Bismillah Ar-Rehman Ar-Raheem

Anti Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam

1st Rabiul Awwal 1430

February 24, 2009


"Woe, then, unto those who write down the book, with their own hands,

and then say. "This is from Allah," in order to buy a trifling gain thereby;

woe, then, unto them for what their hands have written,

and woe unto them for all that they may have gained!"

(Quran 2:79)


“But if he asks money, he is a false prophet” (Didache 11:9, The Teachings of Twelve Apostles.)


"God's Chosen ones, who come from Heavens, they have a bond of trading with their Jamaat.

They take their temporary wealth and make them heir of eternal wealth..." Mirza Qadiani


It is all about money, stupid!

Mirza Ghulam A Qadiani - Prophet or Profit?

Jamaat Ahmadiyya - Prophetic Movement or a Religious Trading Corporation?



(Since Jamaat has not translated the books of Mirza for reasons best known to them, all quotations below are translated by me. I have endeavored to keep it according to the original text, and believe me it was a gargantuan task to navigate through the maze of repetitive circumlocutions of his writings - Rashid)


In the history of revealed Religions and Prophets, you will not find a single example, from Hazrat Adam AS right down to Holy Prophet Muhammad SAAW, who sold the revelation for a worldly price. In fact Holy Quran is replete with examples whereby Prophets of Allah while conveying the message of Allah have repeatedly said:

"And, O my people, no benefit do I ask of you for this [message]: my reward rests with none but Allah. (Al-Quran, Hud 11:29)

Say: “No reward have I ever asked of you [out of anything] that is yours: my reward rests with none but Allah, and He is witness unto everything!” (Al-Quran, Saba 34:47)

True Prophets of Allah encouraged their followers to spend in the way of Allah, to give alms and charity to the poor and needy but never ask anything for themselves in return for conveying the message of Allah. And there had been no exception to this rule, not in the history of Prophets of Allah. They had exemplary characters.

However if you look at the history of false prophets and imposters it is all about money and worldly gains. In the present article I will try to show you how Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani and his Jamaat is no exception to this rule. Other religious leaders of various religions like mullahs, priests, pundits, rabbis may also be doing this trading but that is not the focus of this article, they never claimed to be Prophets. Prophets do not sell the Word of Allah. Those who do, are imposters and there is grave admonition in Holy Quran and other Holy Scriptures for such people.


Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani (MGAQ) claims to be Prophet of God


"I swear upon God in whose hands is my life, He has sent me, He only has named me prophet and He only has sent me as Promised Messiah." (Tatumma Haqeeqatul Wahi, Roohani Khazain vol.22 p.503)

"True God is that God who has sent His Prophet in Qadian." (Dafa al-Bala p.11, Roohani Khazain vol.18 p.231)

MGAQ revelations are from God

"And as I believe in the verses of Holy Quran, likewise without the slightest difference i believe in that revelation of God that has come to me ..... And I can stand in Khana Ka'aba and swear that that pious revelation which comes to me, is the word of the same God who had sent His revelations on Moses and Jesus and Hazrat Muhammad SallAllaho alaihe wassalm." (Aik Ghaltee kaa Izala p.6, Roohani Khazain vol.18 p. 210)

"I swear upon God I believe in these inspirations in similar manner as on Holy Quran and other Books from God, and just as I consider Holy Quran definitely and absolutely word of God, likewise I believe that that revelation that descends on me is the word of God." (Haqeeqat-ul-Wahi p.211, Roohani Khazain vol.22 p.220)

"I believe in my WAHI as I believe in Quran and Torah." (Roohani Khazain vol.17 p.454)

MGAQ claims whatever he says and do is transpired from God

'Kullama qulto qulto min amrahoo, wa maa fa'alto un amree, wa maa aftaraito 'alaa Rabbi al'Alaa' - Whatever I have said, I have said it with His (God) commandment and I have not done anything of my own desire and I have not fabricated anything on my Lord.” (Mawahibur Rehman p 3, Roohani Khazain vol.19 p.221)

‘wa maa unteqo unil hawa in howa illa wahun yooha' - he does not say anything of his own volition, rather whatever you hear it is the revelation of God." (Arba'een No. 3, Roohani Khazain vol.17, p. 426-427)

MGAQ never makes a mistake

“Without doubt God never leaves me with a mistake, even for the duration of blink of the eye; and He protects me from every mistake and protects me from the ways of satans.” (Nur ul Haq Last page, Roohani Khazain vol. 8 p 372)

From the above quotations following conclusions can be drawn that according to MGAQ:


Family Background & Early Life of MGAQ


Before we look into Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani's conduct after he started claiming a divinely ordained status, it is better to look into his family background to understand why he longed for monetary benefits. He belonged to a landlord family who were loyal British subjects for generations. However the family earnings had been dwindling until the time of MGAQ it ceased completely. So money was always a source of worry for him.

"In the early period of Sikhs, my great grandfather, Mirza Gul Mohammed, was renowned and famous chief in this area. ... during the time of my grandfather ... great destruction descended on my ancestors .. then during the final days of the reign of Ranjit Singh, my late father, Mirza Ghulam Murtaza, came back to Qadian, and he got 5 villages back from the properties of his father ... still being an old family, my father Mirza Ghulam Murtaza, was a famous chief in this area." (Kitab ul Bariyah, Roohani Khazain vol.  vol.13 p. 175-176)

"In short, the conditions of our lands declined day by day, until finally we reached a stage when my family became a low grade land lord." (Tohfa-e-Qaiseriya, Roohani Khazain vol.12 p.271)

"After that when British came, they confiscated our family lands, and fixed annual honorary pension of Rs. 700 which was reduced to Rs. 180 at the death of my grandfather and then at the death of my uncle it was stopped altogether." (Seerat-ul-Mahdi part 1 narration no. 48, by Mirza Basheer Ahmad s/o Mirza Ghulam Qadiani)

Behavior of Prophet - MGAQ's character in early life:

"Mother (wife of Mirza) told me (son of Mirza) that once during his youth Hazrat Maseeh Mowood (Mirza Qadiani) went to collect the pension of my grandfather, then Mirza Imamdin went after him. When he (Mirza) received the pension, he (Imamdin) enticed him (Mirza) and instead of Qadian took him away, and took him here and there. Then when he (Mirza) had squandered all the money, he (Imamdin) left him and went away." (Seerat ul Mahdi part 1 narration no. 49, by Mirza Basheer Ahmad son of Mirza Qadiani)

MGAQ went to Sialkot and took up a clerical job for a meager salary. This of course was not what he wanted with his life. Belonging to a landlord family, he longed for a comfortable life style. He was constantly worried about money matters. So much so that when he received the first inspiration supposedly from God, he had nothing on his mind except worldly comforts:

"When I received the revelation foretelling the death of my father, human weakness made me think that since some of the sources of the income of our family would cease with my father's death, we might be put in trouble" (Mirza Ghulam quoted in "The Founder of the Ahmadiyya Movement", by Muhammad Ali, p. 7; also see Roohani Khazain vol.13 p.194)

While in Sialkot, he visited a holy man to request for prayers:

"During his early days, Mirza Saheb went to Amritsar, and met a saint, Molvi Abdullah Ghaznawi. Mirza requested: I was employed in the court of Sialkot on a meager salary. Since it was difficult to survive on such meager salary, I prepared in the law exam but failed. Molvi Saheb asked him: What is your intention now? Mirza Saheb said: Now I do not have any intention of working, I want to just survive on Tawakkul (trust in God, that God will fulfill his needs). I request you to pray for Rujoo'at and Futoohaat for me. Please make a prayer for me." (Messiah of 14th Century p. 48)

(Rujoo'at is a term whereby a person wishes that people will get attracted towards him, and Futoohaat is the term which means that these people will bring gifts in cash and kind for him.)

So now we know that Mirza wanted an easy life with easy money. Knowing the mentally of Indian Muslims, that wasn't a very difficult thing to do. All he had to do was to establish his credentials as a divinely-ordained religious personality and ignorant followers will do the rest. Indian Subcontinent was ruled by Muslims for 1000 years (that is how Mirza's great grandfather ended up in India). British usurped the power from the Muslims and with that came the onslaught of Christian and Hindu Missionaries. Mirza saw a chance to establish his credentials. He introduced himself as a servant of Islam and started challenging them for debates. What was the result of such debates is beyond the scope of this article, suffice to say that it made him famous and he started having a gathering, many of them ignorant villagers. As expected no one bothered to find out whether or not he ever succeeded in such debates, it was enough that their leader is challenging the enemies of Islam. He announced that he is an appointee of God and he is going to write a book called Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya in several volumes to prove the truthfulness of Islam. This was supposed to be a book of God, a collection of revelations (as announced by MGAQ later), yet Mirza had no qualms about selling it. But before we go into the MGAQ's enterprise, let us look at the socio-economic conditions of India during the late 19th Century to comprehend what price was he asking from people.


Socio-economic Conditions of India in 1880-1900


During the time (1880) when MGAQ was selling his book for Rs.5 or 10 or 25, let us have a look at the socio-economic conditions of ordinary Indians (Muslims and non-Muslims). Most were agricultural laborers or agricultural servants (who served their masters till death passing on the legacy to their offsprings). According to the statistics available on Internet:


Word of God - Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya - sold for cash

MGAQ claimed that Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya is the word of God. Open Majmooa-e-Ishtihaaraat (Collection of Advertisements) vol.1 of MGAQ and you will discover that first 18 advertisements given during the years that he published 4 volumes of this book are concerning appeals to Muslims to donate money or seeking advance payment from prospective buyers. He constantly lamented about the lack of response from the Muslims. At one point he even criticized those who spend money on building mosques and not sending him money to publish this book.

"To publish such a huge book is very difficult without the help of Muslim brothers. And the reward to help in such an important project is not hidden from even an ordinary Muslim. Therefore it is requested from the faithful brothers that they should participate in this good work and help in its publication. If rich people give just one day expenditure of their kitchen, this book will be printed easily, otherwise this shining moon will remain hidden. Or else, all such persons who can afford, with the intention of purchasing the book, send Rs. 5 with their applications to me. As the book is published, it will be posted to them." (Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.1 pp.11-12, Advertisement dated May 1879)

While he was asking for Rs. 5 from fellow Muslims, his own assets were worth Rs. 10,000. Rs.1 in 1880 was equal to Rs.15000 in 2008. This means that by today's standards MGAQ was a multimillionaire and yet he was asking Rs.75,000 in advance for the books, trying to make people believe that he was selling it dirt cheap!! He wrote in the same advertisement:

"Anyone who will refute the proofs given in this book .....I will give up all my assets worth Rs. 10,000 and hand over to him everything." (Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.1 pp.11-12, Advertisement dated May 1879)

In December 1879 he raised the price to Rs.10 for the new buyers, although the book had still not been published.

In 1880 he announced that for non-Muslims there won't be any discount in the price, they will be charged Rs.20 !!

In 1882 he announced that Rs.10 is for ordinary Muslims, but Rs.25 for rich Muslims and non-Muslims

He complained:

"The actual price of this book is Rs.100 but instead Rs.10 or Rs.25 was the price that was fixed. Thus if this meager price is also not paid by Muslims in advance then as if they are trying to prevent this task (of proving the truthfulness of Islam)." (Advertisement dated 1882, Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.1 p. 35)

How can a person who earns a fraction of a rupee per day to feed his family pay Rs.5 for Braheen? Yet MGAQ seemed totally indifferent to the plight of ordinary man. He fixed the price of Rs.10 for ordinary Muslims and Rs.25 for non-Muslims. With an annual devaluation of 6-8% in currency, Rs.10 back in 1880 was equivalent to Rs.150,000 in 2008 and Rs.25 is same as Rs.375,000 today. Was he really trying to do a service to Islam and convey its truthfulness to non-Muslims!!!

Mirza Laments about lack of response:

As the response of Muslims in purchasing this book was not according to MGAQ's expectations, with the passage of time his tone started changing.

"It should be known to my Religious Brothers and Honorable Mannered and Supporters of Religion of Islam and the Followers of Sunnah of Prophet (SAAW) that this humble self has compiled such a book on truthfulness of Quran and the truthfulness of Islam that after reading it the seeker of the truth will have no choice but to embrace Islam ....... to publish such a huge book is very difficult without the help of Muslim brothers. And the reward to help in such an important project is not hidden from even an ordinary Muslim. Therefore it is requested from the faithful brothers that they should participate in this good work and help in its publication. If rich people give just one day expenditure of their kitchen, this book will be printed easily, otherwise this shining moon will remain hidden. Or else, all such persons who can afford, with the intention of purchasing the book, send Rs. 5 with their applications to me. As the book is published, it will be posted to them." (Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.1 pp.10-12, Advertisement dated May 1879)

"....the beautiful script and writing and fine paper etc. necessities and care with which this book will be published, the real value of this book was not less than Rs.20. But only on the hope of and with a view that certain rich and ambitious Muslims will pay full attention and thus the loss incurred due to low price would be compensated, price was fixed at Rs.5 only. But this did not happen and I have also grown tired of waiting....." (Advertisement dated 3rd Dec. 1879, Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.1 p. 13)

"... now the real cost of the book is Rs.100 and instead Rs.10 or 25 was fixed. Thus even this small amount if Muslims do not pay in advance then as if they are obstructing this task from fulfilling...." (Advertisement dated 1882 in Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya part 3, Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.1 p. 34)

".... Alas! Many among the Muslims have forgotten this blessed principle and  such basic great (task) on which the development and elevation of religion was dependent, have totally abandoned it and other nations whose holy scriptures do not instruct them on this issue, out of their hearty actions to promote their religion enthusiastically, practicing the subject of 'assist'...." (Advertisement dated 1880 in Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya part 2, Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.1 p. 36)

"Although there is a big group of Muslims in this country Hindustan and some of them are well-off and well-heeled, except for a small group (of rich, ministers and office-bearers), most are coward, closed-hearted and miser in participating in good deeds, their thoughts are just limited to their carnal desires and their minds are putrid with worthless self-sufficiency. These people do not consider religion and requirements of religion as an entity. Yes on the occasion of their name and honour they are ready to squander away their entire household." (Advertisement dated 1880 in Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya part 2, Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.1 p. 36)

"Purely for religion, ambitious Muslims (like My Lord and My Master Hazrat Khalifa Syed Mohammed Hasan Khan Saheb Bahadur, Prime Minister, Patiala) are so few that there is no need to count them on fingers." (Advertisement dated 1880 in Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya part 2, Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.1 p. 36)

 ".... certain people even if they spend on religious matters, they do so in ritualistic manner, not actually with the intention of completing some requirement. For instance, seeing someone making a mosque, another one who is his opponent will also make a mosque in competition and whether it is really needed or not, but he spends thousands of rupees. Nobody thinks that in this age most important is to publish the religious knowledge, and they do not realize that if people will not remain religious who will pray in these mosques; they want the strength and growth of religion only with strong and tall minarets of stones, and only with beautifully calligraphic marbles they want the beauty of their religion ...... like Jews want to become only superficial observers. Neither they perform the obligations of religions appropriately, nor they know how to perform it, nor do they care about knowing it." (Advertisement dated 1880 in Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya part 2, Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.1 p. 36-37)

