Anti Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam
April 2002

Bismillah Al-Rehman Al-Raheem

AlFatwa International 27 (Urdu)

An Open Letter to Mirza Tahir, Imam Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya

Mr Mirza Tahir Ahmad Qadiani
16-18 Gressenhall Road
London SW18 5QL

Peace be on those who follow the hidayah

Sub: Khisyaana Billa Khumba Nochey - "Shaitan ke Chailae - Satan's Desciples by Hadi Ali Chaudhary"

All Praise be to Allah only, who sent his Beloved Prophet Muhammad SAAW as the Last and Final Messenger and Prophet, and gave Muslims the honour to be among His followers. Millions of my gratitude go to Allah, who gave my writings the honour of such recognition that forced you once again to stoop down to such low level, that you had to resort to personal attacks on me rather than addressing the real issues that have been raised in AlFatwa from the platform of Anti Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam. AlHamdolillah. This honour cannot be earned by one's efforts. I pray to Allah that may He protect my Muslim brethren from your fraud and deception, and bring those Muslims back to fold of Islam who have been trapped by you. Ameen.

Mr Mirza Tahir!
As soon as I recieved the book "Shaitan ke Chaile", published by Jamaat Ahmadiyya, suddenly this urdu idion : Khisyanee bille khumba nochey rang in my mind. I hope you will appreciate the graphic representation of this state of your mind.

Just a cursory glance on this book published under your guidance, makes it clear that it is the same cheap manner of argument which has been the characteristic of your grandfather, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani, the founder of Ahmadiyya Movement. To boast the morale of your follower, the author of this book has unsuccessfully tried to distort the facts. (Urdu poetry translation: Truth cannot be concealed by false pretensions; Paper flowers cannot emit beautiful scent)

Mirza Tahir! It was in the Muharram of 1416 (June 1995) that upon your instructions that Naeem Osman Memon Qadiani wrote a rebuttal entitled, "Three in One" of the book by Syed Abdul Hafeez Shah entitled Two in One. Shortly after authoring this book, he died. May Allah grant him place with Mirza Ghulam A Qadiani. Ameen. Actually his book was a pathetic attempt to cover the facts mentioned in Two in One. By the Grace of Allah, the popularity had increased ever since.

Like Three in One, the new book, "Shaitan ke Chailae - Satan's Desciples", also contains a cartoon on its title. In other words you have re-lived the tradition of your grandfather and so-called prophet, Mirza Ghulam A Qadiani. Of course we have no objection on the cartoon, as we think that graphics art is an effective means of expressing happenings and one's emotions. That is the reason that we also sometimes graphically represent certain aspects of Mirza Ghulam A Qadiani's life in AlFatwa International. But Alas!! You dislike our flyers and its cartoons. So much so that in the Jasla Salana of 1995 in London, you, Mirza Tahir, expressed your anger in following manner:

"One BADBAKHT (wretched), from the area of Shaikhdom, is constantly breaking the hearts of Ahmadis in various parts of the world. Against Hazrat Maseeh Mowood, one extremely KHABEESANA (wicked) advertisement making is small leaflet, who he names it as AlFatwa, he sends to Ahmadis to break their hearts ... I have handed him over to Naeem Osman Saheb so that he may tackle him and by the Grave of God he has plenty of capabilities of defensive attacks. I had explained to him generally and now he has printed that book now. It is ready now with us. Just as he has made a picture (cartoon) of Hazrat Maeeh Mowood, we have not made the picture of that MANHOOS, that MANHOOS (wretched), but the concept of satan that prevails here in the west, we have made a picture of that (on the title of this books, Three in One)..... " (Speech of Mirza Tahir on 2nd day of Jalsa Salana, London, 1995)
BADBAKHT! KHABEESANA ISHTIHAAR! MANHOOS!! SubhanAllah! What an emotional outburst!! Probably this is your style of defensive attacks. But Mirza Tahir, by such outbursts are you trying to justify the false claims of Mirza Ghulam A Qadiani? Perhaps you have not heard the story of an Imam who was crossing a pool of sewage water when he saw a boy also crossing it; Imam asked the boy to be careful, lest he would fall. Do you know what did the boy reply? He said: You be careful, because if I fell, I will fall aone, but if you fell you will take with you all those who are following you.

Mr Mirza Tahir! The man under discussion is Mirza Ghula A Kadiani. The life of founder of Ahmadiyya Movement, his character, his writings, his claims are under scrutiny and not Dr Rashid or Syed Abdul Hafeez Shah. If Mirza Ghulam is a liar, as is proven by his writings, then he has already sent a lot of people into hell. And now after his death, wearing the cloak of his Khilafat, you are busy in making people fruit for hell. For how long are you going to continue decieving ignorant and unsuspecting Muslims?

Mirza Tahir Saheb! Through this AlFatwa 27, we are presenting you an open letter of a former Ahmadi, Brother Ahtesham-ul-Haq Abdul Bari, the founder of Anti Ahmadiyya/Qadiani Movement Bombay, India. This is actually an appeal to Ahmadis/Qadianis. At the end of this letter Brother Ahtesham has invited you or your designated person for a debate on the Lies and Truth of Mirza Ghulam A Qadiani. I sincerely hope that to protect the honour of your grandfather, you will not try to escape like your muballighs.

