why do you consider that presence of the concerned parties is necessary? Therefore if you possess moral or conscientious courage then come out like a man of action and after writing out all those blames which have been narrated in the 'Mubahala' pamphlet published on June 10, 1988 and which you think are correct, you write 'Allah's curse on the liars', and put your signature. Then see, how does Allah the Exalted distinguish between a truthful and a lying party within the fixed duration.

 But we give you advice to undertake righteousness and seek forgiveness of Allah and leave temerity against Allah's appointed Imam so that you save yourself from Allah's wrath and take warning from the corroborative tokens which Allah the Exalted has so far revealed.

Rasheed Ahmad Chowdhry
Press Secretary Jamaat Ahmadiya



 Janab Mirza Tahir Ahmad Sahib,

 Peace be on those who follow the right path!

 You may recall that some time back you arranged for sending a copy of your 'Mubahala' challenge in the name of this humble self also. In reply, I accepted your challenge. My letter dated 18th Muharram ul Haram 1409 A.H. refers.

I told you in this letter: Start in the name of Allah; come out by appointing some date, time and place where you shall find this dervish waiting for you. In this very letter, I proposed to you, on my own, a certain place, date and time for holding this rendezvous. I did so lest you should back out. I gave you four months time for sending me a reply till the first of January 1989. Your reply reached me on 3rd January 1989 but it bore the signature of your Secretary Sahib. Anyhow, thanks for the acknowledgement and permit me to comment on certain points which have been raised in your letter.

  1. POINT NO. 1 Your Secretary Sahib writes:

  2. 'The pamphlet published on your behalf, in reply to the 'Mubahala invitation of Imam-e-Jamaate- Ahmadiya, Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad, has been received in which you have left nothing undone in distorting truths and have tried to exhibit; once again, your inward nature to the world, by repeating absolutely loose and filthy blames. In this way you have endeavoured to place foul allegations on holy personages of Allah, the Exalted. What reply can there be to them, except in the words of Quran-e-Kareem: "Allah's curse on the liars".


    Let me, first of all, do you justice for your truthfulness. You call my communication a 'published pamphlet'; no, it was a letter, written on my letterhead with my name on it. It was sent to you by registered post and it carried my signature and seal. To call my letter a published pamphlet reminds me ~f the famous proverb: "A thief might leave stealing but not prying-about. Imagine, when tricksters are apt to dodge unwary people by calling letters as published pamphlets, what distortions would they not have perpetrated on the Quranic text and Ahadith?

     You say, I have tried to bare out my latent morbidity before outside people, by having repeated my earlier-levelled charges but there is my letter before all. Anybody reading it will conclude that my presentations were historical truths, taken from the Qadiani history. Do you call them allegations and blames from my side? No, I presented ten facts--all from the Qadiani history, five of them related to your grand-father, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani and five to your father Mirza Mahmud Ahmad Qadiani. Those historical facts mirrored your face and reflected on Qadianism. No surprise, when this mirror was held up to you, for looking in, you took it ill.

     Now, I enumerate those ten facts and challenge you to pin-point the one which is not recorded in your Qadiani history.



    Mirza Tahir Ahmad! I have enumerated five facts recorded in Qadiani history about your 'grandpa', Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, and now enumerate a similar number selected from your Qadiani history concerning your 'daddy' Mirza Mahmud Ahmad. My purpose in doing so is to stress that the 'Dad', despite Mubahala challenges made to him for half a century, did not come forward to reply not even once; nor did any of his progeny. Therefore, clearing this out-standing debt of five decades is your first charge, Mirza Tahir Ahmad! You should settle that encum-brance first. I tell you a way out, if you are in search of one: Start with a denial of these facts and swear on Oath that Allah's wrath fall on you if you are telling a lie. Having done that you should take on the Mubahala rendezvous with Ulema of Ummat.

    I am again reminded of a proverb, which runs like this: Let a winnower sing if it wants to but why let a sieve which has seventy two holes, that is, if somebody else wants to run the gauntlet, he may, but not you, Mirza Tahir, who are loaded with fifty to sixty outstanding Mubahalas. Sure, you are sitting snug in mother's lap cuddling in the British manger; what has pricked you to have come out mooing!

    'Don't eulogise your stained cloak too much; just look at its flap, just glance at the tunic's knot'.

  3. POINT NO. 2

  4. Your Secretary Sahib writes: "Allah the Exalted is continuing to give day by day advancement to the high order Ahmadiya whose foundations Mirza Sahib laid in 1889 and auspicious souls in large numbers are entering this holy order but the blind like you are still groping in the dark".