"Although this is admitted that our nation spend uncountable amount on so-called charities and alms but alas many people do not what is the real good deed and in the distribution of money they do not observe what is better and appropriate place (to spend), and blindly keep on spending inappropriately. And when they have exhausted all their hearty desires on spending at such unsuitable places, then on the occasion of real obligation they are incapable to spend....... this is the character of those in whom because of truth of spirit does not excite the power of benevolence and beneficence, rather only with their own greed; for instance after getting old in old age the desire arises to get an excuse of getting ease in the hereafter by making a mosque and getting a constructed house in paradise. And their empathy for real good deed is such that if the entire boat of Religion sinks in front of their eyes or the entire religion is destroyed at once, yet their heart does not move a bit and they don't care about the religion remaining or vanishing. If they have the pain, it is for the world, if anguish it is for the world, if love it is for the world, if they trade it is for the world, and world also as other nations have it they do not possess." (Advertisement dated 1880 in Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya part 2, Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.1 p. 37-38)

"Since this (book) was a GREAT VICTORY on opponents of Islam and the goal of the heart and life of believers, therefore I had great trust on the ambitions of Rich people of Islam that they will greatly value such astounding book and whatever hardships are coming in the way of publishing such a book, they would whole-heartedly pay attention in removing them, but what can we say and what can we write, and what can we write. Allah is the helper and Allah is better and will remain. (This is what happens when one is looking at the pockets of people rather than having trust in Allah - Rashid) (Advertisement dated 1880 in Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya part 2, Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.1 p. 38)

"150 copies of first part that had been published, I had sent them to BIG AMEERS and RICH PEOPLE and LORDS and it was hoped that the courageous rich people will send the price of book (which is very small) in advance ..... but except for one or two there was silence from everyone." (Advertisement dated 1880 in Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya part 2, Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.1 p. 38)

"Arya Nation (Hindus) are so ambitious and motivated and united nation that on a trivial matter which has no basis in their religion they get united and thousands of rupees are collected in no time. Thus such a nation which can unite ambitious and get motivated on useless matter, one can imagine what they would do for some grand matter. Apathetic Muslims should bury themselves alive. If they do not have love for God and Prophet why do they claim Islam. Is this Islam that they spend unlimited amount on wicked (Khabees) things and following their carnal desires and with the intention of upholding their honour, and spending not even a single penny on the love of God and Prophet and sympathy..." (Advertisement dated 1880 in Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya part 2, Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.1 p. 51)

"Most Muslim ameers (rich men) considers that religion is such a thing which needs help from poor people and rich are exempted from it, who should not even share this burden." (Advertisement dated 1880 in Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya part 2, Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.1 p. 51)

"Although I had advertised that because of the increase in volume of the book, price of Rs.100 is appropriate so that those who can afford it will act accordingly, since it was sold to the poor for only Rs.10 ...... but except for 7/ 8 persons everyone entered the fold of poor ..." (Advertisement dated 1880 in Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya part 2, Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.1 p. 51)

"Miser and stasher Muslims who are known by big titles and names and like Qaroon are stashing away lot of money ..... " (Advertisement dated 1880 in Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya part 2, Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.1 p. 52)

Finally when MGAQ realised that he will not get any more out of people's pocket for Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya, he decided to call it a day. Despite receiving advance payment for 50 volumes from many prospective buyers, he stopped publishing the book and very conveniently forgot that he had claimed that he had been commissioned by God to write this book. Why? Because he realised that for the next 20 years he would be just publishing Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya and distributing it without any financial remunerations. Despite what he claimed, service to Islam was not his aim. He wanted money. When the buyers protested, he published an 8 page advertisement after 10 years, 1st May 1893, entitled 'Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya and its Buyers. Here are some excerpts:

"....this is true that during these 10 years many buyers have passed away from this world and many have lost hope after a long wait, but it should be observed with fairness that were they totally deprived of looking at the book? Did they not see 36 chapters of this book full of truth and wisdom? And this should also be considered that how difficult it is to face the whole world and how much difficulties we are facing? ..... apart from this such skeptic buyers if they want they can also think that are they totally deprived of the book after taking Rs.5 or 10 from them?.... although this is a fact that there has been an unusual delay in delivering the rest of the book, but it is also extreme cruelty from some of the buyers that they did not value this amazing book ..... I know very well that those who have objected about me that I have misappropriated their money and the rest of the book has not been delivered so far, they have never read the book Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya with interest and fairness. If they had they would have admitted that they have eaten more fruit of Braheen and have earned more than worth their money ..... I am saddened by the condition of Muslims that against their Rs.5 or 10 receiving 36 chapters of such a book which is full of Islamic wisdom, they are active in such slandering and using foul-language as if their money has been stolen by a thief or they have been robbed and they have been robbed in such a merciless manner that nothing has been given to them ..... " (Advertisement dated 1 May 1983, Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.1 p. 400-407)

It is a long advertisement worth reading. He kept boasting about his own heroic efforts in writing 4 volumes and blaming people for not admiring it. At no point it occurred to this so-called appointee of God that the least he could do is at least apologise to his buyers for breaking his promise. He published the 5th volume after 23 years and, adding insult to the injury, this is what he wrote in its preface:

"Initially the intention was to write 50 volumes, but from 50 I was content to write 5 and since the difference between 50 and 5 is a mere dot (zero is written as a dot in Urdu - Rashid) therefore with 5 volumes my promise is fulfilled." (Preface to Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya, vol.5 p.9, Roohani Khazain vol.21)

By the time he published 4th volume of Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya he had attracted a good gathering of affluent people and government employees, he was sure that there would be no problem in receiving FUTOOHAAT. He thus started writing other books and selling them.



MGAQ started writing and selling other 'books of God'

"Since Risala Siraj-e-Muneer, which will consist of prophecies, will be published at the cost of Rs.1400, therefore before its publication applications from the buyers must be received so that there won't be problems later. Price of this booklet would be Rs.1 plus postage." (Roohani Khazain vol.2 p.324. Sab'a Ishtehaar.)

"This tract 'Kuhul al-Jawahir Surma Chasm Aarya' after printing with great care its price has been fixed as Rs.1 and 12 annas for common men and special people and those who can afford it, whatever they will offer as help...." (Advertisement dated Sept 1886 Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.1 p. 132)

"One excellent book entitled 'Shuhnah Haq' in which the truth about Vedic philosophy and Arya religion has been exposed clearly and suffeciently, is already printed. Its price is fixed at 12 annas excluding postage." (Advertisement undated, Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.1 p. 136)

"I have written a detailed book entitled 'Izala-e-Auham', which is ready after printing ..... and its price is only Rs.3.... buyers of Izala-e-Auham should note that I am staying in Bazaar Billee-Maaraan, House of Nawab Loharo and the copies of Izala-e-Auham are available with me. Anyone who will pay Rs. 3 can purchase this book... " (Advertisement dated 2 Oct 1891, Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.1 p. 233-236)

"This book (Izala-e-Auham) can be had from me and Punjab Press Sialkot by VP post." (Advertisement undated, Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.1 p. 266)

"Let it be known that my book Izala-e-Auham is available here in Patiala from Mir Nasir Nawab, Cartographer, Canal Department, Sirhind." (Advertisement while visiting Patiala, dated 31 Oct 1891, Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.1 p. 269)

"Since during the printing of the book Izala-e-Auham more than the usual amount has been spent and money is needed to clear the dues of owner of the press and the clerk therefore all sincere friends are requested to help as much as they can by purchasing this book quickly. Those who can buy few copies, instead of one copy they should purchase as many copies as they have God-given power..." (Advertisement undated, Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.1 p. 287)

"My brother Mukarram Molvi Nuruddin Saheb, Doctor of Riyasat Jammu, fresh help in which he has sent few notes (currency) now is worth mentioning ..... likewise my brother Mukarram Hakeem Fazal Din Saheb apart from that Rs.300 which he had sent earlier, now he has said Rs. 100 more. It is a thing of great joy that Hakeem Fazal Din has become so coloured with the colour of his master Hakeem Nuruddin that as a sacrifice he ambitiously performs such acts of good deeds; thus these Rs.100 he has sent after selling some jewelry..." (Advertisement undated, Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.1 p. 287-288)

"With great sincerity My brother Molvi Mardan Ali .... My brother Molvi Zahoor Ali Saheb and Molvi Ghazanfer Ali Saheb has accepted to give Rs.10 donation every month and have sent Rs. 72 as help....(Advertisement undated, Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.1 p. 288)

"On all sincere people, who had taken oath of allegiance (ba'ait) with me, it should be clear that the purpose of taking this ba'aith is that the love of dunya is reduced and love of God and Prophet SAAW dominates in the heart and such detachment develops that road to hereafter does not seem abhorrent..... (and more money is given to Mirza - Rashid)...." (Advertisement undated, Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.1 p. 302)

"I have few copies of Risala Fateh Islam and Tauzeeh-e-Maram whose price is Rs.1 and few copies of book Izala-e-Auham whose price is Rs.3 per copy." (Advertisement undated, Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.1 p. 304)

"After publication of this tract which is called Nishan-e-Aasmani, tract Dafe-al-Wasawis will be printed and after that without delay tract Hayat-un-Nabi wa Mamaat -al-Maseeh will be printed ..... and after that without delay Braheen Ahmadiyya part 5 ...... but to maintain this system (of publication) I consider it appropriate that every tract that I publish my well off friends should help me wholeheartedly by purchasing it, in such a manner that they purchase one or more copies .....

If in my Jamaat there are people on whom zakaat is obligatory because of their property and wealth and jewelry etc. then they should understand that at present no one is poor and orphan and helpless as Religion of Islam .... therefore give zakaat in helping religion, buy books from zakaat and distribute freely....and there are my other books apart from these tracts that are also very useful ...." (Advertisement dated 28 May 1892, Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.1 p. 325) 

"Aina-e-Kamaalaat-e-Islam .... putting my tawakkul on God I have started printing 1400 copies of this book ..... only Rs. 1 is the price fixed for this book but the postage is extra .... brothers! today is the day when the prayers of poor, knowledge of scholars and the wealth of prosperous people should be spent on exhibiting the honor of Islam ..... So get up and do some service because worldly life is only few days and ultimately we have to face God..... if now and in this age some prosperous person wake up from his slumber, then this is such a blessed occasion to please God and Prophet SAAW. " (Advertisement dated 10 August 1892, Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.1 p. 333-336)

"O Jamaat of Mukhliseen .... we desperately want three things .... 1. we must have two printing presses, 2. good handwriting clerk and 3. paper. For all three it is estimated that Rs.250 will be required monthly. ...... now soon and very quickly all friends should participate in this donation campaign which should always reach monthly on a fixed date.." (Advertisement undated, Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.1 p. 367)

"Aina-e-Kamalaat-e-Islam consists of nearly 600 pages, good quality paper, nicely written and price is Rs.2, postage is extra and this is only part 1and part 2 will be printed separately and its price will be separate ..... if the buyer does not like this book then I accept that send the book back and I will return their money without delay but with the condition that book is returned within two weeks and there are no hand marks or stains on it...." (Advertisement undated, Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.1 p. 369-370)

"Read this carefully as there is gladtidings in it for you.

To, The Rulers, Noblemen, Well-to-do People, Government and Highly Placed Officials

O Leaders of Islam! May God create in your heart good intentions more than anyone else and in these delicate times make you the true servant of Islam. I am giving you this important information only for the sake of Allah that God has appointed me at the head of this 14th century and sent me to rejuvenate Islam .....

I am doing this work for 10 years but since many of those things which are required for propagating Islam necessitate having financial assistance, therefore I felt compelled as tabligh to inform you, so listen .......

firstly for such big schemes there are no finances, and even if with the help of some ambitious men of deen some book is published .... except for few copies it is not sold, most copies are either locked in cases for years or are distributed freely for Allah's sake ...

although Jamaat is growing but still there is no such well-off person with us who will take the major responsibility of service of religion. And since I have been appointed by God to revive the religion and God has given me gladtiding that he will include some wealthy persons and kings in my Jamaat ....

thus I thought I will invite some wealthy and prosperous people to help in my cause ...

but since humans are not devoid of suspicions and mistrust and thoughts and without recognizing that trust is also not generated which give the courage to do big things, therefore I make a general announcement for all Noblemen that if they are hesitant to help without testing (my abilities), send me in writing some of their aspirations, problems and difficulties, so that I will pray for the fulfillment of their wishes. but they should write clearly that once their objectives are achieved, to what extent they will give financial assistance and that they have made a firm and final commitment in their hearts that they will definitely give such financial assistance..." (Advertisement dated April 1893, Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.1 p. 387-389)

"Advertisement regarding the book 'Manan-ur-Rehman':....... I have also published a Rs. 5000 reward along with this book .... this will be deposited in such a place that this Arya or other person will be fully satisfied and understand that in case of their success without any effort they will get the money .....  but they have to give a written undertaking to the person who will deposit (meaning Mirza) that after depositing Rs. 5000 if he forsake this contest or if he could not culminate his bragging, then he will pay all the expanses that are incurred when a certain trading capital is blocked for a period of time (Is Mirza asking for interest on this amount? - Rashid) (Advertisement dated 1895, Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.2 p. 134-137)

"Book 'Sat Bachan' and 'Arya Dharam' ..... price for both books is Anna 6 plus postage." (Rs.1 = 16 Annas - Rashid) (Advertisement dated 9 Sept. 1895, Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.2 p.148)

"Book 'Sat Bachan' and 'Arya Dharam' ..... for commoners price is Rs. 1.50 .... for  noblemen .... Rs. 5...." (Advertisement dated 15 Nov. 1895, Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.2 p.143)

"Four tracts, 1. Anjam-e-Atham, 2. Khuda kaa Faislaa, 3. Daawat-e-Qaum Maktoob-e-Arabi ma'a Tarjuma Farsi ..... price Anna 8 plus postage." (Rs.1 = 16 Annas - Rashid) (Advertisement undated, Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.2 p.314)

"Kitab-ul-Bariyya ...... price Rs.1 and 4 annas plus postage." (Rs.1 = 16 Annas - Rashid) (Advertisement dated 5 Feb. 1898, Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.3 p.2)




And so it went on and on for several years. Mirza had a good following by now and he was not satisfied with the petty gains he was making from his books. He wanted more FUTOOHAAT. He started the system of compulsory regular CHANDAS for his followers, demanded donation for the extension of his house, demanded donation for building the minaret and many more.   