Wassalam on those who follow the hidayah

Dr Syed Rashid Ali
Dibba, AlFujairah
Dated Muharram 1423/March 2002

Bismillah Al-Rehman Al-Raheem

Jaa Al-Haqq wa zahaq Al-Baatil; inna Al-Baatila kaana Zahooqa
Truth has come and falsehood perished; verily falsehood was bound to perish.

An Appeal to Ahmadi Brothers

New Offer to Ahmadi/Qadiani brothers from
Anti Ahmadiyya/Qadiani Movement Mumbai

Rs. 150,000 will be rewarded to anyone
who would prove quotations from of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani wrong.

Ahtesham-ul-Haq Abdul Bari
Former Ahmadi
Mumbai, India

Respected Readers. Dear Ahmadi/Qadiani brothers and friends!

Brief account of how Qadiani Muballighs fled the debates
It is the unanimous decision of nearly 1.5 billion Muslims of the world that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani and his followers (Qadiani/Ahmadis/Lahoris) in the light of their writings are kaafirs and out of the Islam. On the other hand Ahmadis insist that they are Muslims. Who is right and who is wrong?

Dear Readers! We believe that religious differences can be amicably solved by mutual discussions. Since in this Ahmadiyya controversy, it is the public who is affected most, therefore Anti Ahmadiyya Movement decided that this issue should be settled in people's court. For this purpose, in our opinion, there can be no easier and safer method than enlightened debates. In the presence of public, not only both factions have a chance to present their point of view but the public also gets a chance to decide what is right and what is wrong.

Through AlFatwa International No. 22 (Urdu), Anti Ahmadiyya Movement challenged the Qadiani Muballighs from all over the world for a peaceful public debate, even police can be arranged if they were afraid of any disturbance. They were invited to fix a date and venue of their choice to debate the character of Mirza Ghulam A Qadiani and whether he was a liar or truthful in his claims. But Qadianis have no regard for the honour of their so-called prophet. We firmly believe that inshaAllah any person or muballigh (preacher) from the Qadiani jammat will never agree for a public debate with Anti Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam. AlHamdolillah, Mirza Qadiani and his followers has not given birth to even one person who can defend the false claims of Mirza Ghulam Qadiani. Consistent fleeing of Qadiani Khalifa, Mirza Tahir, and his muballighs from such invitations for debate hoave once again proven Mirza Ghulam to be an unmistakable liar.

You will remember that last time we had given a prized-challenge, offering Rs. 500,000 to anyone who can prove a single quotation to be wrong. But alas! Not a single person among the qadianis could find the courage to defend his so-called prophet and claim the prize. Likewise our other reward of Rs 100,000 for challenge entitled, "Glorious Victory of Islam and Humiliating Fleeing of Qadiani Muballighs from Munazirah", also went unclaimed.

Dear Ahmadi brothers!
It is time for you to think. These Mirzai muballighs (preachers) habitually make tall claims in front of you and through newspapers and flyers they constantly challenge Muslims for debates and mubahila, but whenever we come forward to accept their invitation and challenge them to talk about the writings of Mirza Ghulam Qadiani, they run away. Why is that?

It reason is very clear and simple. The books of Mirza Ghulam is full of lies, deception and rubbish. We have the original books and we have read them. Hence when we request these muballighs to have face to face debate, they have no way but to escape. Yes they are always ready to trap such persons who are ignorant of the writings of Mirza Qadiani. For such purpose they devilishly engage simple-minded Muslim into the discussions about life and death of Jesus, meanings of Khatam and Khatem, by giving them distorted meanings of Quran and Hadith. Poor unsuspecting Muslim thinks that these Qadiani muballighs are making a lot of effort to propagate Islam. Thus they get a chance to decieve him. Public's attention is diverted from Mirza Ghulam and his deception and lies are vieled from their view. The fact is that when these preachers are preaching you about Ahmadiyyat/Qadianiyat, the most important thing that you have to know is the person whom these preachers are trapping you to accept as Prophet or Messiah or Mahdi, who is he? what is his character? what has he written in his books? Whether this man is truthful in his claims or a liar? But these preachers never talk to you about his person!

In November 2000, in the town of Sholapur, Qadiani preacher Mubarak Amrohi challenged all Muslims for a debate. The news was immediately conveyed to Anti Ahmadiyya/Qadiani Movement Mumbai by the local Khatme Nabuwwat office. Our delegation reached Sholapur and Qadiani preacher was informed about our acceptance of their challenge. Qadiani preachers, Mubarak Amrohi Saheb and Khizir Hayat Saheb gave an excuse of lack of preparation and asked for more time. Then overnight these preachers fled from the town. SubHanAllah! Truth arrived and falsehood perished. As a result two villages of Sholapur (Naganhali and Akalkot) denounced Qadianiyat and re-entered the fold of Islam. AlHamdolillah for that.