    Mirza Tahir Ahmad it is stupid to call numerical increase of your party a proof of Divine supportrt. I give you six explanations of which you are ignorant.

    Conduct and Life-style of Holy Prophets
  5. POINT NO. 3Your Secretary Sahib writes: "If there was one bit of nobility in you, you should have accepted the challenge of Mubahala of Imam Jamaat Ahmadiya in a straightforward manner so that the world would have known that you are truthful and you would not have thought of undertaking the path of flight" .

  6.  In this sentence you have passed two strictures on me, one, that there is not a bit of nobility in me and secondly, that I have undertaken the path of flight.

     For the former, I don't need any certificate of nobility from you. Still, if you say I am ignoble, I don't mind to be called so because do I not know that you have sprouted from spill-overs of Mirza Qadian, the same Mirza whose habit was to use filthy language against his adversaries. Some of his abuses are listed in the book, Mughallazat-e- Mirza and what people thought of him, I quote: "For use of bawdy terms, obscene words, foul language, abuses and curses, Mirzaji had obtained exclusive right from the king's court. He is an acknowledged adept in this art". (Page 70).

     Mirza Ghulam Ahmad abused his opponents in such terms as: dogs, sons of bitch, swine and addressed them as bastards, sons of prostitutes, etc. Therefore if the Jamaat of this 'Noble' patriarch calls me ignoble, thanks indeed for this light epithet.

     In this context, I tell you now, Mirza Tahir, about a certain mirror which nobody else but your own papagrandee manufactured. How did it get manufactured, I tell you about it. It started like this There was a gentleman by name, Shaikh Akbar (Allah's mercy on him). He wrote a book Fusus ul Hikam in which he made certain predictions regarding the final birth in mankind. Explaining the contents of this book your grandpa wrote these words:

     "And the final man to be born in mankind shall be a follower of Hazrat Sheesh, (Allah's peace on him). This person will be a repository of secrets of Hazrat Sheesh. After the birth of this person none will be born in this mankind. Along with him, a sister shall also be born who shall precede him in birth and his head will joint the feet of the baby girl His birth shall be in China and his language shall be the tongue of his town and (after his birth) the disease of unproductivity will creep in men and women, that is, there shall be numerous marriages but no birth of children. This child (when grown up) will call people towards A!lah the Exalted but nobody would listen to him"
    (Tiryaqul Quloob, p.3S4).

     Mirza Qadiani's old habit was that when any type of prediction caught his eye he would mould it upon himself. Therefore, having read the prediction of Shaikh Akbar, he declared that this related to the 'promised Messiah'. Since he claimed messiahship for himself he announced that the prediction should be related to him. But, in order to do so, one problem arose: the child would be the last of the mankind with no more births after him and after his birth all men and women would go barren. How could this prediction fit upon Mirza because generations and lineages not only continued during Mirza's times but are also still continuing. To sort out this anomaly, Mirza reached the height of his foolishness when he explicated the prediction thus:

     "The prediction contains these words also that after the death of that child, the disease of sterility will infect mankind. It means those born later will resemble animals and beasts but real humanity will have disappeared from the face of the earth. Lawful will not be lawful for them (i.e., in the subsequent progeny of mankind and prohibitions will not be prohibitions. Therefore, Resurrection will set upon them". (Ibid p.355).

     This explication from Mirza Qadiani means that after his own death (1) those born in mankind shall be without any civility or human virtue; (2) they will resemble beasts and brutes; (3) they will not discriminate between lawful and unlawful; (4) that commotional distress of the Doomsday will devolve over them. Mirza Tahir Sahib, I add nothing to it from my side. What can I and who am I? It is your own grandpa who has called you so and so. I'll merely request you kindly to figure out the face of your Secretary sahib in this mirror and don't forget to recognise the beastly countenance of your good self too in this mirror which your sire, the papa-grandee manufactured through his evil genius.

     l comment on the situation for the benefit of the Qadianis. If Mirza Qadiani is the promised Messiah, if people born after his death are brutes, if no human excellence is left in them except savagery then establish your own status, Mirza Tahir Sahib, and along with yours, the status of your party individuals who were born after Mirza Qadiani's death on 26th May 1908.