Chanda Masjid

"In my heart for long time there was an idea that if we can make a house on the empty land on right hand side of this mosque and combine it with the mosque .... thus trusting Allah I am giving this advertisement for this portion of the mosque and hope that every friend and sincere will participate in helping the house of Allah..... lastly it should be clear that the estimate of this house is Rs. 500"  (Advertisement dated 29 July 1898, Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.2 p.453)

Chanda for Hazrat Molvi M Ahsan Saheb

"we want to appoint lecturer and debaters all over Hind .... if Hazrat Molvi Mohammad Ahsan Saheb Amrohi accepts this service can be entrusted to him.....every affordable person in my Jamaat according to his means should fix a permanent CHANDA for his sustenance... world is only fleeting abode of few days and one should prepare for hereafter with good deeds." (Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.1,  p.323, dated 26 May 1892)

Chanda Minaret-ul-Maseeh - May 1900

The Indian famine of 1899–1900 (Imperial Gazetteer of India vol. III 1907–1900 ) killed 1.25 to 10 million people. It began with the failure of the summer monsoons in 1899 over West and Central India and, during the next year, affected an area of 476,000 square miles (1,230,000 km2) and a population of 59.5 million. The famine was acute in the Central Provinces and Berar, the Bombay Presidency, the minor province of Ajmer-Merwara, and the Hissar District of the Punjab; it also caused great distress in the princely states of the Rajputana Agency, the Central India Agency, Hyderabad and the Kathiawar Agency. In addition, small areas of the Bengal Presidency, the Madras Presidency and the North-Western Provinces were acutely afflicted by the famine. The population in many areas had barely recovered from The Famine of 1896–1897 (â??1897)  . It was during this period when people were dying from hunger, this so-called Profit of God, totally oblivious of the suffering of starving masses, started making appeal for chanda (donation) for constructing Minarat-ul-Maseeh, in an attempt to apply Holy Prophet SAAW's prophecy on himself.

"... it has been decided that on the eastern side of this mosque to construct a tall minaret.." (Advertisement dated 28 May 1900, Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.3 p.283)

"..on some high place on the wall of this minaret a large lamp will fixed which will cost approximately Rs.100 or more..." (Advertisement dated 28 May 1900, Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.3 p.283)

".... a large clock will be fixed on some high spot of the wall of this minaret which will cost Rs.400 or 500 ....." (Advertisement dated 28 May 1900, Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.3 p.283)

" .... the cost of this Minaret-ul-Maseeh will not be less than Rs.10,000. Now those friends who will help in its construction I know definitely that they will be doing a big service." (Advertisement dated 28 May 1900, Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.3 p.295)

The response to this advertisement was not very encouraging. Mirza published another advertisement on 1st July 1900 encouraging his sincere followers to pay more. He gives example of two contributors for this cause:

".... one of them is Munshi Abdul Aziz ... who has donated Rs.100 despite his meager means and I think this hundred rupees was his savings of several years and more admirable is that he had just donated Rs.100 for another cause, and now disregarding his family he has given this donation....." (Advertisement dated Ist July 1900, Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.3 p.314)

"..... another sincere who has shown his manhood is Mian Shadi Khan Lakree Farosh .... he had just donated Rs.150 for one cause and now he has sent a donation of Rs.200 for this cause ...... if you see all his possessions then it will not be more than Rs.50 ..... he wrote in his letter that: these are the days of famine and worldly trade looks doomed ...." (Advertisement dated Ist July 1900, Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.3 p.315)

Chanda House Extension - Chanda Plague - Plague is Coming! - 1902

According to Medical History of British India ( although there are references to a disease similar to bubonic plague in the 17th and 19th centuries, the first official acknowledgment of the existence of bubonic plague date to 1896. The plague was probably imported from Hong Kong, where an epidemic had been seething since 1894. Its initial impact was limited to port cities, particularly Bombay, but later also Pune, Calcutta and Karachi. By 1899, it had appeared in many smaller towns and had a growing regional impact as it spread out into the countryside. The demographic impact of plague epidemics was felt most in western and northern India – in the provinces of Bombay, Punjab and the United Provinces. Eastern and southern India were not as badly affected. In Punjab alone in 1 year from 1st October 1901 to 30th September 1902 out of 318,933 cases of Plague 220,389 cases died. (Report on Plague in the Punjab from October 1st 1901 to Sept 30th 1902 by Major E. Wilkinson, Chief Plague Medical Officer, Punjab.)

Mirza Ghulam being an opportunist that he was, saw once again a golden opportunity to exploit this situation. He started saying that he had already published the prophecy in Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya some 20 years back regarding the Plague. Using fear as a weapon he tried to lay emphasis on his divinely-ordained status and linked this plague to his rejection as a prophet of God. He claimed that those who will accept him will be protected from plague and that God has promised to protect Qadian and more specifically his house from this disease. On this pretext he advertised for CHANDA to expand his house. Did Mirza trust God's promise and did God protect Qadian and people in his house? What did he do when cases appeared in his house? The details about the whole issue of Plague is dealt with in another article ( ), here I want to show that how Mirza used it to his advantage.

Mirza Prayed for Plague:

"I supplicated for the spread of Plague. Thus that supplication was granted and Plague spread in the whole country." (Haqeeqat-ul-Wahi, Roohani Khazain vol.22 p.235) (And yet he claimed that he was sent as a Mercy for all mankind!)

Mirza received Revelation about Plague:

".... this news of plague was also published 22 years ago in Braheen Ahmadiyya." (Dafe-al-Bala, Roohani Khazain vol.18 p.226)

"The revelation of God that descended on me ..... that God has decided that He will never remove this punishment of Plague unless people remove those thoughts that are there in their hearts that is unless they do not accept the one who is appointed by God and His Prophet, till then plague will not be removed." (Dafe-al-Bala publication date April 1902, Roohani Khazain vol.18 p.225-226)

The Reason for this Plague

"Why is Punjab is facing the onslaught of Plague? For us one of the reason is that God has established a Movement here, and the first people to deny were these and these people gave Fatwa of kufr." (Malfoozaat of Mirza vol.3 p.419)

Only People in Mirza's House - Noah's Ark will survive

"Quran tells us that when Noah's started drowning in the flood, Noah asked him to come; he said that I do not have any need to come to you, I will climb this mountain. In other words that fool wanted to survive by his own means and methods, but God said that today no one can save you from God. Similarly in my inspiration it is stated that: 'build the ship under Our Eyes and with Our Inspiration, and address me not on behalf of those who did wrong, they are surely to be drowned. And for this blessed mosque (in Qadian) (God) said: 'and whoever enters it is in peace'. These prove that a big storm is going to come and only those people will survive who will board my ark ... and that storm is Plague." (Malfoozaat vol.3 p.418)

Rs. 2000 required for Expanding Mirza's Ark

"Since it is highly likely that in future the plague will spread in the country and our house ... has become very congested and you people have heard the God has given a promise of special protection for anyone who will be in the boundary of this house ... in my opinion this bungalow can be readied in Rs. 2000 (which is a million rupees by today's standard). Since it is probable that the time for plague is near and according to the gladtidings of revelation, in this storm of plague, this house will be like Noah's Ark, I do not know who will the share in this promise of gladtiding, therefore this task (of extending the house of Mirza) is of urgent nature. Trust in God, who is the Creator and Provider and watches over the good deeds, and you should try. I have seen that although this house of mine is like an ARK, but in future there is no place in this ark for any man or woman and that is why there is need for its extension." (Kishtee-e-Noah publication date 5th October 1902, Roohani Khazain vol.19 p.86)

Qadian is protected because of God's prophet - Mirza is Qadiani

" And that Mighty God will protect Qadian from the destruction by Plague, so that you may realise that Qadian is protected only because God's prophet and messenger was in Qadian. Now see that this is proven in last three years that both these points have been fulfilled; that is, on the one hand plague had spread all over Punjab and on the other hand despite that the plague has spread within two miles of Qadian but Qadian is still safe from plague, instead till now any plague-infected person who had entered Qadian from outside, he is also cured. Can there be any more proof? Things which were said earlier, had been fulfilled, instead this news of plague was also published 22 years ago in Braheen Ahmadiyya." (Dafe-al-Bala, Roohani Khazain vol.18 p.225-226)

"Now from all this revelation, three things are proven: 1) Firstly that Plague has come in this world because God's Promised Messiah was not only rejected but he was also given pain. ... 2) Second thing that is proven by this revelation is that this plague will only vanish when people will accept this messenger of God .... 3) Third thing that is proven by this revelation is that God will in any case protect Qadian from this horrendous destruction as long as plague remains in this world, even if it is for 70 years, because this is the place of His Messenger's throne and a sign for all nations." (Dafe-al-Bala, Roohani Khazain vol.18 p. 229-230)

"God is not such that he will punish people in Qadian and you are living amongst them. He will protect this village from the afflictions and destruction of plague. If I had no consideration for you, and had no honour for you, I would have destroyed this village." (Revelation of Mirza, Tazkirah p.436; Roohani Khazain vol.18 p.227)

"If I had no regard for your honour, I would have destroyed this village. I will save everyone within the boundaries of this house. No one among them will die from plague or earthquake. God is not such that He will punish them and you are among them." (Revelation of Mirza, Tazkirah p.645)

"When the fire of plague is raging, then can any fabricator say that 'If I had no regard for your honour, I would have destroyed this village'. Was it not possible that this fabricator himself had died and was a victim of plague? At present Qadian is like Makkah, in that the people are dying around it and by the Grace of God here there is absolute peace." (Malfoozaat vol.5 p.369)

"At present there is plague two kilometers away all around Qadian and Qadian presently is like a boat which is surrounded by severe storm and it is moving in the river." (Maktoobaat-e-Ahmadiyya vol.5 p.32)

Oops!! God decided to dishonor this so-called prophet:

Despite all these claims made by Mirza and his so-called revelation, Allah decided to humiliate this false claimant of prophethood. Not only those who accepted him became afflicted with Plague, those who were living in the safe-haven of Qadian and Mirzai Ark also developed the disease.

"And then during the days of Plague, when Plague was raging in Qadian, my son Shareef Ahmad became sick, and he got high grade fever which caused my son to become unconscious, and started having fits in unconscious state." (Haqeeqat-ul-Wahi - Truth about Revelation, Roohani Khazain vol.22 p.87 footnote)

"My Beloved My dear Nawab Saheb ..... I feel sad after reading that my dear Abdur Rehman Khan has again developed fever. May God give him cure. .... at this place Plague is wildly raging. A person gets fever and within few hours he is dead. God knows best when this affliction will end. Public is extremely scared. Trust for life has vanished. Screams and cries are coming from all sides. It is doomsday everywhere. Now what can I say, what advice can I give? I am extremely bewildered what to do." (Maktoobaat-e-Ahmadiyya vol.5 No.4 Letter No.36 p.112)

"At this place in Qadian, nowadays Plague is wildly raging. Nearly all surrounding villages have vanished." (Maktoobaat-e-Ahmadiyya vol.5 No.4 Letter No.36 p.112-115)

"Today the son of Mian Mohammed Fazal, editor of the newspaper, is also on deathbed, he has Pneumonic plague, it seems that he is breathing his last. There are cries everywhere. May God have His blessing." (Maktoobaat-e-Ahmadiyya vol.5 No.4 Letter No.53 p.131)

"My Master, My Respected Brother Seth Saheb! (SubHanAllah! A Seth - a financier - is the Master of Mirza!!! - Rashid) ...... I am extremely worried and disturbed. May God protect you from calamities. Here Plague is raging so much that it is like an Armageddon." (Maktoobaat-e-Ahmadiyya vol.5 No.1 Letter No.91 p.39)

"Plague is very active in this region, I have heard that one or two suspicious cases have occurred in Amritsar as well. Few days back I also developed a gland on my body, initially some serious symptoms appeared. But by some Grace of God, its severity subsided. Then on another arm glands enlarged. And this Plague affects the joints. Thus some glands appear behind ears r in the groin, or axilla or at some joints as joints of the arms or legs along with fever." ((Maktoobaat-e-Ahmadiyya vol.5 No.4 Letter No.38 p.115)

"My Master, My Brother Seth Saheb...... here Plague is rampant. Now there are about 80 villages in which there is lot of havoc. In Qadian situation is this that boys and youth and old people get little fever, then next day they get glands below the ears, below the axilla or in the groin. I got one gland; earlier also I got one gland and my son Basheer Ahmad also got a fever one day and then developed a gland in front of ears. Son-in-law of Molvi Saheb Hakeem Nuruddin Saheb also developed a gland below the axilla, Mir Nasir Nawab Saheb's son Ishaq also developed a gland in the groin after fever." (Maktoobaat-e-Ahmadiyya vol.5 No.1 Letter No.40 p.15)

"In April 1904 Ahmadiyya School in Qadian was shut down due to Plague and in the Daily Official Notification (see Ahle Hadith Newspaper dated 27th May 1904) the death toll just for the months of March and April 1904 was recorded at 1313 which took place in Qadian. Those days the population of Qadian was 2800 persons. People panicked and left the village and the whole town looked deserted." (Hurf-e-Mehremana by Ghulam Jeelani Barq pp.251-252)

Conduct of Prophet of Qadian during Crisis:

And when someone in this so-called Noah's Ark got the plague, what was the conduct of this so-called prophet?

"Elderly Ghausan got fever. She was expelled from the house, but I think she is not suffering from Plague, only as a precautionary measure she has been expelled. Master Mohammed Deen got the fever, gland has also enlarged. He has also been expelled from the house. Anyway in our place also plague has started raging." (Maktoobaat-e-Ahmadiyya vol.5 No.4 Letter No.38 p.115)

However Mirza got what he wanted. He managed to get his house expanded. He did not feel ashamed that all his promises and revelations turn out to be false, rather he gave lame excuses.

Having prayed for Plague, Mirza was satisfied with the outcome:

"Blessed is that God who sent Plague in this world so that by it we flourish and grow and our enemies perish and vanish." (Haqeeqat-ul-Wahi, Roohani Khazain vol.22 p.570)

"Every month at least 500 men and sometimes 1000 or 2000 persons enter our Jamaat through Plague. Thus for us Plague is a Mercy and for our opponents it is trouble and punishment. And if similar (ravages) of Plague continue in this country for 15 years, then I believe that the whole country will be full Ahmadiyya Jamaat." ((Haqeeqat-ul-Wahi, Roohani Khazain vol.22 pp.568-570)

Yet Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya raise the slogan of 'Love for All, Hatred for None'. If this is not hypocrisy, what is!!