Admission by Qadiani Muballigh
Afterall what is the reason for this fleeing of Qadiani preachers? The reason came to light only recently. It was in March 2002 that I asked the present preacher of Mumbai, Mr Shamshad Ahmad Qadiani Saheb to agree for a debate on the writings of Mirza Ghulam Saheb. He said:
"When our supreme power did not come forward to do a debate with, what is my worth?"
SubHanAllah! Now the truth is revealed.

Although the God that used to sent wahi to Mirza Ghulam, had reassured him that:

"I will give dominance over your opponents till qiyamah."
(Arbaeen No. 2, Roohani Khazain vol. 17 p. 367)
Thus Mirza Qadiani is proved a liar and his so-called God who had been sending him wahi also turned out to be a liar.
DearAhmadi brothers! It is time to ponder, that to whom you are selling your faith. Yes! Qadiani preachers along with their Khalifa run away from facing the challenge of Anti Ahmadiyya Movement to discuss whether this 'Self-cultivated seedling' of the British Raj, Mirza Ghulam A Qadiani was truthful in his claims or a Liar.
Dr. Basharat Ahmad Qadiani also ran away!
The Qadiani Muballigh, Dr Basharat Ahmad of Ghazi Chawk Usmanabad 413501, had also promised me to debate with me on the truth and lies of Mirza Ghulam Qadiani. Apparently the said doctor is a very learned man. In my childhood I had listened to one of his addreses which I still remember. Alas! He also could not keep his promise and fled from the debate.

Dear Ahmadi brothers! Please read another example:

Debate with Mr Songhadwi
There lives and Ahmadi in Orissa (Cuttack), his name is Syed Hasan Rasheed Ahmad Songhadwi, address: Post Songhda, Dist. Cuttack, Orissa, Pin Code 7542021. FOr the last one year, I have been communicating with him for a debate. According to Mr Hasan Rasheed his father is the best scholar of Ahmadiyyat and an encylopedia of Qadianiyat, and especially his has great expertise in giving answers to the opponents of Ahmadiyyat/Qadianiyat in a jiffy. Therefore on behalf of Anti Ahmadiyya/Qadiani Movement Mumbai, an invitation for a debate was given to Mr Songhadwi Senior, alongwith offer to pay for his travel, boarding and lodging. He was given from 1st Sept 2001 to 30th October 2001 to have the debate.

According to Mr Hasan Rasheed, Mr Songhadwi Senior was ready for the debate, but big fighting broke out amongst Ahmadis in Qadian and the Nazir of Dawat-o-Tabligh and Nashr-o-Isha'at (Incharge of Preaching and Publication) Mr Ina'am Ghori prohibited Mr Songhadwi Senior from have a debate because many Qadiani preachers in the past had recieved humiliating defeats in such debates, for instance the Qadiani scholar of Andhra, Mr Yusuf Qadiani, whose story was published in AlFatwa 22 who recieved a humiliating defeat at the hands of Anti Ahmadiyya Movement Mumbai.

Plague and the Debate with an Ahmadi Preacher from United States
Recently the preacher from US Mr Mohammed Yunus M Farooq of Rigel Way 5400, Miraloma CA 91752, USA, challenged all Muslims for debate in Gowandi, Mumbai, India. Anti Ahmadiyya Movement was contact by the local Muslims. After a public debate, Mr Mohammed Yunus M Farooq openly accepted defeat in front of live audience including his friends and relatives. Mr Mohammed Yunus had presented the Prophecies of Mirza Ghulam A Qadiani concerning Plague as a proof of his prophethood and messengership. But by the Grace of Allah, the liar was humiliated and Islam prevailed. I pray to Allah that just as whole-heartedly he accepted his defeat, with the same ease may Allah open his heart for Islam and give him the hidayah to denounce Qadianiyat and embrace Islam. Ameen.

InshAllah in this letter, I intend to expose the myth of these prophecies concerning Plague. A video cassette of this debate is also available.

Dear Ahmadi Brothers!
You know this for fact that whenever Muslims present quotations from the books of Mirza Ghulam A Qadiani, Qadiani Khalifa and his preachers reject every proof in front of you, saying that this is all false propaganda and these quotations are not present in our books. On behalf of Anti Ahmadiyya Movement I announce this once again that inshAllah no quotation has been taken out of context, nor have they been distorted. Read carefully before and after, above and below these quotations. The first Ahmadi who prove these quotations wrong in any court of law, will be rewarded with Rs 150,000. And if you can't do that, then we invite you to denounce Ahmadiyyat and re-enter the fold of Islam.

Ahmadi Brothers!
I have opened eyes among Ahmadis in the compound of Ahmadiyya Mission Al-Haq Building, Mumbai, India and I have been brought up among them. I can say this with full conviction that because of ignorance from the books of Mirza Ghulam A Qadiani you have been trapped into the fold of Ahmadiyyat. How many among you have read all these books. I even firmly believe that even these Qadiani preachers have not read all these books honestly. This is the reason that they avoid discussing in front of public, lest their ignorance would be exposed. I am trying to convey to you the same facts which have been deliberately or unknowingly concealed from you. My task is to convey the truth, then it is upto you to accept the truth or reject. Guidance is in the hands of Allah. Please remember Mirza Ghulam A Qadiani Saheb said:

