Ahmadiyya Awareness Campaign
14th August 1997
A Golden Jubilee Presentation of Al-Fatwa International

Religious Terrorism!

Who is the Real Culprit?

Pakistan is passing through a worst crisis of its history. At this point in time, with Golden Jubilee celebrations going on, various issues as well as internal and external enemies are threatening the very existence of this God-gifted country which came into being in the name of Islam and sacrifices of thousands and thousands of lives. At no time in history had Pakistan gone through such crisis. The problem that is being highlighted in this article has worried and distressed masses and authorities alike. Everyday in the newspapers we read reports of acts of 'Religious Terrorism' being committed by unknown assailants, who suddenly arrive on the scene, usually places of worship, fire indiscriminately and disappear. Many innocent people have thus succumbed to such attacks. Opposing religious groups are being blamed for these crimes.

Question is: Can any sensible Muslim be so insensitive to kill innocent persons?

Somewhere behind these acts of terrorism, definitely there are other factors also operating. We have noticed that as a result of this wave of terrorism, internal as well as Foreign anti-Islamic forces have seized the opportunity, on the one hand, to use religious organizations for their nefarious designs and on the other, to put the blame of these terrorist acts squarely on them. Several birds are being killed with one stone. Public and authorities are being pitched against religious organizations, their activities are being clamped, basic and ideological differences are being played down and religious organizations are pushed underground. Has anyone thought whose hands are operating behind such activities?

In the following lines I will try to show you another possible face of this terrorism, which may perhaps be the rel culprit.

Anti-Islamic and anti-State activities of Qadianis/Ahmadis are well known. They have special avulsion and hatred for Pakistan, its people and its religious scholars/Institutions, whom they disparagingly call 'MULLAN'. It was the people of this country who have affixed such a seal of infidelity and KUFR on their foreheads that it doesn't come out no matter how hard they try. This curse of infidelity and kufr follows them wherever they go. The historical decision of the National Assembly of Government of Pakistan in 1974 and then the further amendments of 1984 has been a sort of nail in their coffins. Thus the evil designs of anti-Islamic forces and their 5th columnist, the Ahmadiyya Movement, have been quashed. With a stroke of pen, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani, his followers (qadiani/ahmadi/lahori/mirzai) and all other past and future claimants of prophethood after the Holy Prophet Muhammad SAAW have been declared out of the fold of Islam. Other Muslim nations followed suit and today followers of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad cannot enter the Holy cities of Makkah and Madina Munawwarah, except by deception.

Qadiani creed does not let go of any opportunity to harm Pakistan and its people. Examples of such revengeful attitude are all over. Their relentless anti-Pakistan propaganda, false publicity of child labor or concocted cases of persecution of minorities at various international forums has seriously jeopardized the trade of Carpets, Surgical instruments, Sports goods. On several occasions, Qadiani spies have tried to steal the secrets of nuclear facility at Kahota. These are just a few examples of this Qadiani policy.

There is no doubt that there are hidden hands behind the recent wave of Religious Terrorism in Pakistan. I have a strong suspicion that Qadianis/Ahmadis are behind these killings. In their eyes, we the Pakistani Muslims are their foremost enemy. Hence killing Muslims, specially the ones who are responsible for their indictment as KAAFIR, is not a sin. Further proof of such an involvement in so-called Religious Terrorism comes from the statement of Mirza Tahir Ahmad, which appeared in a recent issue of Al-Fazl International published at 16-18 Gressenhall Road London SW18.

Its headline reads:

God's destiny has moved and Heaven will surely exhibit a sign
Today not one Lekhram, but hundreds and thousands of Lekhram have been born
This is the year of Slaughtering of Lekhram and the year of Utilization of God's dagger

(Friday Khutba of Mirza Tahir Ahmad at Islamabad in Tilford UK, dated 18th April 1997. AlFazl International, 6th June 1997, 23 Edition, vol. 4)

Perhaps most of the readers are not aware of the history of Lekhram. I will briefly relate this story here. Lekhram was a young Hindu Pandit (priest) who came to Qadian when Mirza announced that anyone who wants to see the truthfulness of Islam and his divinely-ordained powers, should come and stay with him for one year, during which time he will definitely see some sign !! If no sign is exhibited during this period, then Mirza will admit his failure and pay a penalty. Several people responded to this offer and Lekhram was one of them. Lekhram came and stayed in Qadian for some time and demanded for a miracle or a sign to be shown. However not unexpectedly, Mirza was unable to fulfil this demand. Every day he used to come to Mirza's house demanding the sign and everyday Mirza's failure gave Lekhram a chance to ridicule his powers, Islam and the Prophet of Islam.