More Chandas

Hence a system of extracting money was devised by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani in the name of God and it would not be inappropriate to call it Jamaat-e-Chanda. What makes it extraction is the fact that it was collected on the pretext of 'fee sabeel Allah' - for the the cause of Allah, but at least part of it was spent on personal benefit. We will read the proof of that also later on in this article but first let us see what Mirza wrote about this chanda:

"..this ad is not some ordinary writing. Rather this is my final judgment with those who are called my mureed (disciples). God has told me that my link is only with those, that is they are written as my disciple in God's book, who are engaged in help and aid ..... thus after this new system everyone should make a new pledge and report by his own special writing that he can compulsorily send so much monthly CHANDA, and there should be no bragging ....." (Advertisement dated 5th March 1902, Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.3 p.468-469)

"Everyone who is my disciple, he should fix some amount monthly, even 1 paisa or 1 dhaila and he who does not fix anything and he does not provide physical help for this movement, he is a hypocrite and now he will not be able to remain in this movement." (Advertisement dated 5th March 1902, Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.3 p.469)

" (I) will wait for 3 months after the publication of this ad for the reply from every disciple that how much monthly chanda he fixes for the help of this movement and if no reply is received in 3 months, his name will be struck off from the baith.." (Advertisement dated 5th March 1902, Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.3 p.469)

".. and after taking pledge of monthly chanda, if anyone is negligent for 3 months in sending the chanda his name will also be struck off and after this no negligent and conceited who does not enter the Ansar (helpers) will never stay in this movement." (Advertisement dated 5th March 1902, Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.3 p.469)

"People should help this movement by every means. And there should be no negligence in serving money-wise. See, no movement in this world flourish without chanda ..... if these people give 1 paisa regularly every year then a lot can be done, but if someone does not donate even 1 paisa then why is he staying in the Jamaat." (Malfoozaat vol.6 p.38 dated 5th July 1903)

"Daily hundreds are taking baith (oath of allegiance) but upon inquiring very few are those who are giving regularly monthly chanda. He who does not help this movement according to his status with money then what else can be expected of him? and what is the use of his presence for this movement?" (Malfoozaat vol.6 p.39 dated 5th July 1903)

"if a person eats 4 breads, if he saves half bread (for Jamaat) then he can fulfill his pledge." (Malfoozaat vol.6 p.40 dated 5th July 1903)

"This time during the grand tour for tabligh a register should also be carried along, where whoever wants to take oath of allegiance his name and pledge for chanda should be registered. Every person would make a pledge that he will give this much chanda for madersa and this much chanda for kitchen." (Malfoozaat vol.6 p.41 dated 5th July 1903)

Shaikh Raheel Ahmad, a born former Ahmadi from Germany, labeled this as Jagga Tax.

There are some 35-50 different kinds of CHANDAS that Jamaat Ahmadiyya demands their followers to pay and all Ahmadis are familiar with them so there is no need for any references. Following is the list of some of the Chandas:


This list goes on. Every now and then there is call for donation for a project and the chanda collection starts. A former Ahmadi, Professor of Physics, Munawwer Ahmad Malik, wrote:

"There is great stress in the Jamaat on donations. Chanda Aam is that basic donation that is payable by every earning person (rather now it has become compulsory for unemployed persons as well to pay it), its payment is obligatory. Every employed person must compulsorily pay 6.25% of his salary as Chanda Aam. Round the year members' attention is drawn towards this task. Two three times a year inspectors come from the center and make sure the 100% collection of this donation. To facilitate its collection, many 'religious incentives' are given, that those who will make 100% payment, their names will be sent to 'Huzoor' (Mirza Tahir Ahmad Qadiani) for dua, and that at such and such times the names of Jamaat will also be mentioned etc. etc. Before the end of financial year, the leaders of the Jamaat give several sermons on the importance of this Chanda and to draw attention towards its collection; and at the end of the year, the details of this donation is announced, details of promises and next budget is announced.

On every person, whether employed or unemployed, donation 'Tehreek Jadid' is compulsory. Earlier it was optional, but now gradually it has become obligatory. To make 100% collection of Chanda Tehreek Jadid, separate inspectors come from the center, leaders give separate sermons and the whole machinery of Jamaat gets busy in collecting this donation. 'Chanda Salana' is also a compulsory donation, which is taken annually at the rate of 10% of the monthly income. For its collection as well special sermons are delivered. 'Waqf Jadid' also was introduced as an optional Chanda but that is also now becoming an obligatory donation. The inspectors of above mentioned Chandas come from the center three times a year to make sure the collection of these Chandas. Those on whom the dues of these Chandas are outstanding, inspectors even approach their homes to collect the donations.

Apart from these, there are other Chandas:
For instance on young people (Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya) there is Chanda Majlis, Chanda Ta'ameer Hall, Chanda Ijtama'a; on aged persons (Ansarullah), there is Chanda Bosnia, Chanda Africa etc. etc. Chanda 100 years Jubilee was collected for 16 years.

One Ahmadi whose salary is Rs. 3000 per month, he has to pay at least Rs. 300 per month in these donations. If his wife, children and parents are with him, then their dues will also be collected from the same salary. Thus he is compelled to pay between Rs. 300 to Rs. 500 every month.  If he does not pay, then it would be added to his account so that at the end of the year he will have between Rs. 3000 to 4000 due against him. Similarly if someone is earning Rs. 10,000 per month, then annually he has to pay more than Rs. 12,000. " (Prof. M A Malik on )

"In short, an Ahmadi has to give at least 10% of his earnings every month. There is a voluntary system of collecting the CHANDAS in which the collector does not get any commission. It is unlikely that anywhere this kind of system will be found. Two three times a year different inspectors of different CHANDAS come from the center to audit the accounts and make sure that the amount received is sent to the center (Chanabnagar - Rabwah). Because of this monetary system, Jamaat is accused of being an organized Jamaat, even though there is no system, no laws or regulations and no principles. There is only a system of collecting donations. Had there not been such an organized collection of CHANDAS, today the PRINCES of MIRZA SAHEB's family would not have several murabba lands (approx 1 murabba = 25 acres) nor would they have been spending luxurious and ostentatious lives." (5 Million Baiths in 1999! What are the facts? By Prof M A Malik

No wonder that a new convert remarked to an Ahmadi Murabbi/Muballigh in Cairo: ...."Ustaz! You are Abul Ata (giver) but you are always bothering us with CHANDA. Why don't you change your name to Abul Akhaz (taker)? " (Al-Furqan, Rabwah, June 1971 p.25-26; AlFazl International vol.15 no.46 dated 14th Nov 2008)

Chanda Heavenly Graveyard - Waseeyat System - 1905

On 24th December 1905 MGAQ published a pamphlet, Al-Waseeyat, in which he announced establishing a Heavenly Graveyard according to God's instructions and laid down certain conditions for getting buried in this graveyard. Although he wrote that the purpose of this necropolis is that only his sincere and pious followers will be buried in it, but actually it was another pretext to collect CHANDA. He and his family was exempted from these conditions, meaning exempted from being pious and donating chanda!!! The first condition was to give CHANDA and become what is now called a MUSI!!!

"First condition is that every person who wants to get buried in this graveyard, according to his status he should give CHANDA for these expenses....... Second condition is that from the entire Jamaat only he will be buried in this necropolis who make this will that upon his death 10% of all his possessions will spent on this Jamaat's propagation of Islam....." (Al-Waseeyat dated 20 December 1905, Roohani Khazain vol.20 p.318-319) 

"God has made an exception for me and my family and every man or woman has to follow these conditions and anyone who complains will be a hypocrite." (Al-Waseeyat dated 20 December 1905, Roohani Khazain vol.20 p.327)

A few weeks later he added some additional clarifications to his Waseeyat:

"Any landowners of Punjab who face difficulty in the Will, it is better for them that whatever property they want to bequeath, instead of making a Will, gift it in their lifetime.... and in such instances, they should do the same now and again with all the new properties they acquire." (Al-Waseeyat dated 29 January 1906, Roohani Khazain vol.20 p.331)

"...... if there is some problem in gifting such property, then whatever property they want to bequeath or gift, after fixing the market rate of such property or selling such property  handover the amount to the working committee (Anjuman). But in such situations if they acquire new properties, they should do the again now and again." (Al-Waseeyat dated 29 January 1906, Roohani Khazain vol.20 p.331)

"He who does not possess any property but have some other means of earnings, then they should handover at least 10% of their earnings monthly to the committee......but they should make a will that upon their death committee will the owner of 10% of whatever they leave behind." (Al-Waseeyat dated 29 January 1906, Roohani Khazain vol.20 p.332)

Thus started the system of Waseeyat which over the successive generations of Khilafat has become a good source of income for the Mirzai Royal Family. Based on God's instructions/revelations the Heavenly Graveyard was located in Qadian but now there is a Heavenly Graveyard in Rabwa, Pakistan. Musis are spread all over the world, whether or not their dead bodies are taken to Qadian, who can tell. Dead persons do not come back to lay their claim. But one thing is certain. Immediately after the death of a MUSI, Anjuman entrusted with the Waseeyat Fund takes over the assets of dead person. In every gathering Ahmadis are encouraged to become a MUSI. All funds collected thus are added to the coffers of Khalifa.

To give you just a glimpse of how this system has degenerated and what is happening, a recent letter from an Ahmadi in Hamburg, Germany, is quoted here, courtesy of (

".. this incident spans over 50-60 years. One of my elderly lady relative, Maryam Begum, did a waseeyat (became a MUSI). She was living in a small village. There was some dispute between ladies on some small matter and one woman complained about my elderly relative. The department of Waseeyat put this complaint in the file, but continued to receive the monthly CHANDA for WASEEYAT. Approximately 50 years later she died. When she was brought to Rabwa for burial, her file was opened and the letter was found, and they said she cannot be buried in Heavenly Graveyard. When inquired about the reason, they said Old letter...... I ask the Khalifa Saheb Mirza Masroor Saheb respectfully when a letter was filed in her file 50 years ago, was it not the duty of Department of Waseeyat to inform her, but they did not do that and they kept receiving the CHANDA WASEEYAT. This lady was a very sincere Ahmadi. Neither her Chanda was returned nor she could buried in Heavenly Graveyard. Her sons were on good Government posts. Her elder son, Major Dr. Abdul Ghafoor Zahid immediately cancelled his Waseeyat and later the younger son also did the same."

He writes further:

"..ever since we became old enough we have heard only of Jamaat's Tahreeks (Appeal for various Chandas), every Khalifa has brought some new Tahreek. Whenever you attend some marriage gathering or on someone's death, their (Jamaat's) representatives are present there and keep repeating about WASEEYAT. Whatever has been collected over the last 100 years should be used to help deserving people ...... what kind of a religion is this that the sword of money is always hanging (on our heads). If you pay a little attention there are nearly 50 CHANDAS. Are chanda part of tenets of Islam? They don't make appeal for ZAKAAT openly..."

 And appeals to Ahmadis:

"Unless we raise our voice in unison this oppression will continue and the treasure chest of MIRZAI (ROYAL) FAMILY will continue filling and we will continue to be crushed by this oppression. For God sake come out of this swamp."

For further readings, go to (

Click here for current Waseeyat Form used by Jamaat in Canada.

Chanda Langerkhana (Public Kitchen)

When people started coming to Qadian, public kitchen was established to feed them, obviously from public donations. Hence slyly began another extraction of donations from the 'mukhlis mureedeens'. In 1891 he wrote the book Fateh Islam where mentioned 5 branches of God's Business handed over to MGAQ: 1. Writing books. 2. Advertisements. 3 Entertaining people. 4. Letters. 5. Taking Oath of Allegiance. This was the beginning of organised appeal for kitchen chanda and all other kinds of Chanda to come in future:

"Reminder: Whatever we have mentioned in Risala Fateh Islam about 5 branches of the God's Business which has been handed over to us by God and the need for help from Religiously Sincere and Islamic Sympathizers, our sincere and ambitious brothers should very soon pay attention so that all these works start proficiently." (Advertisement undated, Collection of Advertisement vol.1 p201)

"...all related expanses of Langerkhana ... sometimes reached Rs.700 monthly or sometimes more than that and sometimes 2000 monthly but the God's hidden hand was with us that we did not face any difficulty. Now the situation is that because of famine the expanses have increased too much ..... (It seems that MGAQ lost faith also in God's hidden hand!!! Rashid)" (Advertisement dated 4 October 1899, Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.3 p.156)

"..... so first of all Jamaat must pay attention towards this arrangement (of funds for Kitchen)......

"... thus with manly ambition take step for this help without delay. Everyone should help this Langerkhana according to his resources......

"....and I want that this arrangement should be such that I am relieved of this nuisance of Langerkhana and get busy in my work...."

(Advertisement dated 4 October 1899, Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.3 p.157)

"Seth Abdur Rehman, trader of Madras deserves praise .... helps a lot for public kitchen ... regularly send Rs.100 monthly and many times he has sent Rs.500 ..." (Advertisement dated 4 October 1899, Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.3 p.158)

Advertisement entitled 'For the arrangement of Langerkhana'

"Since because of the abundance of guests and seekers of truth the expenditure of public kitchen has increased too much and yesterday when I pondered on the different sections of public kitchen and whatever is spent on boarding and lodging of guests and lights and beds and utensils and floor mats and repair of houses and necessary workers and waterman and laundryman and sewage collector and letters etc. ... i discovered that on average Rs.800 monthly expenses are incurred .... and until now only because of God's blessing and mercy we did not face any starvation ..... and the regular income is not even Rs.60 per month and the expenses are not less than Rs. 800 therefore some arrangement 'Tawakkulan 'ala Allah' (Trusting God) is necessary...... therefore it is mandatory for everyone to inform me by his special writing that he will give this much monthly CHANDA as an obligation...." (Advertisement dated 5 March 1902, Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.3 p.469)

What a doubletalk! On the one hand talking of Blessings and Mercy of Allah, Tawakkul on Allah and then asking people to give Chanda! It seems that MGAQ had lost faith in God that He will make any further arrangements!!!

Chanda Madressah

"All friends are notified that this system of Chanda Madressa is decided to be separate and that in it my brother Mir Nasir Nawab is appointed as accountant..." (Advertisement dated 5 Feb. 1898, Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.3 p.1)

"I consider it appropriate that a middle school is established in Qadian and apart from English education, one part of education will be compiled by me ..... every resourceful person inform regarding his permanent chanda that what he can contribute in this good cause monthly.." (Advertisement dated 5 Sept 1897, Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.2 p.455)

"The establishment of Madressa and its continuation is also based on several good reasons, therefore it is necessary that everyone should make it obligatory on himself to pay monthly according to his means...." (Advertisement undated, Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.3 p.470)

Chanda Koh-e-Nauman and Kabul (Afghanistan)

True Prophets of Allah give us news conveyed to them by Allah by way of Wahi (revelation). MGAQ although claimed that whatever he says or writes is from God, yet while writing the book, Maseeh Hindustan Mein, tried to gather information from various sources. He therefore arranged two parties to go to Afghanistan and to Nassebain (a town near Syrian border) to gather some proof. And as usual he asked his followers to give some Chanda to cover the travel expanses of these parties.