"it is the duty of a virtuous person that he should not let go of the ways of truthfulness, rather if a truthful word is uttered by the most lowly person, and you are wrong, then you should accept your mistake and gratefully accept the word of this lowly person, and not claim that I am better than him, otherwise in the state of pride you will never get guidance, rather such a person's faith also is in danger." (Roohani Khazain vol. 3 p. 117)
Thus I request Ahmadi brothers to accept the truth honestly. In this lies the betterment for both the worlds, otherwise you will have nothing but to feel sorry on the day of Qiyamah. In any case I have fulfilled my responsibility.
Mirza Qadiani and his Prophecies
Allah says in Quran:
"So think not that Allah will fail to keep His Promise to His Messengers. Certainly Allah is All-Mighty, All-Able of Retribution." (Al-Quran 14.47)
Same thing is said by Mirza in following words:
"It is not possible that the Prophecies of Prophets are annuled." (Kishtee-e-Noah, Roohani Khazain vol. 19 p. 7)
Mirza Ghulam A Qadiani claimed to be Imam Mahdi, Promised Messiah, Prophet and Messenger and then in support of his claims he stated:
"It should be apparent to bad-opinioned people that there can be no better test to judge my truthfulness or lies than my Prophecies." (Roohani Khazain vol. 5 p. 288)
Now if someone wants to know the reality of Mirza Ghulam A Qadiani, then he does not have to waste time in anything other than examining his prophecies. If Mirza Saheb is the true Prophet and Messenger of Allah, then it is not possible that any of his prophecies is turned out to be false. But whenever we judge Mirza Ghulam on his own yardstick, he turns out to be a big liar. Whether it is the prophecy about his divine marriage with Mohammadi Begum or the prophecy of marrying a widow, whether it is the prophecy of Atham's death or the birth of a pious son, just as much Mirza propagated a prophecy to be the test of his truthfulness, as much Allah humiliated him. IN this present flyer we are going to examine his prophecies concerning Plague.
Plague exposed the false prophethood of Mirza Qadiani
For 20 years Mirza had published the following inspiration in his book Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya:
                                "Inna hoo awa al-qarya."
For a long time he kept saying that its meanings are not understood. In 1902 Plague started in India, and gradually spread to several villages and towns, yet India being a huge country, a large portion was still safe. In the begining Qadian was also not afflicted by it. Anyway it was a unique opportunity for Mirza, opportunist as he was, to propagate his prophethood. He decided to take full advantage of the miseries of poor people, their simplicity and superstitious nature.
Fear - A Psychological Weapon
Initially Mirza and his associates started making the propaganda that since a prophet of God had been rejected therefore God has sent this divine punishment:
"Why is Punjab facing the onslaught of Plague. For us one of the reason is the God has established a Movement here, and the first people to deny (Mirza's prophethood) was these and these people gave Fatwa of kufr (against Mirza)." (Malfoozaat vol.3 p.419)
People were dying everywhere, they were panic stricken. Mirza's propaganda scared them more.
Another Scheme to trap the public:
When Mirza saw that the time was ripe, he devised another scheme to trap the simple-minded public. He announced that since Qadian is the home town of a prophet - meaning Mirza himself – therefore the divine punishment (Plague) has not afflicted this town, nor is it going to in future. Not only this, even anyone afflicted by Plague if he comes to Qadian then he will be cured. For this purpose, Mirza wrote a book entitled, ‘Kishtee-e-Noah’. Through this book, he tried to give the impression that the present Plague, like the storm in the time of Noah, will vanquish all those who did not believe in Mirza, but those who would take oath of allegiance with him they would be like boarding the Naoh's ark which will save them from divine punishment. Thus Mirza Mahmud son of Mirza Ghulam, Khalifa 2nd of Qadian stated:
"Plague is the punishment of God which was sent to support Hazrat Maseeh Mowood. If the rate of growth of our Jamaat is analysed, then it will be proven that 60 - 70% people entered our Jamaat due to Plague. I remember that during the days of Plague, daily 500, 1000 letters used to come to Hazrat Saheb (Mirza Ghulam) announcing oath of allegiance." (Sermon of Mirza Mahmud, Akhbar AlFazl Qadian vol.5 No.72 dated 9th March 1918)
Ahmadi Brothers! Did you understand something? As many ba'aths (oath of allegience) that much donations!! That was the trick!!
Mirza's Ark - Plague
Mirza Ghulam stated:
"Quran tells us that when Noah's started drowning in the flood, Noah asked him to come; he said that I do not have any need to come to you, I will climb this mountain. In other words that fool wanted to survive by his own means and methods, but God said that today no one can save you from God. Similarly in my inspiration it is stated that: 'build the ship under Our Eyes and with Our Inspiration, and address me not on behalf of those who did wrong,they are surely to be drowned. And for this blessed mosque (in Qadian) (God) said: 'and whoever enters it is in peace'. These prove that a big storm is going to come and only those people will survive who will board my ark ... and that storm is Plague." (Malfoozaat vol.3 p.418)
Plague and Mirza's Business
People were afraid of Plague but opportunistic and worldly persons like Mirza Ghulam do not hesitate in taking advantage of this life and death situation. First Mirza made propaganda about one prophet of God being disbelieved therefore God have sent plague, then he made propaganda that his house and those in it will be safe from this punishment. When people desperately started writing to him, then he devilishly forwarded his plan. He appealed for donation to enlarge his house:
"Since it is highly likely that in future the plague will spread in the country and our house ... has become very congested and you people have heard the God given a promise of special protection for anyone who will be in the boundary of this house ... in my opinion this villa can be readied in Rs 2000 (which is a million rupees by todays standard). Since it is probable that the time for plague is near and according to the gladtidings of revelation, in this storm of plague, this house will be like Noah's Ark, I do not who will the share in this promise of gladtiding, therefore this task (of extending the house of Mirza) is of urgent nature. Trust in God, who is the Creator and Provider and watches over the good deeds, and you should try. I have seen that although this house of mine is like an ARK, but in future there is no place in this ark for any man or woman and that is why there is need for its extension." (Kishtee-e-Noah, Roohani Khazain vol.19 p.86)
SubHanAllah. Public is being instructed to trust the Creator and Provider, but himself Mirza Ghulam has not the slightest of that trust. He looks towards the pockets of people for his needs. As many followers, that much donation! Bravo Mirza Qadiani.
Mirza Ghulam's Revelations
It is the sunnah of Allah that He extends the rope of tyrant and arrogant, so that they advance in their insolence so that they close all doors for their return. In case of Plague, something similar happened with Mirza Ghulam. The extension given to him by Allah decieved him. He kept blustering about his revelation, and with each so-called revelation, his snobbery reached new heights. Every day he started issuing new so-called revelations. About his revelations, Mirza boasted:
"I have similar faith on my revelation as on Torah and Injeel and Quran." (Roohani Khazain vol.17 p.454)
Then on 23rd April 1902, Mirza wrote a book, 'Dafe-ul-Bala'. From this book and from other book, I will present some examples of Mirza's revelation related to Plague.
"The revelation of God that descended on me, its wordings are this: 'InnAllaha Laa yogaiyero maa beqaumin hatta yogaiyero maa beunfosehim, innahoo awal qarya' meaning that God has decided that He will never remove this punishment of Plague unless people remove those thoughts that are there in their hearts that is unless they do not accept the one who is appointed by God and His Prophet, till then plague will not be removed. And that Mighty God will protect Qadian from the destruction by Plague, so that you may realise that Qadian is protected only because God's prophet and messenger was in Qadian. Now see that this is proven in last three years that both these points have been fulfilled; that is on the one hand plague had spread all over Punjab and on the other hand despite that the plague has spread within two miles of Qadian but Qadian is still safe from plague, instead till now any plague-infected person who had entered Qadian from outside, he is also cured. Can there be any more proof? Things which were said earlier, had been fulfilled, instead this news of plague was also published 22 years in Braheen Ahmadiyya." (Dafe-al-Bala, Roohani Khazain vol.18 p.225-226)

