Quranic Solution for any kind of Problem

Dear Brothers/Sisters in Islam
Assalamo alaikum wr wb

Have you reached the end of your wits? Are you stuck? You do not know what to do?
Here is the solution for those who believe.

Recite this verse of Holy Quran, as much as you can, with or without wudhu, while walking, sitting, travelling, lying. InshaAllah there is no problem in life that is beyond Allah's knoweldge. He loves His servants 70 times more than any mother can love her child. Will she ever see you suffering? So how can Allah? Everything He does is for our good for this world as well as for hereafter, a blessing in disguise, it is just that we do not understand His scheme of things. If only we can let Him decide what is good for us, rather than dictating what we want. That, dear brother, is the problem. We want Allah to do as we please, and not as Allah please.

Allah be with you.

Dr. Rashid

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