"I have heard that the platform of Prince Prophet in Koh-e-Nauman, there is some properties in its name in Kabul. For this purpose it should not be without benefit for some friends to go to Koh-e-Nauman and some friends to Kabul and take the copies of documents of this property the office .... thus it is vital to arrange for their travel expanses...." (Advertisement dated 4 October 1899, Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.3 p.163-164)

Chanda Journey to Naseebain

"... and secondly this has been proven that Hazrat Eisa alaihe assalam came towards Afghanistan through Naseebain and it is found in the book, Raudha-as-Safa that during the trouble of Crucifixion the king of Naseebain invited Hazrat Maseeh and one Englishman has testified this that Hazrat Maseeh has definitely received his letter .... in such situation it is certain that in Naseebain some monument of this journey of Hazrat Maseeh alaihe assalam might be there and it wouldn't be surprising that some commemorative plaques might be found .... thus it was deemed expedient to send three intelligent and ambitious persons from our Jamaat ... thus it is vital to arrange for their travel expanses ... thus he who wants to obey our writings, he should not wait a moment in obeying my advertisement .... and whatever he can do and whatever he can arrange ... send without waiting....." (Advertisement dated 4 October 1899, Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.3 p.164-165)

Chanda 60th Jubilee Celebrations of Queen Victoria, Empress of India

"we have repeatedly mentioned in our books that presence of Hazrat Empress of India, may God always keep her on our head, is a bounty of God for us .... thus we must pray from the bottom of our heart for long life and honor and wealth of Empress of India, may God keep her always on our head, and for the stability and permanence of her dynasty..... in my opinion all my friends and members of my Jamaat that are staying in Punjab and other cities of India gather on 19th June 1897 in Qadian ..... it is obligatory that everyone should participate in its expanses ... therefore whoever receives this advertisement, without delay they should send CHANDA for this Jalsa .... the name of everyone who have given CHANDA along with their endeavors for this celebration will be recorded and sent to Central Committee....." (Advertisement dated 7 June 1897, Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.2 p.420-421)

Chanda for Injured British Soldiers during 2nd Boer War

Various parts of African Continent had been enslaved by Colonialists from Europe for centuries to exploit the natural resources. Mostly they came as traders and then became the Masters. British had taken permanent possession of Cape Colony in 1806 and gradually the Boers living in and around the Cape moved northwards.  in 1877 Transvaal was annexed into the British Empire resulting in 1st Boer War in 1880 in which the British were defeated and Transvaal once regained its independence.. MGAQ was just launching his career at that time, hence there is no reference to it in his writings. In 1886 massive Gold deposits were discovered in Transvaal resulting in a huge inflow of fortune hunters, mainly British. This resulted in 2nd Boer War which lasted 3 years from 1899-1902. Finally Boers were forced to move into concentration camps where squalid conditions led to the death of thousands of them due to disease and malnutrition. (

Yet this so-called prophet of God, who had abrogated jihad and whose Jamaat raise the slogan of Love for All, Hatred for None, showed his loyalty to the Queen by appealing to his followers for Chanda for the injured British soldiers:

"On this occasion of blessed Eid after mentioning the kindnesses of (British) Government we had drawn attention of our Jamaat, who keeps vigorous sincerity with this government and considers spending hypocritical life like other people a great sin, that everyone should pray from the bottom of their heart that may God give them great victory in this war which is going on in Transvaal ..... people of our Jamaat wherever they are, according to their means and resources, should give CHANDA for the injured (soldiers) of Transvaal War of English Sarkar .... our Jamaat should consider this task as important and very quickly execute it." (Ad dated 10 February 1900, Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.3 p.218-219)

Business Propopsal for English Magazine

In 1901 MGAQ decided to start an English magazine which will print his articles. He suggested that there should be some permanent funding of such a magazine, some partners who would invest in this scheme like a business and the money should be kept in a bank. Interestingly he wrote that he would have nothing to do with this fund, probably he realised that by now many people are whispering about his unending ads for CHANDA.

"This money will be collected and kept in the bank and it is worth mentioning that I will have nothing to do with the management of this fund .... and remember that this CHANDA will be like a business ...." (Ad dated 15 January  1901, Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.3 p.395)

This business proposal soon became an appeal for another Chanda!!

"Until now for the publication of this magazine there is no satisfactory permanent funding .... therefore I forcefully draw the attention of sincere motivated men of my Jamaat to show their ambition in helping it financially ..... God has revealed to me repeatedly that truly and absolutely only that person will be considered admitted in this Jamaat who will spend his dearly loved wealth in its way ..... if you serve so much that you sell all your immovable property and spend it in its way, still it is beyond respect to think that you have done some service .... if 10,000 people in this Jamaat become buyers of this magazine then this magazine will survive." (Ad dated September  1903, Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.3 p.496 - 499)

Chanda Madressah Taleem-ul-Islam - Another Appeal

".... In brief apart from Public Kitchen and Magazine which is published in Urdu and English for which many friends have shown enthusiasm, one Madrassah has also been established in Qadian for young children .... i have thought a lot about it ... now I am forcefully drawing the attention of sincere people of my Jamaat that if they can then they should fix some monthly CHANDA for this Madrassah ...." (Ad dated 16 October 1903, Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.3 p.507)

Miscellaneous Examples of MAGQ Commerce

Propaganda Tactic:

"During the time Hazrat Maseeh Mowood one Arab beggar came here (Qadian). He (MGAQ) gave him a sizable amount. Some people objected on this, he (MGAQ) said: wherever he will go, he will mention us, even if mentions us just to receive more from others, he will convey our name to far flung places." (Al-Fazl Akhbar, Qadian vol.22 no. 103 p.9 dated 26 February 1935, mentioned in Qadiani Mazhab ka Ilmi Mahaseba p.494)

Prayers sold for a Price

"Once in January 1908 a rich person from district Kanpur, Wali Mohammed by name, who had been an Ahmadi for a long time and used to write to Maseeh Mowood for the health of his son. He wrote to Huzoor that I had been asking for supplication for my son for a long time, but till now prayers have not been answered in favour of my son, although God has promised you that your every supplication will be answered..... Hazrat Maseeh Mowood ... said that write to him that this is not the habit of God to accept all supplications... no one has power in front of God. If that rich person is so desperate then he should make a very generous contribution in favour of my silsila (movement) which is in his maximum capacity, then he should inform me and keep reminding me." (Mufti Mohammed Sadiq Qadiani, 20th Oct 1937, mentioned in AlFazl Qadian dated 22 Oct 1922)

"Nawab Saheb, the ruler of Maleer Kotla became sick, and his illness prolonged. Qadiani agents living in that area told the mother of Nawab Saheb that if Mirza Saheb makes supplications, he will immediately recover. Letter was sent to Qadiani Saheb, who promised to make supplications and wrote them to send Rs. 500. Thus he received Rs 500 from the mother of Nawab Saheb, and continued to pray, but none of them were granted. Nawab Saheb did not recover and ultimately died." (Isha'at us Sunnah vol 18 p.146; mentioned in Raees-e-Qadian p.427 by Rafiq Dilawari)

Prayers For Sale

"Read this carefully as there is gladtidings in it for you. To, The Rulers, Noblemen, Well-to-do People, Government and Highly Placed Officials!!

.... O Leaders of Islam! May God create in your heart good intentions more than anyone else and in this delicate times make you the true servant of Islam. I am giving you this important information only for the sake of Allah that God has appointed me at the head of this 14th century and sent me to rejuvenate Islam .....

.... I am doing this work for 10 years but since many of those things which are required for propagating Islam necessitate having financial assistance, therefore I felt compelled as tabligh to inform you, so listen .......

firstly for such big schemes there are no finances, and even if with the help of some ambitious men of deen some book is published .... except for few copies it is not sold, most copies are either locked in cases for years or are distributed freely for Allah's sake ...

.... although Jamaat is growing but still there is no such well-off person with us who will take the major responsibility of service of religion. And since I have been appointed by God to revive the religion and God has given me gladtiding that he will include some wealthy persons and kings in my Jamaat ....

.... thus I thought I will invite some wealthy and prosperous people to help in my cause ...

.... but since humans are not devoid of suspicions and mistrust and thoughts and without recognizing that trust is also not generated which give the courage to do big things, therefore I make a general announcement for all Noblemen that if they are hesitant to help without testing (my abilities), send me in writing some of their aspirations, problems and difficulties, so that I will pray for the fulfillment of their wishes. but they should write clearly that once their objectives are achieved, to what extent they will give financial assistance and that they have made a firm and final commitment in their hearts that they will definitely give such financial assistance...." (Advertisement dated April 1893, Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.1 p. 387-389)

Strategy For a Sincere Follower

Haji Seth Abdur Rehman had been an ardent follower of Mirza Ghulam who used to send large donations regularly. Open Maktoobaat-e-Ahmadiyya vol.5 part 1 and you will find scores of letters from Mirza Ghulam acknowledging the payments he had received:

"....yesterday via wire in the post I received Rs.500 from you..." (Maktoobaat-e-Ahmadiyya vol.5 part 1 p.3)

"...yesterday in the post I received Rs.100 from you.." (Maktoobaat-e-Ahmadiyya vol.5 part 1 p.5)

"...yesterday I received an inspiration .... its meaning that some person will give a large portion of his wealth to me as a gift ... I wished that at some time you will be in accordance to this inspiration and may God do it, as Rs. 100,000 or 200,000 is not a big deal for God ..." (Maktoobaat-e-Ahmadiyya vol.5 part 1 p.20)

" I received Rs.100 by post.....I get so much help in my business by your money that I cannot describe it .....I have no greater anguish that because of lack of funds I cannot publish religious books. For this I consider this strategy for you that you fix an amount in your heart that if you get a nice success in your business then you will send a lump sum amount for this business ..." (Maktoobaat-e-Ahmadiyya vol.5 part 1 p.21)

There are many such letters from MGAQ to Seth Abdur Rehman, in every letter he acknowledges the receipt of cash, giving him the good news of God acknowledging his CHANDA even before it reached MGAQ, giving him lots of blessings and prayers for the increase of his business and finally asking for more CHANDA. There are many more such devotees who were conned in similar manner.

Another Modus Operandi to Obtain Money:

MGAQ used several methods to wheedle out money from his disciples. One such method was to convince his credulous follower into believing that God has approved his 'NAZAR' or CHANDA by foretelling its coming:

"My lover, my dear, my brother Dr. Khalifa Rasheeduddin Saheb .... Today I received Rs. 50 from you via post. May Allah reward you. It is strange that these days I was in dire need. Today 4 November 1898 I was shown in dream that one person is sending money. I was very happy and I believed that today money will come. Thus today 4 November 1898 I received your money. Thus Praise be to Allah and May Allah reward you. It seems that this sending of money is approved in God's presence. Thus today which is Friday I prayed to God for you in Friday prayers. I hope that I will do the same many times (just keep sending the money! Rashid) I love you whole-heartedly and my heart earnestly desires that you come near me." (Letter of Mirza Qadiani, published in Akhbar Al-Fazl Qadian No. 1-2, Vol. 34 28 August 1942)

To Haji Seth Abdur Rehman: "...yesterday I received an inspiration .... its meaning that some person will give a large portion of his wealth to me as a gift ... I wished that at some time you will be in accordance to this inspiration and may God do it, as Rs. 100,000 or 200,000 is not a big deal for God ..." (Maktoobaat-e-Ahmadiyya vol.5 part 1 p.20)

To Haji Seth Abdur Rehman: "I received by wire post Rs. 100 from you .... from my heart I consider that it is God's intention to give you big reward..... I love you whole heartedly and I pray for you in absence..." (Maktoobaat-e-Ahmadiyya vol.5 part 1 p.2-3 dated 9 Dec 1894)

To Haji Seth Abdur Rehman: "..few days back I saw a dream that I am sitting somewhere, suddenly I saw that mysteriously some currency is present in front of me and I am surprised from where it came; at last I thought that God's angel has kept it here for our need. Again I got the inspiration that 'I am sending you a gift' and it was put in my heart that its meaning is that our sincere friend Haji Seth Abdur Rehman Saheb is equated with an angel  and probably he will send money and I wrote this dream in Arabic in my book. Thus yesterday it was fulfilled. AlHamdolillah this is the sign of approval, that God had confirmed it through dream and inspiration." (Maktoobaat-e-Ahmadiyya vol.5 part 1 p.3, Letter No.5, dated March 1895)

To Haji Seth Abdur Rehman: "Yesterday I received Rs.100 by wire from you ....this is the Mercy of Rehman and a sign of acceptance of service that generally I am informed before time of your financial assistance, thus same thing happened and for others very rarely such phenomenon takes place....." (Maktoobaat-e-Ahmadiyya vol.5 part 1 p.3, Letter No.6, dated 6 June 1896)


Money - Benchmark of Success

In his book Haqeeqat-ul-Wahi, MGAQ described 140 signs of his truthfulness, many of them are concerning money-related issues:

" ... then Molvi Abdul Haq Ghaznavi got up and did Mubahila against me ..... God elevated me and showed big big signs from the sky also and from the earth also and turned lot of people towards me. When mubahila was done probably 40 persons were my friends and now nearly 70,000 is their number and monetary FUTOOHAAT are more than Rs. 200,000 and a world of people are like slaves my disciples .... and go and see Abdul Haq Ghaznavi in a shop or market in Amritser how he is walking..." (Nuzool-e-Maseeh, Roohani Khazain vol.18 p.410)(Big size fonts as per original book)

"Our sustenance and comforts were all dependent on the meager income of my father and no outsider knew me and I was an unknown person who was living in the deserted village of Qadian .... then God, according to his prophecy, turned humankind towards me and helped me with such nonstop monetary FUTOOHAAT that I do not have words to express my gratitude. Thinking of my circumstances I did not hope to get even Rs.10 monthly but God .... helped me in such manner that I can say positively that until now nearly Rs. 300,000 has come or perhaps more than that..." (Haqeeqat-ul-Wahi, Roohani Khazain vol.22 p.220-221)

"If you not believe my statement then go and see the post office register so that you will know how much door of income has opened during this time. This income not limited through postage, rather thousands rupees income comes in such a manner that people come to Qadian to give, moreover that income which comes as (currency) notes in envelopes." (Haqeeqat-ul-Wahi, Roohani Khazain vol.22 p.221)

"Although thousands of rupees have come via money order, but more than that is that amount which sincere people have personally given and currency which came in letters and some sincere people have sent money or gold in such a manner that they did not reveal their names and till now I do not know what are their names." (Haqeeqat-ul-Wahi, Roohani Khazain vol.22 p.221, footnote.)


Staking Money - Mirza's Yardstick of Truthfulness

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani had been notorious in publicizing himself  in newspapers. In the beginning when he pretended to be a servant of Islam, he was challenging opponents of Islam in a provocative manner. Later he used the same tactic to confront his opponents. His methodology was unique. I am not aware of any Divinely ordained person or a scholar of any caliber to put a wager on their writings or claims or statements. It reflected his own mentality that money was very high on his mind. He was however astute enough to put such conditions that he would not loose money.

"Advertisement Rs.500: If someone from Arya Samaj can refute my proofs .... I will give them Rs.500 cash reward." (Ad dated 2 March 1878, Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.1 p.1-2)

"Anyone who will refute the proofs given in this book .....I will give up all my assets worth Rs. 10,000 and hand over to him everything." (Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.1 pp.11-12, Advertisement dated May 1879)

"I, who is the author of this book, Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya, with promise to give Rs.10,000 (equivalent of Rs 150,000,000 = US$3,000,000 at current rate) advertise against heads of all religions and nations .... anyone who will refute the proofs and signs about the truth of Holy Quran and Truthfulness of the Prophethood of Khatemul Anbiya SAAW....." (Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.1 p.72, Advertisement dated May 1880)

Thus he was responsible for opening a door for followers of other faiths to write against Quran and Holy Prophet SAAW!!!