"Now from all this revelation, three things are proven: 1) Firstly that Plague has come in this world because God's Promised Messiah was not only rejected but he was also given pain. ... 2) Second thing that is proven by this revelation is that this plague will only vanish when people will accept this messenger of God .... 3) Third thing that is proven by this revelation is that God will in any case protect Qadian from this horrendous destruction as long as plague remains in this world, even if it is for 70 years, because this is the place of His Messenger's throne and a sign for all nations." (Dafe-al-Bala, Roohani Khazain vol.18 p. 229-230)

"God is not such that he will punish people in Qadian and you are living amongst them. He will protect this village from the afflictions and destruction of plague. If I had no consideration for you, and had no honour for you, I would have destroyed this village." (Tazkirah p.436; Roohani Khazain vol.18 p.227)

"If I had no regard for your honour, I would have destroyed this village. I will save everyone within the boundaries of this house. No one among them will die from plague or earthquake. God is not such that He will punish them and you are among them." (Tazkirah p.645)

"When the fire of plague is raging, then can any fabricator say that 'If I had no regard for your honour, I would have destroyed this village'. Was it not possible that this fabricator himself had died and was a victim of plague? At present Qadian is like Makkah, in that the people are dying around it and by the Grace of God here there is absolute peace." (Malfoozaat vol.5 p.369)

"At present there is plague two kilometers away all around Qadian and Qadian presently is like a boat which is surrounded by severe storm and it is moving in the river." (Maktoobaat-e-Ahmadiyya vol.5 p.32)

