False Claimants of Yesteryears and Double Eclipse Ramadhans

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani, founder of Ahmadiyya Movement, claimant of Mahdi and Messiah, said: During the last 1400 years there have been innumerable claimants, big and small, some of them during the lifetime of Mirza Ghulam himself. Following is the list of a few of such claimants:
  1. Dr Alexander Dowie in USA, 1890s.
  2. Mahdi Sudani in Sudan
  3. Mirza Ali Baab in Iran. Claimed to be Mahdi in 1260 AH.
  4. Subhe Azal, the successor of Mirza Ali Baab.
  5. Baha-ullah, successor of Mirza Ali Baab. Both claimed to be Mahdi.
  6. Saleh bin Tarif Burghwati claimed prophethood and Mahdihood in 125AH. After ruling over his people for 47 years, in 174 AH he abdicated the throne in favour of his son.(AlIstaqsa LAkhbar alMaghrib alAqsa, see Aimma-e-Tilbees vol 1 p.192)
  7. Abu Mansoor Eisa claimed prophethood and Mahdihood in 341 AH and ruled over his people for 28 years. (Aimma-e-Tilbees vol 1 p.194)
  8. Abu Ghafeer Mohammed bin M'uaaz. Claimed Mahdihood in 268 AH and ruled over his people for 29 years.(Aimma-e-Tilbees vol 1 p.194)

Dear Reader!
Mirza Ghulam A. Qadiani and his followers have been fooling around for too long. The myth of 'Heavenly Signs' has now been exposed. Whether these events proved anything, it is for the reader to decide.

There is one more myth that need to be exposed.

One of the proofs of Mirza Ghulam A Qadiani being the true claimant is that Mirza Ghulam lived for more than 23 years after claiming prophethood. Every qadiani/ahmadi believes in it. Mirza Ghulam said:

Readers are kindly requested to note the following points:  

True Prophets used to announce their Prophethood
and Liars have always claimed it.

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