Ahmadiyya Awareness Campaign
19th January 1997
In the name of Allah, the One & Only. His Love and Peace be upon Syedna Muhamaad, after Whom there is no Prophet and upon His Family & Companions
Lo! Those who disbelieve, and die while they are disbelievers; on them is the CURSE of ALLAH and of ANGELS and of the whole MANKIND. (alQuran 2:161)

Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam 1894-1994 100 Years of Sacrilege

Head of Ahmadiyya Movement
Fourth Khalifa & Grandson of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani
Those who Molest Allah and His Apostle, 
Allah has Cursed them in This World and 
in the Hereafter, and has Prepared for them 
a Humiliating Punishment
(al-Quran 33:57)




Is Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani
Founder of Ahmadiyya Movement
A Devout Servant, Admirer,
an Ardent Follower {Aashiq-e-Rasool}?
a Slanderer, Mudslinger,
Disparager, Denigrator &
Defamer {Shatem-e-Rasool}
of Holy Prophet Muhammad ?
We Announce that
Mirza Ghulam A. Qadiani,
the so-called Promised Messiah/Mahdi,
has Committed Worst Blasphemy
against Holy Prophet Muhammad 

Place of Mubahila:
Headquarter of Ahmadiyya Movement, "AlFazl Mosque", 16-18 Gressenhall Road, London SW18.
Date & Time:
According to the convenience of Mirza Tahir Ahmad, any time within 3 Months of the issue of this Challenge (1st May 1995).
Both Parties will take oath on Holy Quran, in the presence of Public and four witnesses from either side.
We will declare on oath that "In the light of his writings Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani has committed Worst Blasphemy against Holy Prophet Mohammed PBUH."
Mirza Tahir Ahmad will, on the other hand, declare that :- "Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani was a true devotee of The Holy Prophet PBUH and has never committed any blasphemy against Rasoolullah pbuh."
After these sworn statements both parties will invoke the wrath of Allah by reciting the following words from Holy Quran:
Dear Mr Self-appointed 4th Khalifa, Mirza Tahir Ahmad !
To protect the Honour and Chastity fo our Holy Prophet Mohammed PBUH we have come out in the field. By escaping from the Last challenge of Mubahila, you have proved that your so-called prophet/mahdi/messiah, Mirza Ghulam A. Qadiani was a Perfect Hypocrite. We are now giving you another chance to restore the honour of your grandfather and your "Promised Messiah". If you are his true Khalifa and consider him truthful in his various claims, then have courage and come out to face this challenge of Mubahila, to protect his name and honour.
Let me remind you that to sit face to face for mubahila, after fixing the time and place, is not only the Sunnah of my Holy Prophet Mohammed PBUH, but also the way of your so-called Prophet. Mirza Qadiani says:
Remember Mirza Tahir! Avoiding this mubahila, on any pretext, will once again prove that the stories of Mirza Ghulam A. Qadiani's love and devotion towards Holy Prophet PBUH are all fake and are circulated to decieve ignorant qadiani masses so that in the name of Islam, their hard earned cash can sustain the Qadiani Royal Family and Ahmadiyya Religio-Political Trading Corporation can continue its anti-Islamic activities.
Love of Holy Prophet Mohammed  is the most precious possession of any Muslim. He whose heart is devoid of such love, his faith is incomplete. True faithful is the one who holds Holy Prophet Mohammed PBUH dearer than his life, his children, his parents and all his worldly possessions. It is by virtue of this love that even a most impious person will not tolerate a bad remark for The Holy Prophet . Whenever any Rajpal has uttered impieties against The Prophet PBUH, Allah has sent some Ghazi Alam Deen Shaheed. Unislamic forces, on the other hand, have always given protection to such rogues. Salman Rushdi and Tasleema Nasrin are starking examples. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani, founder of Ahmadiyya Movement, was also another such character who florished under the benevolent patronage of British Raj in India. His whole life was spent to safegaurd the interests of his masters, committing blasphemies against the Holy Prophet , His Descendents, His Companions and against All Prophets. His writings provide ample proof of such sacrileges. For instance, he says:
Mirza Tahir !
Do you still deny that Mirza Ghulam A Qadiani did not commit blasphemy against the Prophet of Islam? If so, come let us do this MUBAHILA and decided once and for all.

Salaam on those who follow the right path

Dr. Syed Rashid Ali
POBox 11560
Dibba Fujairah
United Arab Emirates

PS: Mirza Tahir or his office did not even acknowledge the reciept of this Mubahila. They kept quiet despite repeated reminders. ....... Rashid 5th Nov 1998.