Present Khalifa, Mirza Tahir A Qadiani says:
"When Hazrat Maseeh Mowood announced the prophecy of Plague and Plague had not yet appeared, then he said that God has informed him that epidemic of Plague is going to spread which would come as a divine punishment because I have been rejected." (Homeopathy - Ilaaj bil Misl vol.1 p.550 Mercury)
In Summary
Dear Readers!
Six things are evident from what is quoted above:
    1. Qadian is the seat of a Messenger of God (which is Mirza Ghulam)
    2. Plague has spread as a Divine Punishment because a Messenger of God (Mirza Saheb) has been rejected.
    3. Plague will not subside until people have accepted the Messenger of God.
    4. Qadian will be absolutely safe from Plague, not a single person will die of this Plague.
    5. Anyone who is suffering from Plague, when he enters Qadian, he is cured of this disease.
    6. In Qadian getting affected by Plague will be a sign of Mirza Ghulam as a Liar.
How Plague Played Havoc in Qadian
Did Qadian remain immune from Plague? Did Mirza's God fulfil His promises upto the dot? Did all those living in Punjab ultimately accept Mirza Ghulam as a Prophet and Messenger of God?
When we analyse the facts, it becomes evident that Allah had delibrately delayed the arrival of Plague in Qadian to give Mirza Ghulam a chance to blurt out all his carnal desires in the form of prophecies, so that he cannot wriggle out of it. No sooner had Mirza Ghulam made his egotistical claims, hidden hands of Allah surrounded him. How Plague ravaged Qadian is evident from the following quotes:
"And then during the days of Plague, when Plague was raging in Qadian, my son Shareef Ahmad became sick, and he gpt high grade fever which caused my son to become unconcious, and started having fits in unconcious state." (Haqeeqat-ul-Wahi - Truth about Revelation, Roohani Khazain vol.22 p.87 footnote)

"My Beloved My dear Nawab Saheb Assalamo alaikum wr wb. I feel sad after reading that my dear Abdur Rehman Khan has again developed fever. May God give him cure. Now I am dumbstruck that what advice can I give you about coming here soon. I have started praying aagain, may God give him cure. At this place Plague is wildly raging. A person gets fever and within few hours he is dead. God knows best when this affliction will end. Public is extremely scared. Trust for life has vanished. Screams and cries are coming from all sides. It is doomsday everywhere. Now what can I say, what advice can I give? I am extremely bewildered what to do." (Maktoobaat-e-Ahmadiyya vol.5 No.4 Letter No.36 p.112)

"You must consult the doctor and then according to his advice without waiting come to Qadian. Here Plague is raging wildly. Yesterday eight people died. May Allah have His blessing and mercy." (Maktoobaat-e-Ahmadiyya vol.5 No.4 Letter No.38 p.114)

SubHanAllah! See how cleverly Mirza Ghulam is giving permission to one of his followers to come to Qadian (which he cannot refuse after so much propaganda of his Divine Ark, and at the same time attempting to discourage him from coming to Qadian, by mentioning the situation of Plague in Qadian, how many died and by asking him to take advice of the doctor, probably praying in his heart that he should not come.!!
"At this place in Qadian, nowadays Plague is wildly raging. Nearly all surrounding villages have vanished." (Maktoobaat-e-Ahmadiyya vol.5 No.4 Letter No.36 p.112-115)

"Elderly Ghausan (probably a housemaid) got fever. She was expelled from the house, but i think she is not suffering from Plague, only as a precautionary measure she has been expelled. "Master Mohammed Deen got the fever, gland has also enlarged. He has also been expelled from the house. Anyway in our place also plague has started raging." (Maktoobaat-e-Ahmadiyya vol.5 No.4 Letter No.38 p.115)

What a Prophet of God!!!! What an inhuman gesture!! Throwing out the poor lady and poor man, with no regard to the propaganda he did about his house being safe as guaranteed by God. Man may also have donated for the extension of house, but who cares!! Propbably Mirza himself did not believe in all those prophecies and reassurances given to him by his God.
"Today the son of Mian Mohammed Fazal, editor of the newspaper, is also on deathbed, he has Pneumonic plague, it seems that he is breathing his last. There are cires everywhere. May God have His blessing." (Maktoobaat-e-Ahmadiyya vol.5 No.4 Letter No.53 p.131)

Mirza Ghulam came up with a cure for an Infectious Disease: "Ya Hafeez, Ya Aziz, Ya Rafiq. Rafiq is a new name of God which never mentioned before in the list of Asma-e-Ilahi (99 names of Allah)." (Malfoozaat vol.6 p.135)

"My Master, My Respected Brother Seth Saheb! (SubHanAllah! A Seth - a financiar - is the Master of Mirza!!! Author)
Assalamo alaikum wr wb For a long time I have not recieved a letter from your honour. I am extremely worried and disturbed. May God protect you from calamities. Here Plague is raging so much that it is like an Armageddon." (Maktoobaat-e-Ahmadiyya vol.5 No.1 Letter No.91 p.39)

"Plague is still around. This is not desicive that Plague has gove. Remember that God never leaves a fabricator unpunished." (Mafoozaat vol.9 p.400)

Dear Ahmadi Brothers!!
We also say the samething. Allah never leaves a liar unpunished. Hold your breath and read carefully. Mirza Ghulam was a liar that is why Allah afflicted him with plague and let him taste hell in this world:
"As an example I state that by HELL in my inspirations, plague is meant." (Roohani Khazain vol.22 p.583)

"Plague is very active in this region, I have heard that one or two suspicious cases have taken occured in Amritsar as well. Few days back I also developed a gland on my body, initially some serious symptoms appeared. But by some Grace of God, its severity subsided. Then on another arm glands enlarged. And this Plague affects the joints. Thus some glands appear behind ears r in the groin, or axilla or at some joints as joints of the arms or legs along with fever." ((Maktoobaat-e-Ahmadiyya vol.5 No.4 Letter No.38 p.115)

