Ahmadiyya Awarenewss Campaign
5th September 1997
In the name of Allah, the One and Only
His Love and Peaceful Blessings may eternally shower on Muhammad, Mercy for all the worlds
After whom there is no prophet.
Alterations in Holy Quran
by Mirza Ghulam of Qadian
Dr. Syed Rashid Ali

Dear Sisters & Brothers in Islam!

I greet you all with the gracious greetings of Islam,

Assalamo alaikum wa rehmatullah wa barakaatohu Contrary to the propaganda of Ahmadiyya Movement, in the following pages, I will present the proofs of how the founder of this Movement, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani, have delibrately and maliciously altered the text of Holy Quran, its meanings and their application.

Those who follow Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, be they call themselves Ahmadi or Qadiani or Mirzai or Lahori and yet believe themselves to be Muslims and the servant of holy Prophet Muhammad , I request theed to read these lines carefully, verify the proofs given here and if they still feel contented with following a man bearing such beliefs, then please stop decieving others and yourself, give your cult any name other than Islam and Muslims will happily leave you and pray that in this life and hereafter may you rest with Mirza Ghulam till eternity. Ameen.


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