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Syed Mahfooz Ali
Dr Ahmad Oudeh
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Dr Syed Rashid Ali
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Syed Abdul Hafeez Shah

Born in religious family of Badayoon in UP, India, in 1912. Recieved formal education in his native town. At an early age he revolted from the existing conventional system of education and set about to educate himself in his own style. He travelled extensively and recieved practical training in various disciplines of life by various teachers. This form of open university gave him such an insight which, in his opinion, no amount of formal education can provide.

After the partition of Indian sub-continent, he migrated to Pakistan. Staying for a brief period in Karachi, he settled down in a small village near the town of Thatta, in rural Sindh, where he took up agriculture as a profession to earn his living.

During the last 35-40 years, he has been trying to spread awareness about Islam amongst the local peasants. His main mission in life is to achieve a state of peace and harmony with the Creator, for, he believes, this is the key to all our problems and the prime reason for struggle in life. Firmly believing in the verse of Holy Quran, where Allah categorically states: Verily! In the Remembrance of Allah do Hearts find Peace", he teaches his students how to remember Allah AlMighty in every walk of life. His p hilosophy revolves around this notion that 'Peace is always inside and not outside'. The entire human race is striving to get this peace and it is this quest for peace that is the prime force behind the evolution and progress of our world.

As soon as he settled down, Sain Abdul Hafeez set up a Bait-ul-Mukarram Trust,. Several projects are running under it. Education, Medical Care, Library, a training facility for Small Industries and a Mosque are some of the areas where it is concentrating its efforts.

Syed Abdul Hafeez has travelled widely in and out of Pakistan and lectured to a varied audience to spread the message of Islam. He has authored several books and laeflets, which are distributed free of cost. He is against collecting donations and spends whatever he can spare from his earnings. However, if someone wants to share in these charitable works, he does not deprive them of the oppurtunity.

It was during one of his travels, in 1988, that a copy of the challenge of Mubahila by Mirza Tahir Ahmad, the leader of Qadaini community, was given to him. What infuriated him most was the way Mirza Tahir addressed the entire Muslim Ummah as Kafir and Liars. He decided to take up the challenge. Since then he has been spearheading the Anti Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam. The purpose is two fold:

By the Grace of Allah, Anti Ahmadiyya Movement has achieved remarkable and its literature is being distributed in various parts of the Globe in several languages, thanks to our team of volanteers.
AlHamdollilah, we are free from any obligations to any Governmental and non-Governmental links and have managed the show without any financial assistance.

Allah says: {In tansorullaha yansurkum wa yosabbit aqdamakum} You help Allah and He will help you and steadfast your feet. We have seen the practical demonstration of this. In Allah we trust and from Him alone we seek all help. It is truly an honour from Allah to do this kind of service to Islam. I am sure there are more knowledgable and more resourceful people but Allah gave us this oppurtunity. Fa Al Hamdolillah.

May Allah accept our small half-hearted efforts. May Allah protects the Ummah from all kinds of evils. May Allah bring all qadianis back to the fold of Islam.

Syed Mahfooz Ali

Mr Ali was born in India in 1925. Graduated from Aligarh Muslim University and went on to complete his Engineering degree fro the same institution. Migrated to Pakistan after the partition. Settled in Karachi where he pursued his career in Electrical Engineering. Has been in the Arabian Gulf since early seventies. Mr Ali has been one of the earliest students of Sh Abdul Hafeez and has been responsible for many behind the scenes charity projects.

Dr Ahmad M. Oudeh

Dr Ahmad Oudeh is a Palestinian naturalised in Sweden. He was born in a Qadiani family in a small town of Kababir in Haifa on Mount Karmal, Palestine. He recieved his schooling in Haifa and migrated to Sweden in 1971 for higher studies. He graduated from Stockholm University and obtained his doctrate in Psycholgy. He taught Methods in Stockholm University until he took up his present post as Head Master of a school in 1994.

During his stay he had been the most active member of Ahmadiyya Community in Sweden. In 1977 he was elected as President of the North European Ahmadiyya Students Association and President of Khuddam-al-Ahmadiyya. From 1978 to 1981he was elected as the President of Ahmadiyya Mission in Stockholm. In 1981 he was elected as Member of the Shoura and President of Ahmadiyya Mission in Sweden, a post which he hold until he denounced Ahmadiyyat.

1989 was the turning point in the life of Ahmad and his two brothers. By the Grace of Allah Ahmad, Hasan - the Head of the Arabic Section in London Headquarter, and Saleh - a teacher in an Ahmadiyya School in Kababir, embraced Islam. It was a unique experience and a very painful one, since they had to sacrifice everything for the sake of Imaan (faith). They had to leave behind their parents and other family mambers and give up social and business affiliations. But it was a small price for the faith. Fa AlHamdo lillah 'ala Zalik.
Since embracing Islam in 1989, Dr Ahmad and his brothers are actively engaged in trying to create awareness amongst the Muslims of North Europe and back home in Palestine about the evil and fraudulent designs of Ahmadiyya Movement. Ahmad is specially involved with Anti Ahmadiyya Movement.
May Allah accept their sacrifices and give them the best reward both in this world as well as in the world hereafter Ameen.

And here I am: Dr Syed Rashid Ali

Born in Karachi in 1954, I did my graduation from University of Karachi, obtaining my medical degree from Dow Medical College 'in the examination of 1976 held in 1978'. After internship, I went to UK and completed my post-graduate training and diploma from the Royal College of Physicians of UK. Since 1985 I am employed by the MOH as Internist and HOD of Medicine in one of its Hospitals.
I am a student of Sain Abdul Hafeez from a very early age and I must admit that the insight that he has given to me in matters of life is a inimitable and unparelleled. Seeing him, it is amazing that how a man's wisdom can sharpen without undergoing a traditional and routine process of education. To study human nature and ponder into the signs of Allah, as mentioned in Holy Quran, one can become so astute, it is unbelievable. It is he who made me realise that to serve the humanity, irrespective of caste, co lor or creed is the real M'airaj. I owe everything to him and pray to Allah AlMighty to grant him success in this life and hereafter.
By the Grace of Allah, I have been involved with Anti Ahmadiyya Movement. I consider it an honour bestowed upon me by Allah, otherwise there are much more knowledgable and resourceful people who could have done what I am doing. May Allah accept my humble services in the cause of Islam.

And Others

There are several more Muslims scattered around the globe, who are helping Anti Ahmadiyya Movement and who wish to remain anonymous. There are several reason for this attitude, one of the prime one being to avoid reprisal from qadianis/ahmadis. They have known to cause physical harm to those who are trying to expose their fraud. However, it is through the help of these selfless volunteers, that we have succeded in containing the qadiani onslaught. The services rendered by these friends are invaluable. May Allah reward all those who have contributed in anyway towards the Anti Ahmadiyya cause. May Allah weed out the threat of Ahmadiyyat to Islam.

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