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad wrote:

(Roohani Khazain vol.23 p.177) (Roohani Khazain vol.13 p.407-408)

Amazing that this so-called divinely-ordained reformer of Islam, who claimed to be inebriated with the love of Holy Prophet , an 'Aashiq-e-Rasool', even Lekhram's unfettered mockery and caustic attack on the Prophet of Islam failed to arouse his GHAIRAT. If he were a true prophet of God, truly delegated by All-Mighty, such occasions would have compelled him to exhibit some sign, some miracle, to prove the truthfulness of Islam and thus protect the honour of Holy Prophet. But he knew the truth behind his claims, he knew that he can never show any signs, so all he tried was to defuse the outrage felt by Muslims.

However these daily visitations by Lekhram were a source of great embarrassment for Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and were spoiling his image. He declared that he prayed repeatedly to God for a sign, and finally he was told on 2nd April 1893 that Lekhram would be killed:

Mirza prophesied the murder of Lekhram in 1893 and SIX years later, on 6th March 1897 he was stabbed to death by a knife in abdomen. Triumphantly, this Egotistical Messiah of Qadian published the photograph of Lekhram's dead body in Haqeeqat-ul-Wahi, Roohani Khazain vol.22 p.306, an act quite befitting his character.

Click here for this photograph.

Mirza Tahir Ahmad recounts these events in his Juma Speech of 18th April 1997:

[Doesn't it sound like a well hatched plan? Why should an angel stay in Lekhram's house in the guise of an Arya? He could have come and go any time. Does it not ring a bell? Are we not witnessing such incidents happening on a much larger scale?]

Mirza Tahir continues:

(Friday Khutba of Mirza Tahir Ahmad at Islamabad in Tilford UK, dated 18th April 1997. AlFazl International, 6th June 1997, 23 Edition, vol. 4)

The context of this whole story with reference to the present state of affairs in Pakistan and its implications are quite obvious. In the eyes of Mirza Tahir Ahmad, Lekhrams of today, not one but thousands and thousands of them, are those Muslims who are against the False Prophethood of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. What a shameful statement that he considers all 1.2 Billion Muslims as Lekhrams of today and as such prays and encourage his followers too, to pray for their carnage. And who knows, someone in the Qadiani Hierarchy might have planned it as well. In the light of his statement it is obvious that the present wave of killings in various parts of the country are not sectarian violence, as the propagandists/media would have us believe. It is once again a very calculated move, as the speech of Mirza Tahir indicates. It seems that once again Qadianis/Ahmadis are playing in the hands of enemies of State and Religion. These fifth columnists are once playing with lives and blood of innocent Muslims. Their prayers indicate their intentions. Let us not forget the Qadiani Belief that: ALL THOSE WHO DO NOT BELIEVE IN THE PROPHETHOOD OF MIRZA GHULAM AHMAD QADIANI ARE KAAFIR, HELLISH, BASTARDS and OUT of the FOLD of ISLAM. Hence killing Muslims, especially the ones who are responsible for the indictment of KUFR against them, is to be desired, prayed and practiced.

We appeal to the Muslim Ummah to forge unity in their ranks, to fight both the internal and external enemies. We appeal to the concerned authorities to examine the problem of terrorism in the light of above information. May Allah protect Pakistan and its people from the conspiracies of hidden and open enemies of Islam. Ameen (for the sake of his Merciful Prophet )

Wassalamo alaikum

Dr Syed Rashid Ali
PO Box 11560
Dibba al-Fujairah United Arab Emirates