"To Respected Padre Sahebaan of Punjab and Hindustan and England and Respected Brahmin Sahebaan, and Arya Sahebaan and  Naturist Sahebaan and Hazraat Molvi Sahebaan .... who deny the existence of miracles and supernatural occurrences and therefore they are against this humble self .... come to Qadian as a true seeker and stay with me in Qadian for ONE YEAR and observe these heavenly signs with their own eyes...... if you come and in ONE YEAR do not observe any heavenly signs then I will pay you the penalty at the rate of Rs.200 per month..." (Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.1,  p.20-21, undated)

"Since you do not insist on receiving money as a precondition, only with pureness of heart want to observe the  signs, from my side also there is no condition of embracing Islam....." (Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.1,  p.96 undated)

Ishtehaar Mufeed-ul-Akhyaar - Addressing the Hindu Aryas and Christian Missionaries: " .....if they have objections on Holy Quran ....if I am not able to give a satisfactory and adequate reply.... then  in such situation because of my defeat I will pay penalty of Rs.50 per objection..." (Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.1,  p.121, dated Sept 1886)

"Ishtehaar Ina'ami Rs.500 regarding the unparalleled book 'Kuhul al-Jawaher Surma Chashma-e-Arya' ..... it completely eliminates the false beliefs of Vedas. It is written with this claim and beliefs that no Arya can confute this book. .... I dare any Arya Saheb in the name of the same Aishwer to write the rebuttal of this book and collect the reward of Rs. 500...." (Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.1,  p.133-134, dated Sept 1886)

Some Hindu Arya had been rejecting the claims of MGAQ and making mockery of his offers and that too anonymously. From the writings of MGAQ this had obviously irritated him: " is very necessary that I bring to a halt his actions who has been hiding his face in a veil, sometimes swear at us in his advertisements, sometimes accuse us and associate us with swindlers and sometimes declare us destitute penniless and says to whom we should go for confrontation, he does not have any property, what can he give I specifically ask him to come out for competition, take out your face from the veil and come in front of us and tell me his name .... stay for forty days in my company .... if no Inspirational Prophecy is exhibited during this period, then as a penalty for forty days Rs.100 or whatever salary he has earned with British Sarkar obtain twice the amount from us .... it should be clear that for his satisfaction this money will be kept with some Brahmin Saheb ..... I again instruct this Arya Saheb, who had called us charlatan, call God's inspiration absolutely fraud, like ancient uncivilized Aryas hurled at us filthy abuses, threatened to kill us, instruct with a loud voice that regarding abusing us whatever filth was filling his nature, he took all of it out, but if he HALAALZADA (legitimate child), then he should in front of us for this test, so that we also see what this angel-natured polite-tongued looks like. But if he does not come by the end of May 1887, nor did he abstain from inherited nature, then after God I make all viewers of this advertisement that I give such a Lair and Combatant the following gift, which he deserves as actually being a Stinging and Cruel natured, so that I will see if he comes out of his hole or swallow this gift as well. And that gift in case of him not coming and running away is this:

1 Curse 2 Curse 3 Curse 4 Curse 5 Curse 6 Curse 7 Curse 8 Curse 9 Curse 10 Curse"

(Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.1,  p.137-140, dated Sept 1887)

Wow!! What rage! Is this really behavior of a Chosen one of Allah! I think the thing that hurt his ego most and annoyed him was his allegation that Mirza does not have any money or property!.

"...if my proffered Prophecy is just rubbish and speculation in the eyes of audience, not above human powers or ultimately turns out to be false then I will pay Rs.200 to Padre Saheb....." (Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.1,  p.151, dated 9 June 1888)

" ...thus if Padre Brachet holds a public gathering in Batala makes a pledge on oath that the contents of a sealed envelope which is presented by him, will be revealed (by me), then he will immediately renounce Christianity and become Muslim. And if he doesn't do it, then he will give Rs. 1000 to Anjuman Hemayat-e-Islam, Lahore ...... if within 10 weeks I am unable to tell the contents of sealed envelope ... then I will give my claim of recipient of Inspiration..." (Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.1,  p.152, dated 9 June 1888)

"If Molvi Syed Nazir Hussein Saheb can present Verses and Hadith in support of his belief that Hazrat Maseeh Ibne Maryam is raised to the heavens alive with his body ..... then I swear upon God that I will give him Rs.25 per Verse and Hadith." (Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.1,  p.249, dated 17 October 1891)

Writing on the topic of death of Hazrat Eisa Ibne Maryam: "if anyone can show the proof from Quran or Hadith or Arabic poetry .... that the word 'Tawwafanee', its meaning is something other than extraction of soul and death ..... than I will give such a person Rs.1000... ." (Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.1,  p.286, undated, published in Izala-e-Auham part 2 p.917)

Challenging Dr. Clark, Christian Missionary for prayer duel: "...there should be a prayer duel between both parties .... asking God to show some heavenly sign within one year ....then in favor of which ever party  heavenly sign is shown ... the one who is defeated will embrace the religion of the party which is triumphant ... and if he refuse to convert, then it is obligatory that he will hand over half his property to the victorious party...." (Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.1,  p.411, dated 8 May 1893)

Rs. 2 per mistake: "...write a book matching my book 'Sirrul Khilafat', and then if their book is devoid of mistakes and matches my book in eloquence to then apart from reward for writing a matching book, I will also pay Rs.2 per mistake." (Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.2,  p.14, undated)

"...make Tafseer matching my Tafseer and take Rs.1000 reward." (Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.2,  p.16, dated Muharram 1312)

".. write a book matching (my book) 'Nur ul Haq', take Rs.5000..." (Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.2,  p.16, dated Muharram 1312)

"I compiled 'Karamatus Sadiqeen in Arabic ... if anyone can write a book matching my book, I will give a reward of Rs.1000...."(Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.2,  p.16, dated Muharram 1312)

".. now I have written 'Sirrul Khilafah' which is very short .... we give them (opponent Molvis) 27 days (to write a book matching my book). We will publish this book at the rate of Rs.1 per day, reward of Rs. 27..... do not leave Rs.27 (emphasis as per original text). We have heard that Shaikh Saheb is facing hardship because of impoverishment, thus these days Rs.1 is like a gold coin, Rs.27 are 27 gold coins...." (Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.2,  p.18, dated Muharram 1312)

"..if this prayer is not answered within one year and that torment does not descend which afflicts the liar, then I will pay Mr. Abdullah Atham Rs. 1000 as penalty..... " (Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.2,  p.30, dated 5 Sept 1894)

"...when Mr Atham will admit Jamaat will say Ameen, then at the same time a promissory note of Rs.1000 will be given to him....." (Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.2,  p.51, dated 9 Sept 1894)

"Reward Advertisement Rs. 2000 second time: These Rs2000 will be given without delay if takes an oath (that he was not impressed with Islam and remained an enemy of Islam) ... (Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.2,  p.56, dated 20 Sept 1894)

"Reward of Rs. 3000 will be given without delay if Mr. Atham takes an oath (that he was not impressed with Islam and remained an enemy of Islam) ...." (Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.2,  p.64, dated 5 Oct 1894)

"Reward of Rs. 4000 will be given without delay if Mr. Atham takes an oath (that he was not impressed with Islam and remained an enemy of Islam) ...." (Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.2,  p.69, dated 27 Oct 1894)

Why MGAQ was so desperately trying that Mr. Abdullah Atham should take an oath? It is worth reading the whole story either in his books or here: Death of Deputy Abdullah Atham (

"Reward of Rs. 5000 for Arya or anyone who will write a book. ..... proving the distinction of Sanskrit or any other language over Arabic ... my book Manan-ur-Rehman...." (Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.2,  p.136, dated 1895)

"Second Advertisement with a reward of Rs. 1000: I claim that as compare to the prophecies of Jesus my prophecies and signs are proven to be more. If any Padre can show the proof that the prophecies and signs of Jesus are more powerful than I will give him Rs. 1000 cash." (Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.2,  p.314, undated)

"Reward of Rs. 1000 for any Christian who can prove that the signs of Jesus which are proof of his divinity are more in number and more in supernatural quality, then I will give him Rs. 1000 reward." (Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.2,  p.69, dated 317 Jan 1897)

"Reward of Rs.20,000 ..... Hazrat Eisa has gone to heavens with his physical body and some later time he will come back to earth, if someone can present such Hadith then I will give him a reward of Rs. 20,000 as penalty to such person, and seeking forgiveness and burning my books is apart from this.... " (Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.3,  p.84, See also Kitabul Bairiyah p. 189-193)

"Final Altercation with Molvi Mohammad Hussein Batalvi .... Invitation for Mubahila without any conditions and a Reward of Rs. 2525.50 .... " (Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.3,  p.90)

Challenging Hazrat Pir Mehr Ali Shah to write an Arabic commentary and MGAQ will write an Arabic commentary of Surah Fatiha to prove his claim and "... if three  knowledgeable neutral persons declare that Pir Saheb's book is superior in eloquence and Quranic wisdom then I make a correct promise that I will present Rs.500 cash immediately to Pir Saheb..." (Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.3,  p.371 dated 15 Dec 1900)

"If Pir Saheb can write a tract matching my book, and invalidate the proofs given therein ... then I will give Pir Saheb a reward of Rs.50 in the same sitting...." (Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.3,  p.476 dated 1 Sept 1902)

"Advertisement for Rs. 10,000: this ad is for the proclamation of that sign of God which like others will also fulfill a prophecy ....I have written a poetical composition .. which is an extraordinary sign and is an easy method of settling the matter ..... Rs.10,000 reward for a person who will write a matching poetry .... but if my opponents will still deliberately avoid then not only will they be deprived of this reward of Rs.10,000 but 10 CURSES will be their eternal share......" (Majmoo-e-Ishtihaarat, Collection of Advertisements, vol.3,  p.478-479 undated)


Mirza's Vision about Qadian

"We saw a dream that Qadian has become a huge city and the market has extended beyond the horizon. High 2 story and 4 story buildings or there are shops with even higher platforms made of beautiful buildings, and fat rich persons with protruding bellies, who brighten the markets, are sitting and in front of them are piles of jewels, diamonds, pearls, money and gold coins." (Mirza's statements in AlHakm Newspaper Qadian dated 3rd April 1902)

Philosophy of MGAQ Mission

"God's Chosen ones, who come from Heavens, they have a bond of trading with their Jamaat. They take their temporary wealth and make them heir of eternal wealth..." (Maktoobaat-e-Ahmadiyya vol.5 part 1 p.31, dated 26 Sept 1899) (SubHanAllah! What trickery!!)

50,000 Revelations about Money

It is obvious from what has been written above money features prominently in the life of MGAQ. This is reflected in the revelations that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad had been receiving. He proudly announced this as one of the signs:

"It should be remembered that God has a habit with me that mostly cash rupees which are going to come or other things as gift, he informs me either by inspiration or in the dream and such signs are somewhat more than 50,000." (Haqeeqat-ul-Wahi, Roohani Khazain vol.22 p.346)

Few Examples of Money Revelations

"In my dream someone said: Currency notes. then I was given a book as if it contained currency notes and the revelation flowed from my tongue (Urdu): Observe my friends, the news has been published." (Al-Hakam, Vol. X, No 6, February 17, 1906, p. 1; Tadhkirah 2nd edition p.589)

"I saw a paper in a dream, the first few lines on which were written in Persian script and the rest was all in English. I understood as if someone had named me and said: (Urdu): He should be given 25 rupees. (Review of Religions, vol. IV, No. 2, Feb. 1905)

"I saw in my dream that Qudratullah's wife presented to me a heap of rupees" (Al-Hakam, Vol. IX, No 36, Oct. 17, 1905, p. 10)

"I saw in my dream towards morning that someone gave me a paper bag full of rupees which I accepted and started tying up in a white handkerchief." (Diary of the Promised Messiah, p. 23)

"Once I got an inspiration that 21 rupees is about to come. Therefore this inspiration was also mentioned to the Aryas (hindus living in Qadian) .... moreover to make Aryas witness, sweets worth Rs 1 was distributed among them ... if not otherwise, they would remember this sign after eating the sweets." (Roohani Khazain vol.22 p.318)

TEECHEE TEECHEE - The Angel of Currency:

"Once in the month of March 1905, because of shortage of earnings (he considered donations as earnings - Rashid) there was great difficulty in the expanses of Langerkhana (public kitchen) because guests were coming in abundance and in contrast monetary earnings were less, therefore prayers were made. I saw a dream on 5 March 1905 that one person who seemed like an angel came in front of me and put lot of money in my lap. I asked his name, he said no name. I said there must be some name. He said my name is Teechee Teechee....."  (Haqeeqat-ul-Wahi, Roohani Khazain vol.22 p.346)



MGAQ Accused of Misusing Public Finds


You can fool some people some of the time but you can't fool all the people all the time. Sure enough, not all people in his Jamaat were blinded by devoted ignorance and they started noticing things and started raising their voice and concerns about MGAQ's money handling. This is the worst thing that can happen to any claimant of divinely ordained status. His own diehard supporters started doubting his integrity. He preaches his followers to lead a simple life, make sacrifices and have faith in Allah but in his own life he was not practicing what he preached and that irked some of his educated followers as the following examples show.

Money Collected is Spent on MGAQ's Personal Life:

"Now we should see whether Promised Mahdi used to give money to his family and relatives from the same collection of donations or from some other source. Everyone knows this thing that Huzoor (Mirza) used to give from the same collection. Thus after his (death) it is obligatory on Anjuman (-e-Ahmadiyya, Qadian) that it should give them in the same manner from these donations as Hazrat Maseeh Mowood used to do, since Anjuman cannot be more honest than Maseeh Mowood." (Izhaar-e-Haqeeqat p.13 dated 28th November 1913, published by Anjuman Ansarullah Qadian)

Money Spent on Domestic Life

"Initially we used to tell our ladies that they should adopt the lives of Prophets and companions, they eat less and dry things, and dress rough clothes, and the rest they used to save and spend in the way of Allah. Similarly we should also practice. Hence by these sermons we used to save some money and send to Qadian. But when our wives went to Qadian (for Jalsa Salana) and stayed there, observed everything closely, then upon return they attacked us that we are big liars, that they had themselves witnessed the lives of Prophet (Mirza) and companions after visiting Qadian. The kind of comforts and luxury that the ladies enjoy there, even 0.1 % is not available outside, despite the fact that we earn our own money and whatever money goes there, it is sent there for benefit of nation, it is nations money. Therefore you are liars, who had been deceiving us for such a long time with lies, now we will never be deceived by you. Thus now they do not give us money to send to Qadian..." (Kashf-ul-Ikhtilaf p. 13 by Sarwar Shah Qadiani)

"A person from Ludhiana once mentioned in the mosque in front of Molvi Mohammed Ali, Khwaja Kamaluddin, Sheikh Rehmat Ali, that Jamaat takes loan, and people save from the mouth of their children to send CHANDA to Jamaat, but here jewellery and clothes are purchased for Biwi Saheba (wife of Mirza Qadiani)! What else happens here?" (Sermon of Mirza Mahmud, 2nd Khalifa, AlFazl Qadian dated 31st August 1938)

"The biggest objection that he (Dr. Abdul Hakeem) raised against Promised Messiah, was related to financial matters, that he (Mirza) takes money from people and then spend it in whatever manner he wants .... he (Mirza) collect donations in the name of publishing books, and in whatever manner collects money from people by deceiving them, and then spend it right and left, in whatever manner he (Mirza) wants, no accounts are maintained." (AlFazl Qadian dated 20th January 1921)

Dr. Abdul Hakeem was an devoted follower of MGAQ but ultimately he denounced MGAQ as an imposter.

