Anti Ahmadiyya Movement in Isla
17th March 2003

Bismillah Al-Rehman Al-Raheem

On the subject; “ The finality of prophethood”

Report by
Sheikh Buzulu

This dialogue is traced back to the article entitled ‘KHATAM-un- NABIYYEEN’ Written By Dr Rashid and published in the weekly Islamic news paper ‘An nuur’issue No 467dated October 4 –10 2002 /Rajab 1423. Since then An nuur has been publishing a variety of article on the same subject. generally the article have very severely attacked the very foundation of qadianis which is belief in the prophethood of Mirza Ghulam Qadiyyan.

Provoked by the writing and in an attempt to save their ‘faith’ from the religion catastrophe, qadiyyanis through their news paper “Mapenzi ya Mungu” [the will of god] have essayed to reply to the writing, "Khatam un Nabiyeen' by Dr. Rashid

The following are points of argument from each side;

Muslim position:

In arguing that Muhammad [saw] is the Last Prophet of Allah, Muslims have these points in their article bearing the title Khaataman Nabiyyin;
  1. ‘Muhammad is not the father of any of your men but [he is] the messenger of Allahand the seal of prophets[Qur an 33;40]
  2. "O! People! no prophet would be raised after me and no new umma  [Community] after you." [Bulughul Maram, Seerat ibn hisham the last sermon]
  3. "The tribe of Israel wasguided by prophet. When a prophet passed away, Another prophet succeeded him but no prophet will come after me only caliphs will succeed me’ [bukhar, kitab manaqib]
  4. "There will be thirty liars in my ummah, each of them claiming to be a prophet But I am the khaataman nabiyyin there is no prophet after me." [sunan Abu daud kitabul fitan]
  5. "I’m Muhammad I’mAhmad I’m the effacer and infidelity shall be erased through me I’m the assembler people shall be assembled on doomsday after my time." [Bukhar and Muslim kitabul fadhail Bab asmaun un nabii, Tirmidh kitabul adab bab asmaunnabii, muwata kitabulasmaun nabii, mustadrak sahihil hakim, kitabultarikh bab asmaun nabii]
  6. "A man erected a building and adorned this edifice with great beauty but he left an empty niche in the Corner where just one brick was missing people looked around the building and marveled at its beauty but wondered why a brick was missing from that niche? I’m like unto that missing brick and I am the last in line of prophets’." [Bukhar kitabul manaqib]
  7. “I’m the last in the line of prophets of Allah and my masjid is the last of masjid." [Muslim kitabul haj babfadhlu salatbi masjid maka and madina]
In addition the article has provided the readers with some quotation from Mirza books in which some Mirza himself denies his prophethood take for instance the following statements: In conclusion 'An nuur' published about 40 arguments constructed by ahmadiyya concerning the meaning of khaatam as according ahmadiyya dictionary to which Muslim have this answer:

The arguments are generally unfounded because none of them has been supported by any tradition  of prophet Muhammad[saw] despite their claim to have in the Qur an and hadith the Qadiyyanis have ignore the traditions which disproved their allegations why have these people done so? More over in all 40 example there is not a single example form Mirza writings now the qadiyyanis must be asked this question what did Mirza himself mean by the word khaatam?

This is very important question because when we refer to Mirza's own books we come across the contents, which elucidated his actual understanding of the word khaatam.

Such are quotations from Mirza's own books prove that the word Khaatam according Mirza himself means finality. If the phrase khaataman nabiyyin were to mean the coming of other prophets then there should come at least three more prophets so as to qualify the word khaatam this is according to Arabic grammar. But the writings of Mirza inform us otherwise. In Kishtee Nooh, Roohani Khazain vol.19 pg 61 he says:
  • “ Blessed be he who recognizes me in all the ways of god I’m the final way of god I’m the final way in all his lights I’m the last light”

  • The Qadianis/Ahmadiyya position

    In the defending their position or in other words in maintaining that Muhammad [saw] is not the last prophet and that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad has succeeded him, qadiyyanis have these points in their article Entitled “An nuur lacheza matipwi. [An nur plays a childish cooking game] published in the November 2002 issues –No 83-834of ‘Mapenzi ya Mungu’
    In conclusion the article has quoted a verse of the Holy Qur an [2:24-25]


    In its October 22-24/2002 shaaban 1423 issue No470 An nur published an article entitled, Who is Mirza of Qadiyyan? The article described the way Mirza glorified himself, quoting the following statements:
    1. So does anyone doubts that god sent Muhammad[saw] once again (as Mirza) to  Qadiyyan Land to fulfil his promised?’ [kalimatul al fasl review of religion pg. 105no3vol.14]
    2. Muhammad has descended and greater in his glory than before

    3. he who want to see Muhammad in perfection should look at Mirza Ahmad in Qadiyyan
      [Poetry by Qazi zahoor Ahmad Akmal ,printed in Qadiyyan news paper paighan-us dated 14 march 1916 ]
    1. Maseeh Mowood [Mirza] is not a separated being from Holy Prophet Muhammad [saw] but it is He himself who has come again in this world in with a realistic look so is there any doubt that god has sent him again Qadiyyan [kalimatul fasl 104-105 review of religion Qadiyyan march1915]
    What has been said above is;; These statement make it explicit how extremely ill-mannered, perverted and fickle-minded Mirza was


    In their news paper ‘Mapenzi ya Mungu’ issue no 85 dated Shawwal 1423/Dec 2002’, The qadiyyanis have answered thus:

    AZ ZAWAAID - A Muslim Newspaper

    Az zawaaid publication issue no 1 of October 2002, published the article, which described Mirza's greed for money, referring to several events proving that the man in question was greedily after money. For example:


    In the January 2003/Dhulqada 1423issue no 87 of ‘Mapenzi ya Mungu’Qadiyyanis replied thus: Dr Rashid is a dangerous prophet of Satan:
    In their Qadiyani Newspaper 'Mapenzi ya Mungu' issue no 84, the qadiyyanis warn that both Dr Rashid and Abdul Hafeez Shah are prophets of Satan. Dr Rashid once claimed that he is prophet Elias [a.s] but his mission was banned by Pakistani government under act 260 of the constitution. It was Mirza Tahir the leader of ahmadiyya who exposed Dr Rashid allegation in 1994 so Dr Rashid is prophet of Ibilis.
    SubHanAllah. When they could not prove the truthfulness of Mirza and defend the allegations against him, they started throwing dirt in the eyes of people by saying that Dr Rashid is the prophet of ibless or that Dr. Rashid has also claimed to be prophet. This is a pathetic attempt to discredit th work of Dr. Rashid and inshaAllah Muslims will not be decieved by such propaganda.

    Wabillah tawfiiq

    Sheikh Buzulu