"My Master, My Brother Seth Saheb.
Assalamo alaikum wr wb
I recieved the news of your wellbeing through your letter. After discovering the blessing of God and your well-being, I thanked God. I am well along with my family and friends. Here Plague is shining. Now there are about 80 villages in which there is lot of havoc. In Qadian situation is this that boys and youth and old people get little fever, then next day they get glands below the ears, below the axilla or in the groin. I got one gland; earlier also I got one gland and my son Basheer Ahmad also got a fever one day and then developed a gland in front of ears. Son-in-law of Molvi Saheb Hakeem Nuruddin Saheb also developed a gland below the axilla, Mir Nasir Nawab Saheb's son Ishaq also developed a gland in the groin after fever." (Maktoobaat-e-Ahmadiyya vol.5 No.1 Letter No.40 p.15)

Deaths from Plague in Qadian
"In April 1904 Ahmadiyya School in Qadian was shut down due to Plague and in the Daily Official Notification (see Ahle Hadith Newspaper dated 27th May 1904) the death toll just for the months of March and April 1904 was recorded at 1313 which took place in Qadian. Those days the population of Qadian was 2800 persons. People panicked and left the village and the whole town looked deserted." (Hurf-e-Mehremana by Ghulam Jeelani Barq pp.251-252)
Mirza Flusters
"I am praying day and night and prayed with such force and concentration that sometimes I became so sick that I imagined that I will live only for two or three minutes and dangerous symptoms appeared." (Letter to Mohammed Ali Khan, Maktoobaat-e-Ahmadiyya vol.5 p.115)

"As required two three should lift his bed and the rest should stay at a distance of say 100 meters and offer funeral prayers." (Malfoozaat vol.9 p.253)

"If God-forbid someone dies from Plague who had fulfilled all the conditions of Risala 'Al-Wasiyat', about him is this important order that he should be kept in a box for two years and buried in a separate house as a trust-keeping and after two years they should be brought back at such a time when at the place of his death and in Qadian there is no trace of Plague." (Al-Wasiyat, Roohani Khazain vol.20 p.324)

Mirza and the Grandeur of a Mo'min (Believer)
"The more a believer have faith on the Might os Allah, the more he stays away from depending on material things." (Malfoozaat vol.6 p.507)
Duality in the Preaching and Practice of Mirza
Let us see how much faith Mirza had on Allah's capability and Allah's promises of protecting him and his house from the onslaught of Plague:
"Hazrat Maseeh Mowood was very particular about cleanliness. Especially during the days of Plague he was so careful that by his own hands he used to dissolve Phenyl in a container and throw it in the toilets and sewage lines of his house." (Seerat-ul-Mahdi part 2 p.59)

"When Plague started then he (Mirza) stopped the meat (of Lamb) because he used to say that it contains the chemical of Plague." (Seerat-ul-Mahdi part 1 p.56)

SubHanAllah. Some Prophet!!! He did not have a flicker of the grandeur of a believer, and what to talk of his prophetic knowledge of Plague and Lamb meat.
Deat of Qadianis by Plague and Qadiani Logic
"Some fools object that why do your people die? These fools do not this much that in the time of Holy Prophet SAAW when people used to ask for a miracle of divine punishment, they got the miracle of sword and that was also a kind of divine punishment." (Malfoozaat vol.5 p.457)

"The death of some folks of our Jamaat by Plague is like the martyrdom of some Companions of Holy Prophet SAAW during wars." (Tatimma Haqeeqat-ul-Wahi, Roohani Khazain vol.22 p.568)

What logic! Thank God, at least Mirza admitted that Qadianis have died of Plague. Whatever happened to all those promises of Mirzai God?
The Failure of Mirza Qadiani in his Prophecies about Plague
"This year Plague is a little less. This is not a cause to celebrate because people did not take any advantage of this Plague. The reason for which it was sent, it has not been accomplished yet." (Malfoozaat vol.10 p.287)
Plague and Mirza's Supplication - Trouble-maker for All the Worlds
"I supplicated for the spread of Plague. Thus that supplication was granted and Plague spread in the whole country." (Haqeeqat-ul-Wahi, Roohani Khazain vol.22 p.235)

"Blessed is that God who sent Plague in this world so that by it we flourish and grow and our enemies perish and vanish." (Haqeeqat-ul-Wahi, Roohani Khazain vol.22 p.570)

"Every month at least 500 men and sometimes 1000 or 2000 persons enter our Jamaat through Plague. Thus for us Plague is a Mercy and for our opponents it is trouble and punishment. And if similar (ravages) of Plague continue in this country for 15 years, then I believe that the whole country will be full Ahmadiyya Jamaat." ((Haqeeqat-ul-Wahi, Roohani Khazain vol.22 pp.568-570)

Glory be to Allah! On the one hand Mirza claims that God has sent him as a Mercy to All the Worlds:
"Antaa minnee ba-manzilat laa ya'alamoha al-khalq. wa maa arsalnaaka illa Rehmat al lil Alameen Ya Ahmad.... - You are from me on a station where no creation knows about it. And we have not sent except as a mercy for all the worlds O Ahmad." (Revelation of Mirza, Arba'een No 1, Roohani Khazain vol. 17 p. 410)
May Allah forgive me for quoting this. Such horrendous fraud and lie. Such insolence. On the one hand he is supplicating for Plague to kill innocent people and on the other hand he had the audacity to apply on himself the title of Rehmat-ul-lil Alameen given by Allah to Holy Prophet SAAW.