Irregularities in Accounts:

"Molvi (Mohammed Hussein Batalvi) Saheb said that you go to Qadian, give my message to Mirza Saheb, that he should give and account of his income to me... public funds are being spent uselessly, where these funds are spent.... I reached Qadian, and conveyed the message of Molvi Saheb. Hazrat Maseeh Mowood told me that I have replied to Molvi Saheb that money comes to me for the sake of God and we spend it for God's sake, we have not kept any accounts..." (Qadiani narration mentioned in AlFazl Qadian No.201 vol23 dated 28th August 1946)

Disciples' Opinion about Mirza:
If one thinks that Mirza Ghulam's disciples were quite happy with the financial irregularities of Mirza Ghulam A Qadiani, then they should read the following:

"Hazrat Maseeh Mowood ... expressed great sorrow in the house that despite my saying that it is God's wish that in my lifetime the administration of public kitchen should be in my hands, and if it happens against it then public kitchen would be closed, but these Khawaja (Kamaluddin) etc are such that they repeatedly ask me to hand over the kitchen administration to them and they distrust me." (Kashf-ul-Ikhtilaaf p.14 by Sarwar Shah Qadiani)

Irregularities in financial matters, mismanagement of public kitchen, and extravagant Mirza Saheb's household expenditure:

Khawaja Kamaluddin and Molvi Mohammed Ali were very close and faithful disciples of MGAQ. When he could not take it any more, Khawaja Kamaluddin one day angrily told Molvi Mohammed Ali:

"How unfair it is that you know that the money for nation is collected with such great difficulty and the public reasons for which they give CHANDA, depriving themselves from their own needs, that money is not spent on those projects, instead it is spent on personal desires (of Mirza & family) and that amount is also so much that whatever public projects we have started and cannot be finished because of lack of funds and remain pending, if this public kitchen is administered properly, then only with that saved amount those projects can be completed." (Kashf-ul-Ikhtilaaf p.15 by Sarwar Shah Qadiani)

"On one occasion when a deputation had gone for collecting CHANDA for the building of a school, Khawaja Saheb told Molvi Mohammed Ali that Hazrat Saheb (Mirza Qadiani) himself spends a comfortable life but preaches us that we should reduce our expenditure. In reply Molvi Saheb said that yes this cannot be denied but it is just human." (Letter of Mian Mahmud to Hakeem Nuruddin, Haqeeqat-e-Ikhtilaaf p. 53 by Molvi Mohammed Ali)

Mirza gets angry on his mureeds:

"He who gives me and then reproach me for being spendthrift, he attacks me, such an attack cannot be tolerated... I do not even consider such people like dead insects whose hearts contain mistrusts ... I am not a trader that I will keep a balance sheet. I am also not a treasurer that I will give account to someone." (Statement of MGAQ in AlHakm Newspaper dated 31st March 1905; Malfoozaat vol.7 p.325)

"He (Mirza Saheb) said that today Khawaja Saheb brought a letter of Molvi Mohammed Ali and said that Molvi Saheb has written that the expenditure of public kitchen is little, rest of the thousands of rupees that are collected, where does it go? And then he (Mirza) came into the house and expressed great anger that 'do these people consider us HARAM KHOR (embezzler)? What link do they have with money? If today I leave, all this income will stop.' " (Letter of Mian Mahmud to Molvi Nuruddin, Haqeeqat-e-Ikhtilaaf p. 52 by Molvi Mohammed Ali)

MGAQ Accused of Income Tax Fraud

"This year Mirza Ghulam Ahmad's annual income was fixed at Rs 7200 and and a tax of Rs. 187.50 was levied.... Mirza Ghulam Ahmad had dictated in his sworn statement what he gets the income from his estate, land and garden; the income from his estate is Rs. 82 annas 10, from his land an estimated annual income is Rs 300 and from the garden an estimated annual income is Rs. 200/300, or 400 or maximum Rs. 500. Apart from that he does not get any other income. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad had also stated that he has received an estimated Rs 5200 this year from his disciples ..... and this is not spent on his person. There is no record of income and expenditure, he has just recorded this estimate from his memory. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad has also stated that his personal income from his estate, land and garden is enough for his personal needs, and he has no need to spend the money of his disciples on his personal expenditure." (Statement of Munshi Tajuddin Saheb, Sub-Divisional Income Tax Collector, Batala, District Gurdaspur dated 31 August 1898, recorded in the income tax case no. 46/55 of 1898; mentioned in Roohani Khazain vol.13 p.516)

Statement of Mirza in Income Tax Court - Jewelry of his wife

"...I own three villages as Ta'aluqadari, its yearly income is approximately Rs.82 ...... apart from this I own land which is nearly 80 Ghumao (1 Ghumao is a unit of land which can be ploughed one pair of bullocks in a day), it is not ancestral (meaning he purchased it - Rashid) and some land which is ancestral, whose combined net income is Rs. 300 annually. I own a garden as well whose income is separate, some year Rs.300 sometime 400 and at the most Rs.500 yearly. I have no other source of income ..... my wife has Jewelry worth approximately Rs. 4000 but they are not my property. I have pawned my garden to my wife (how convenient!) ... in return I received the Jewelry worth Rs.4000 and Rs.1000 cash .... approximately Rs.2000 worth of Jewelry of my wife was given to her by her mother and the rest of Rs.2000 worth of Jewelry I have purchased through my 14 years of income, but this Jewelry of Rs.2000 I had already given her the ownership ...." (Statement of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad in the Case of Income Tax in the Court of Mr. F. T Dixon, Deputy Commissioner, in presence of Munshi Tajuddin Saheb, Sub-Divisional Income Tax Collector, Batala, District Gurdaspur dated 20 June 1898 Income Tax Case No. 46/55. Taken from Tazyana-e-Ebrat by Karamuddin Dabeer p.70-73)

"I don't need to spend my disciples money on myself. My expanses are less than my personal income, which is only from agriculture and there is no source of income.... whatever remains from my personal income after expanses, I spend them on some religious activity."  (Statement of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad in the Case of Income Tax in the Court of Mr. F. T Dixon, Deputy Commissioner, in presence of Munshi Tajuddin Saheb, Sub-Divisional Income Tax Collector, Batala, District Gurdaspur dated 20 June 1898 Income Tax Case No. 46/55. Taken from Tazyana-e-Ebrat by Karamuddin Dabeer p.72-73)

Hakeem Nuruddin's statement in Income Tax court contradicts what Mirza stated:

"People give Mirza Saheb money as gift for his own expanses, as Peeri Mureedi, but I cannot say how much amount is that annually." (Statement of Hakim Nuruddin in the Case of Income Tax against Mirza Ghulam Ahmad in the Court of Mr. F. T Dixon, Deputy Commissioner, in presence of Munshi Tajuddin Saheb, Sub-Divisional Income Tax Collector, Batala, District Gurdaspur dated 20 June 1898 Income Tax Case No. 46/55. Taken from Tazyana-e-Ebrat by Karamuddin Dabeer p.74)

Observation of Income Tax Collector, Munshi Tajuddin:

"According to Mirza Saheb's own statement recently he had pawned his garden to his wife receiving in return Jewelry worth Rs.4000 and Rs.1000 cash. He whose wife can give so much cash, it can be surmised about him that he must be rich." (Statement of Munshi Tajuddin Saheb, Sub-Divisional Income Tax Collector, Batala, District Gurdaspur dated 31 August 1898, recorded in the income tax case no. 46/55 of 1898; mentioned in Roohani Khazain vol.13 p.517)

Isn't it strange that on the one hand MGAQ had been advising his followers to make sacrifices and lead simple life, people were selling jewelries of their wives to make 'Financial Sacrifices', to give CHANDA, and on the other hand Mirza Ghulam was able to purchase land and make Jewelry worth Rs.2000, which is equivalent to 15,000 X 2000 = Rs.30,000,000 !!!

Extract of MGAQ's life:

In 1907, towards the end of his life, Mirza looks back at all his years in the service of his religion and at what he has achieved:

"No one knew me. Nor were my means of livelihood such that I could live in comfort and ease. All that I owned was a little inheritance from my father. Then Allah placed the world at my disposal, while I did not expect to obtain ten rupees per month. God, however, changed my condition and held my hand. Now, I have more than three hundred thousand rupees." (note of compiler: today's equivalent of millions of dollars) (Roohani Khazain, Vol. 22, p. 220-221, Haqeeqat-ul-Wahi, p. 211-212, 1907)

Let this be an eye opener for his followers.


repercussions OF MGAQ's LIFE in HIS FOLLOWERS

"Bitter Tree cannot Bear Sweet Fruit" (Saying of Mirza, Barakaat-rd-Dua, RK vol.6 p.36)

What you sow, so you reap. Read the following examples.

1st Khalifa - Hakeem Nuruddin

This was probably the only exception in the hierarchy of Ahmadiyya Movement who had made large contributions for various projects during the life of MGAQ and after he became the Khalifa. There is no record that members of the Qadiani Royal Family including the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Khalifa and others made any donations of CHANDA towards any Tehriks or projects. As mentioned above, MGAQ had even exempted his family from giving anything for burial in Heavenly Graveyard.

"God has made an exception for me and my family and every man or woman has to follow these conditions and anyone who complains will be a hypocrite." (Al-Waseeyat dated 20 December 1905, Roohani Khazain vol.20 p.327)

Hakeem Nuruddin, despite making generous donations towards various projects, strangely did not make Waseeyat, which means he was not a MUSI. His will read out day after his death by Nawab Mohammad Ali Khan:

"My books and my property should be constituted into a trust for the benefit of my children."  (Life of Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih I, The Review of Religions, Jan 2008, Vol. 103, Issue 01, p.52)

2nd Khalifa - Mirza Basheeruddin Mahmud and Financial Irregularities

In 1934 "Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih II put forward the Scheme of Tahrik Jadid. Initially the Scheme was for a period of three years but it was later made permanent. Scheme encouraged simple living, financial sacrifice (meaning CHANDA) and devoting time for service and propagation of Islam." (The Life and Achievements of Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih II, The Review of Religions, Feb 2008, Vol. 103, Issue 02, p.53)

In 1924 Mirza Mahmud decided to go on a tour of Europe. Lahori Ahmadiyya Newspaper wrote:

"we cannot believe that Mian Saheb (Mirza Mahmud) would not be able to control his carnal desires to tour Europe to the extent that thousand of rupees of public fund would be squandered in such a manner and did not have mercy on those women who took of their jewelry and gave to Mian Saheb so that a mosque can be built in Berlin; that mosque was still incomplete that an order was issued (by Mirza Mahmud) to sell it; its name has been changed from mosque to house. Now when the money will come after selling that house that is mosque then the borrowed money would be returned to those people on whose credit Mian Saheb is going to England along with his staff." (Akhbar Paigham-e-Sulh, Lahore, dated 16th July 1924)

"Today Fazl Umar (Mirza Mahmud) is going to Europe and Damascus. Staff is one dozen .... there is no consideration of expanses of traveling and lodging. Only thought is about pomp and propaganda, he should not be behind anyone, all necessities of comfort should be available, if public money is frittered away, so be it. Mian Saheb claims to be William the Conqueror...... can there be any comparison between the pomp of Fazl Umar (Mirza Mahmud) with the humility and modesty of Hazrat Umar raziAllah anhu? Never."  (Akhbar Paigham-e-Sulh, Lahore, dated 20th July 1924)

3rd Khalifa and New Tehriks for CHANDA

"One of the first initiatives of Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih III was an appeal on December 21st, 1965 for the establishment of the FADL-I-UMAR FOUNDATION in memory of Second Khalifa. ..... An appeal was made to the Community to provide two and a half million rupees (equivalent of GBP 125,000 at historic exchange rate, £1=20PKR) ..... in a short span of time, members contributed Rs. 3.4 million....." (Significant Appeals, The Review of Religions, March 2008, Vol. 103, Issue 03, p.11)

NUSRAT JAHAN SCHEME: On 4 April 1970, Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih III became the first khalifa to travel to Africa ... at the end of his visit to those countries of West Africa, he arrived in London ..... He announced a scheme that he had conceived under Divine direction .... would require an outlay of one hundred thousand pounds sterling.... Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih III later wrote:

'when I was in Gambia Allah the Glorious, inspired me forcefully with the idea .... I wanted in this connection immediately from the Ahmadiyya Community of England, two hundred devotees willing to donate £200 each and another two hundred devotees prepared to contribute £100 each and the rest willing to offer £36 each ..... I arranged under personal supervision a new bank account and named it 'Nusrat Jahan Reserve Fund.' '

So successful was the Nusrat Jahan Scheme, that it was extended from an initial plan of a three year programme to become a permanent endowment." (Significant Appeals, The Review of Religions, March 2008, Vol. 103, Issue 03, p.14-15)

"The Ahmadiyya Centenary Fund: ...Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih III requested the members to contribute Rs.2.5 million towards this project. The pledges received in this respect were four times the requested amount." (Significant Appeals, The Review of Religions, March 2008, Vol. 103, Issue 03, p.16-17)

New Tehrik by 4th Khalifa - Make more Ahmadis: Every new Khalifa has some up with an ingenious idea to extract money from gullible followers. Mirza Baheeruddin started the Tehreek Jadid which has now become obligatory on every Ahmadi. Mirza Tahir the 4th Khalifa came up with a devious idea of covering up the demand of CHANDA with demanding a doubling of number of converts to Ahmadiyya. Thus started a rat race. All Murrabbis, Muballighs and ordinary Ahmadis were busy getting Baith forms signed by hook and crook to meet the target set by Jamaat and please the Khalifa. From 1993 to 2002 there were  159 million new converts reported:

"At the UK Annual convention, 200,000 new Ahmadis who had joined Ahmadiyyat from August 1992 to July 1993. Till 2002, this number swelled in leaps and bound to:

(Milestones in the Life Lived to the Full, Review of Religion, April 2003, Vol. 98, Issue 04, p. 26)

The idea behind this whole exercise was that more Ahmadis mean more CHANDA because MGAQ had stated very clearly that:

".....if someone does not donate even 1 paisa then why is he staying in the Jamaat." (Malfoozaat vol.6 p.38 dated 5th July 1903)

Wealth of Mirza Tahir Ahmad Qadiani - The Fourth Khalifa

He was a Waqif Zindagi. In Ahmadiyya terminology this is the person who has dedicated his life under Tehrik-e-Jadid scheme for the Jamaat and is not allowed any other profitable activity and has to live within their meager allowance paid by Anjuman Tehrik-e-Jadid). According to his own version (A man of God), as a child he sometimes did not have a clean shirt to wear so had to go to school, clad in a Sherwani (full coat) over his bare torso and as a married man working in Rabwah, he could not afford to keep a car so moved about on a bicycle.