     Mirza Tahir Sahib, I am sorry your grandpa has included you and all Qadianis in the category of savages and brutes. He has made you and all Qadianis outcasts from humanity. Now there are two alternatives before you all: If you and your Qadianis want to get back into the fold of humanity then deny your sire grandpa's Messiahship; otherwise second choice for you and for all Qadianis is that you prefer to remain beasts, in terms spoken by your grandpa, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, in his book as I have quoted him. In case your choice and the choice of all Qadianis is to remain beasts then none of you shall have any civility or human virtue and lawful will not be lawful and unlawful will not be unlawful for you all. Tell me now, can such human-faced animals possess nobility! An animal because he is an animal has no concept of legalities and, therefore, is unable to discriminate between lawful and unlawful, such as between wife and daughter. Therefore, if I am censured as a person who does not possess an atom of nobility how can I take it ill from the mouth of beastly men?

     The second blame which your Secretary Sahib has placed on me is that I am undertaking a path of flight from Mubahala rendezvous. If a person has read those of my words which were written in prominent characters in my original reply to you (vide Reply to Mirza Tahir's Challenge of Mubahala, p.27), he must say you are a great liar because, having accepted your Mubahala Challenge, I had addressed you thus:



     After that, I had predicted your flight from my challenge. "because you know that will mean your Jumping into the inferno of leaping fire that will lick every thing. On the contrary you would surely prefer doing the way your father and grandfather did, rather than stepping into the arena of Mubahala~ against this humble Ummati of Allah's Prophet (SAW).

     I am glad my prediction of your flight came true. If there is any bit of honour left in you, it is time you jump into the arena, to show at least this much to the world that my prediction had gone untrue. But, alas! Where is that jot of inviolability or that particle of sincerity in the spillovers of the arch-liar pseudo-Messiah. It is futile to have any expectation from you. Yet, millions of thanks to Allah that my shout-out browbeat you, sending shivers running down the bones of the sham Messiah's progeny; fear and anxiety gnawed their hearts at the spectre of my Mubahala with Mirza Tahir. I repeat, your falling into jitters is not due to any excellence on my part because I am rather an unworthy and incapable ummati but this awe is a miracle of the truthfulness of our Prophet (SAW) (My life in sacrifice for him (SAW)).

    "Say, Truth has come and Falsehood has vanished away. Verily Falsehood is ever bound to perish. (Quran, Al-Isra, 17:81)

  7. POINT NO. 4 Your Secretary Sahib writes: "Mubahala is the name of asking for decision through invocation from Allah, the Exalted, but gathering together of parties (to dispute) at some specified place is not necessary by the (interpretation) of the verse of Mubahala. Therefore, your asking to come out at Minar-e-Pakistan or at some other place on such and such date at such and such time means nothing but your fleeing away from Mubahala"?

  8.  I have just said that I am shouting out at Mirza's progeny to come into the arena of Mubahala but they do not. Therefore, who is running away from the ring? Bravo! Your shamelessness! You are running away yourself and while running you say I am running away. Clever is the thief who, when the house-inmates wake up and shout "thief, thief', also starts shouting "thief, thief' and thus disappears in darkness. But Mirza Tahir, your cleverness will no more pay you dividend. Darkness of night is gone and light of morning has appeared. The face of arch-liar Messiah's progeny has been search-lighted.

     I have written that the Ayat of Quran Hakeem and holy actions of the Prophets (SAW) both confirm that the manner of holding a Mubahala requires the two parties to bring out their children, women and relatives, in an open ground face to face. But what is the use of quoting references to you because you have neither any faith in the Quran nor you give any credence to the holy actions of the personality to whom the Quran was revealed (SAW). Therefore, you coined a new sense to the word Mubahala for the sake of your advantage.

     But I will not stop at only saying that, since there is a proverb which says: take the liar to his mother's house. But, I take you to your grandfather's house. What did your dear grandpa do? He declared that parties to a Mubahala must meet by appointment at some fixed place and time, for a face-to-face confrontation. Listen intently! Here are three examples set by your grandpa if you have some faith in him.

How To Seek Allahs Guidance

Remember the door of appeal to Allah for His forgiveness is still open. Before you die, offer your repentance from Qadiani dogmas and cling to the benevolence of the holy Prophet (SAW) the mercy of the worlds.

 I tell you and also your Jamaat of a simple way for obtaining Allah's guidance: Recite Darood Shareef 313 times before going to sleep and weep bitterly, in solitude, before Allah, uttering these words:

 'Ya Allah! In the name of Your mercy and by the grace of Your benevolent Prophet (SAW) grant us guidance to come out of deviations and pardon us for all those errors of faith and practices which we have committed so far!'

 If any person belonging to your Jamaat or you your sell' acted upon my advice, I am certain Insha Allah a vista of true Guidance shall certainly open up before him.

 Muhammad Yusuf Ludhianvi
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