He said:

"I want to make it clear to all Muslims and Christians and Hindus and Aryans that in the whole world I have no enemy. I have such love for the mankind as a mother loves her children, even more than that." (Arba'een No. 1, Roohani Khazain vol. 17 p.344)
What a Liar!!! Can a mother pray for her children to be killed by Plague? I think that such a person who for his carnal desires can supplicate for sufferings of people and then he has the callousness to express his happiness on thier sufferings. How dare he claims to be a mercy for all the world? A more appropriate title for such a heartless person can be a Tormentor of All the Worlds.

My dear Ahmadi brothers! Now let us come to the last thing. With the supplications of Mirza, plague continued to ravage the country for 4 years, people continued to die. The question is that did Plague vanish only when everyone accepted Mirza as the prophet of God?

Plague and the Census of Jamaat
Census of 1906: "Today by the Grace of God, they are more than 300,000 (ahmadis)." (Haqeeqat-ul-Wahi, Roohani Khazain vol.22 p.123)

"After Plague in the census of 1911, the population of Ahmadis was 18695 - eighteen thousand six hundred and ninety five. The total population of Punjab was 19,579,046 - one crore ninety five lacs seventy nine thousand and forty six. All over India there were forty thousand British Officers." (Extract from Census bokk of 1911 p.169)

In other words, just in the province of Punjab, there were 19,560,000 people remaining who had not accepted Mirza. There were 40,000 British Officers who were all Christians and none had accepted Mirza as the promised messiah or prophet and none of them were afflicted by Plague, though God had clearly told Mirza that:
"This plague will only halt when when people had accepted the Mesenger of God ..... thus my dear! There is no cure for this (plague) except that this Messiah should be accepted whole-heartedly and with sincerity." (Dafe-al-Bala, Roohani Khazain vol.18 p. 9,11)
Respected Ahmadi Brothers!!
Allah always fulfil the promises made to His Prophets. But none of the promises to Mirza were honoured by God. Read again the following promises:
    1. Plague has spread as a Divine Punishment because a Messenger of God (Mirza Saheb) has been rejected.
    2. Plague will not subside until people have accepted the Messenger of God.
    3. Qadian will be absolutely safe from Plague, not a single person will die of this Plague.
    4. Anyone who is suffering from Plague, when he enters Qadian, he is cured of this disease.
    5. In Qadian getting affected by Plague will be a sign of Mirza Ghulam as a Liar.
None of these promises were honoured by Allah. There can be only one explanation for this. The source of these revelations cannot be Allah, The All-Mighty, rather these were satanic inspirations, which means Mirza was not a prophet of Allah, but he was a messenger of satan, the accursed one. Dear Ahmadi brothers! Mirza Ghulam and his preahers are dragging you towards the abyss of hell. I pray that may Allah show you the truth as truth, and gives you the courage to accept it; may Allah show you falsehood as falsehood and gives you the hidayah to denounce it. Ameen. My task is nothing more than to convey the truth to you.
A Challenge to Mirza Tahir - Qadiani Khalifa
Anti Ahmadiyya/Qadiani Movement in Islam Mumbai is constantly challenging Qadiani preachers for a debate on the truth and lies of Mirza Ghulam A Qadiani, the founder of Ahmadiyya Movement. But these preachers are running away from everywhere, lest the fraud of Ahmadiyya is exposed.

My cousin, Latif Ahmad Musa, lives in Qadian and is an important office bearer of Ahmadiyya Jamaat there. According to him, in the eyes of the 4th Khalifa, Mirza Tahir Ahmad Qadiani, in the whole of India there is not a single Qadiani molvi who is capable of debating with us. I have heard that Qadiani Scholar from Pakistan, Dost Mohammed Shahid, is the best Qadiani Debator, whose capabilities have also been appreciated by the Qadiani Khalifa.

Therefore Anti Ahmadiyya/Qadiani Movement Mumbai invites Mr Dost Mohammed Shahid for a debate. Return plane ticket to Mumbai, expences of borading and lodging during the debate will be paid by us. First debate will be on the character of Mirza and his truth or lies. Afterwards we will be ready to debate any issue which Qadianis choose. A video recording will be made of this debate, so that maeimum number of people can benefit from it.

Janab Mirza Tahir Saheb!
You are being given one more chance to stand up to protect the honour of your grandfather and so-called prophet and for once prove his truthfulness. Either youself stand up for this debate or give permission to Dost Mohammed Shahid to debate with us.

Wassalamun 'ala mun ittaba'a al-huda

Ahtesham-ul-Haq Abdul Bari
Anti Ahmadiyya/Qadiani Movement in Islam
Bhola Seth Ki Chawl, Gala No. 15
210 Maulana Azad Road,
Cross Lane, Madanpura,
Mimbai 400008