Yet even before he became Khalifa he became the owner of three Western style cottages (all fixtures and fittings imported; complete with lawns and a swimming pool) in Ahmad Nagar, a Textile Factory (Towels, laces and tapes etc) in Korangi, Karachi, Tahirabad Housing Colony near Rabwah, a commercial Swimming pool in Rabwah etc. All this BEFORE he became a Khalifa. As a Khalifa, what about the flats HE purchased in the name of his domestic servants in London which were used to accommodate asylum seeker Ahmadis, not for free but by renting them to the Local Council.
All this formed part of the trust he made before his death, the income from the trust to be shared by his daughters.

According to reliable sources from London, the inheritance left by Mirza Tahir Ahmadi for his daughters exceeded eight million pounds in value.


Marriage of Mirza Tahir's Daughter: A much celebrated marriage which unfortunately failed:

".....The marriage of Ameerul Momineen, Khalifa tul Maseeh alRabia's (Mirza Tahir) youngest daughter, Atiya-tul-Mujeeb (Tooba), may Allah protect her, took place in the most happy and blessed gathering tonight at 7.00 pm in the compound of Masjid AlFazl... nearly 600 guests attended....before that after the Juma and Asr prayers Huzoor announced the nikah (marriage contract) which took place with Mukarram Malik Sultan Mohammed Khan Saheb son of Mukarram Malik Sultan Haroon Khan Saheb in return for the Mehr (dowry to be paid to girl) of 1 million Rupees." (AlFazl International 19th November 1999 to 25th November 1999)

New Tehreek by 5th Khalifa, Mirza Masroor - Make More Musis:

"..ever since we grew up we have heard only of Jamaat's Tahreeks (Appeal for various Chandas), every Khalifa has brought some new Tahrik. Whenever you attend some marriage gathering or on someone's death, their (Jamaat's) representatives are present there and keep repeating about WASEEYAT. (An Ahmadi from Germany

After Mirza Masroor became the 5th Khalifa he came up with another ingenious idea of extracting money from his naive.followers. In 2004 he gave a target to his Muballighs and Murabbis that by 2008, which is exactly 100 years after the death of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani, at least 50% of Jamaat followers should be MUSI, so that in 2008 he can announce proudly that 100 years after MGAQ half of the Jamaat is MUSI (read millions are coming into the Royal Family coffers. Rashid). An Ahmadi lady from Holland writes:

"The way of our Jamaat is somewhat different from others .... we are told that to please our Imam of the Age i.e. Khalifa of this Age, we should surpass each other in making financial sacrifices (CHANDA); Allah also is pleased with this etc. Now Huzoor (Mirza Masroor, 5th Khalifa) has announced regarding Waseeyat that by 2008 50% of Jamaat should be MUSI. Since it will be 100 years since the death of Maseeh Mowood in 2008, so our Khalifa Saheb will announce that in 100 years MashAllah 50% Jamaat is MUSI. This way in addition to the guaranteed income of Jamaat, at the demise of Musi share of property will also be received. Now Huzoor has made Waseeyat so easy that you can pious and God-fearing later, but make Waseeyat now, God will take you himself towards piety." (

15 Year Old MUSI:

Mr Malik Mushtaq Ahmed is a born Ahmadi. He has created lot of videos exposing the fraud of present day Jamaat. He says in one such video:

"I am born Ahmadi. We have been made like a

The system of Chandajaat, there are 35 CHANDAS, we have been burdened too much by them. Using intimidation and force Murabbis receive them from us, and in case of default in the payment they threaten us with various restrictions and ex-communication from Jamaat; and we are told that our faith has weakened.

He says that he received an email from a 15 year old Ahmadi boy proudly announcing that he has made the Waseeyat. Quite rightly he asks the question that how can a boy who is legally not even qualified to make a testimony, become a MUSI. How come when he is not earning anything he becomes a MUSI?  From where he will make the compulsory CHANDA every month? Will he take from his parents to give monthly CHANDA to Jamaat? This is against the conditions laid down by MGAQ. And he will continue to pay ever increasing amount for the next 40 or 50 years!!! But who cares, Murabbis and Muballighs have to please the Khalifa!! (

May Allah reward Brother Mushtaq for his efforts, May Allah show him, all Ahmadis and all of us, truth as truth and taufique to follow it, and show falsehood as falsehood and hidayah to stay away from it. Ameen.

Abul Akhaz - Father of Taker

Molvi Hayat Abul Ata was an Ahmadi Muballigh who was sent to Arab countries to propagate Ahmadiyyat. The strategy was the same, collect CHANDA wherever there is opportunity. He relates an incident of 1934 when he was in Cairo and wanted to collect CHANDA to buy a printing press. He writes:

"My Brother Ustaz Muneer Afendi Al-Husni was already an Ahmadi. His elder brother As-Syed Mohiuddin Al-Husni Al-Marhoom who was a big businessman in Cairo entered the fold of Ahmadiyyat during my time, he was also present in this meeting. I requested for CHANDA and friends dictated the CHANDA and started paying. He also paid good amount for CHANDA but good-humoredly said: 'Ya ustaz innaka abul ataa wa laakinaaka daaimun tahriznaa 'ala taburruaat, fa lemaa laa tesmaa ismokaa abal akhaz' - O Ustaz! You are Abul Ata (giver) but you are always bothering us with CHANDA. Why don't you change your name to Abul Akhaz (taker)? " (Al-Furqan, Rabwah, June 1971 p.25-26; AlFazl International vol.15 no.46 dated 14th Nov 2008)

Mirza Mubarak - Head of Foreign Missions

Mirza Mubarak (another member of Ahmadiyya Royal Family), was the Head of the Foreign Missions with Tehrik-e-Jadid and used to travel (First Class) worldwide (during summer months) to "INSPECT" Ahmadiyya Missions abroad. On one occasion (it may be his standard practice but I am a witness to this occasion only) he sent his instructions to the Imam of London Mosque to book a SUITE for him and his wife in a 5 star hotel in Brighton AND THIS MUST BE OVERLOOKING THE SEA. What happened then is another story but one thing is worth mentioning that he did not visit the London Mosque (Mission) even once. He summoned the Imam and Deputy Imam (separately) there for his INSPECTION.

Ahmadies! Dont go into a shock. There are thousands of such incidents of Khidmate Islam with chanda money right from the early years of Mirza Mahmood's mounting to Gaddi when he and his "entourage" enjoyed summer at Hill Stations while Anjuman ran its affairs by borrowing money. The Anjuman employees (including my father) in Qadian did not receive their paltry salaries for months on end while Mirza Mahmud and his family had picnics at Dalhousie and Simla. (All shopkeepers in Qadian refused to extend credit facility for our grocery purchases because they had no more capital left to buy goods for supplying to creditors like us.)


Chanda Jamaat in Recent Times

Some examples of present day CHANDA SYSTEM are given here which has become much more organized now.




On Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya UK website above, there is a calculator given to calculate the CHANDA on net income. Net income is explained on another page.


Ahmadiyya Schools and Hospitals in Africa

Jamaat Ahmadiyya is registered in many countries as non-profit charity organisation and as such it is entitled to collect donations and receive funds which are exempted from local taxes. The details of it UK for instance can be found at Type Ahmadiyya in the search box and you will get Jamaat Ahmadiyya registered as charity.

On this pretext Jamaat is operating clinics/hospitals and schools in many parts of Africa. According to all hospitals under Ahmadiyya Jamaat in Africa charge fee to patients and that is usually either equal to the local charging fee of the hospitals or sometimes higher as they take advantage of being foreign doctors. Amirs and local leadership want huge money from hospitals so they always encourage increase fees and charges. From 1970 till 2005 every doctor was having a salary of 60 pounds a month which was reviewed in 2005 and now they are taking 150 pounds every month, and every body knows it not 150 pounds they are after. Surprisingly there is a law in Jamaat that all profits from hospital are divided between doctor and Jamaat. 25% goes to doctor and 75% of the profit will go to Jamaat. Now the question here arises if it is non-profitable organization why they do not spend profit on hospital or patients and why they divide money and doctors there end up earning huge money and Jamaat allow it as they also get huge money from it. If it is all about money then better call it a business rather than a charity hospital or school. (

My own research revealed the following: Some prescriptions from Ahmadiyya Clinics in Africa:

1. Ahmadiyya Medical Centre in Tanzania is charging Shs 800 for doing a blood test for Malaria.


2. Ahmadiyya Clinic in Kinshasa, Republic of Congo is charging Congolese Fr 2000 for consultation and Fr 1000 for Laboratory test.

3. Ahmadiyya Clinic in Porto Novo, Republique de Benin



Following is a report from these countries which is representative of Clinics operated by Ahmadiyya in other parts of Africa:

In Tanzania Clinics of Ahmadiyya Jamaat  impose fees for all people including members of their sect except their preachers. Comparing to other private clinics in Morogoro, where one of their clinics is located, they charge for Malaria test 800 Tsh while other clinics charge 400 Tsh. 1 kg of beans in Morogoro costs 600 - 900 Tsh. Many are unemployed and the majority of people are living in miserable conditions with 1 USD/day around 1,300 Tsh today.

In BENIN their clinic is used for publicity and as a business centre. They charge 500 CFA Francs for a clinic card which allows  them to have free consultation but patient must pay for medicines and tests.

Republic Democratic of Congo Ahmadiyya clinic charges in Kinshasa 2,500 Congolese Francs (3.5 USD) for consultation and 500 Cfrs for test. Many are unemployed and the salary for a door-keeper is fixed between 50 - 100 USD/month. 1 kg of rice costs 1 USD and 1 kg of beans costs 2 USD whereas 1 USD = 720 Cfrancs today. Many families are not able to pay clinic charges and school fees for their children.

According to my sources in Kinshasa (Congo) there is no free treatment for poor. No money no treatment.

The Latest Scandal of Ahmadiyya Mosque in Calgary, Canada

Ahmadiyya Mosque in Calgary, Canada, was inaugurated with great pomp and show by the 5th Khalifa, Mirza Masroor on 5th July 2008. As is the usual practice of Jamaat, present at the inauguration was the Prime Minister of Canada, Mr. Stephen Harper who was joined at the opening by several federal and provincial politicians, including Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion. Its website says that it is one of the largest mosques in North America which has been completed through individual donations of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. Some people sold their houses to give CHANDA for the mosque. Ahmadis were proud that Prime Minister Harper was full of praise for them. Several Newspapers published articles on it.

However all is not well and there is more than what meets the eye. According to newspaper reports from Canada (Calgary Sun and Calgary Herald) EllisDon Construction Services Inc. has filed a nearly $5-million lawsuit against Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama'at Canada Inc. It seems that Jamaat Ahmadiyya Canada had not paid them fully for the construction cost.

The construction company says it entered into a written contract in June 2006 to build the 45,000-square foot Ahmadiyya Muslim Mosque, completed in late August this year, and that the contract was breached. Naseer Ahmad, an employee or agent of Ahmadiyya also named as a defendant, is alleged to have interfered with EllisDon's contractual and economic interests with an an intent to damage its reputation. EllisDon alleges he "encouraged subcontractors to reduce their billings on the project and to make up the reductions on other projects; issued instructions directly to subcontractors to carry out additional work then refused to pay for the work; advised contractors that delays in payments arose from the contractor's incompetence or misconduct; and attempted to persuade the project consultant to rescind approvals and certificates of payments that had already been issued. If the dues are not cleared, then the court may decide to sell the property to pay the dues. Question is what happened to all the CHANDA given by the Ahmadis? Who misappropriated the CHANDA collected? There are rumours about some high officials in the Jamaat of Canada using that money in stock market and loosing badly. Members of the Jamaat in Canada are rightly worried that they will be asked to make more CHANDA now!

Read the newspaper reports here:

Officials of Jamaat Ahmadiyya Canada has of course denied these allegations leveled by the contractors and have in return accused them of doing sub-standard work. Who was suppose to supervise this work? Why this issue of sub-standard work was not raised before inauguration? Why Jamaat waited until after the lawsuit was filed against it by the construction company to raise the issue of sub-standard construction? Perhaps these questions will be answered only through the court proceedings. One wonders what else is going on with other such construction projects of Jamaat Ahmadiyya especially in Africa. Who knows!

Public Kitchen in London

Kismat200 writes on about the present day Public Kitchen in the Seat of Khilafat, Ahmadiyya Headquarter in London.

Have any one know why Jamaat waste so much over money on food, Where they need to cook food for !0 people they cook for 30 peoples, They waste poor people money. In London Mosque and Morden mosque they waste so much money.   The incharge of Kitchen in London Mr. Kahkor is making good money doing private shaadi (marriage) parties, he charges people for food and cooking and uses Mosque facilities, gas and food to do that. Mr Kahkoor and his Brother in law are suppliers of food and run the kitchen for Jamaat.   They make good money in that too. Mr. Kahkoor's brother in law is asylum seeker and will stay in London for 6 months, receive public assistance and make money and then go back for 3 months and work.   Can anyone can explain us how this Jamaat is honest here.    They never check where all this money go out. Why family and asylum seekers make money?

I will be honest here this is really bad to make money on food and (5th Khalifa) Masroor and Jamaat never look in this matter. Amir Jamaat is also part of commission which I hear he gets from food supply.

In charge of Kitchen is Kahkoor cook food for shaadi (marriage) and functions for private people and he use masque gas and stuff and charge people and keep all they money in his pocket and give share to his brother in law whom is asylum seeker and travel on different passport to Pakistan every 6 months... Why Jamaat not look in this matter,

To All Ahmadi brother and sisters, Please ask and go and see yourself,   From where everyday food and supply come, why Mr Khahoor brother in law supply food and water and juice, chicken,  and etc etc to Jamaat. Open your eyes and ask questions. Everyday Food meat and vegetable and rice supplied why...

Why Jamaat don't buy direct from supplier or make tender in paper and be honest? Reason is simple. They all are making money and no one open their eyes to ask, They charge for shaadi (marriage) parties and make money why.. Mr Kahkoor is know as 100% man as he earn money from shaadi and private functions...

(5th Khalifa) Masroor and Jamaat is quite because they are loaded with big money issue and Mr. kahoor is busy in kitchen to make money, What a nice and good Jamaat and Ahmadi you all are... no need to look out side.. and and look in your kitchen.


Dear Ahmadi Friends

I have presented you the facts here. If you do not want to believe what has been written above because your Jamaat murrabbis will tell you that I have quoted out of context, go and do your own research. More and more new generation of Ahmadis are raising their voices about this extortion and corruption One can find more details on various online websites. I recommend this website which exposes the fraud of present day Jamaat with a lot of inside information from all over the world.

Holy Prophet SAAW said: You faith is not complete unless you do not love me more than your father, your son, more than anyone else; and in another Hadith, more than any worldly possessions. I pray that may Allah show you truth as truth and courage to follow it, and falsehood as falsehood and hidayah to stay away from it. Ameen


Dr. Syed Rashid Ali